Old Style Christmas Preparations for Christmas 2013

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Old Style preparations for Christmas 2013!!!!!


2013 post!!!!!
Hi all , Zippychick here..... last years christmas thread was started in June, so we are ahead of the game!!!!!

I have now checked and there should be no broken links. I have also added some more links! HStree.gif

Any other links to go in, let me know!

HO HO HO HO HO!!!!!!HSchristmaswindow.gifHSxmasmerry.gif

So this will be the one running Old Style Christmas 2013 thread

I'll make this a kind of Christmas mega index if that makes sense!


Some linkies:D:A

Some 2011 threads from Special occasions board

Preparing for christmas 2011

Let's get started for christmas 2011

Thrifty gifty money making for christmas 2011 and other special occasions etc

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Sock monkeys

Magic reindeer food

Snowman soup

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Santas challenge

Christmas dinner threads

Cleaning the oven

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How to cook a three bird roast

Other useful specific food links :jHScandycane.gif


Frozen home made roast potatoes - and Pinks specific post

Crispy roast potatoes

The perfect mashed potato

What is the point in mashed potato? (use your leftover to make potato farls for boxing day brunch ! )

Freezing mashed potato

Sweet potatoes

Cooking and prepping various veg charsanta.gif


Oodles of carrots

Cauliflower- recipe please?

Cauliflower cheese


Mushy peas

Spruce up your sprouts

Freezing sprouts

Red cabbage recipe wanted


Gravies/sauces HSdrift.gif

Decent gravy please

Making gravy when you haven't had a roast

Bread sauce

Apple sauce

Making own cranberry sauce

What to do with leftover cranberry sauce

HM Ham glaze

Homemade stuffing

Leftover stuffing

Meat Preparation/making stock/using up leftover meatHS_santa_dancing.gif

The best christmas turkey

Turkey crown

Leftover turkey

Turkey soup?

Defrosting turkey

Turkey mince

Turkey leg recipes

Freezing cooked turkey


How to roast a whole chicken

Whole chicken in the slow cooker

Leftover chicken recipes please

How do i make my own chicken stock?

Chicken stock - how to make it in a slow cooker?

Chicken stock to soup

Chicken soup - how do i make it?


Help with cooking a goose please

Reuse goose fat?


Duck for christmas dinner help

Cooking a whole duck

What to do with duck stock?

Leftover duck

Duck breasts

Duck eggs


What to do with a gammon joint?

Cooking a gammon joint in the slow cooker

Gammon and coke

Exciting things with gammon?

gammon stock?

Leftover gammon

Salty gammon joint?

gravy/sauce to go with gammon?

Difference between gammon and ham?



Pheasant recipes/suggestions


Pigs in blankets

Christmas dinner, the leftovers thread

Desert/sweet related snow_bear.gif

Christmas baking 2011

when is the right time to make a christmas cake

Quick query on making my own christmas cake

Iced marzipan - my first cake

Recipe for christmas cake

HM alcohol free christmas pud

Christmas pudding recipes?

Christmas pudding in slow cooker - is it possible?

Shortbread recipe

How do you use brandy butter?


HM custard

What can i do with custard

Baileys cheesecake

Mince pies and mincemeat

Mince Pies

Inspire me- 1/3 smll jar mincemeat

Question about Christmas Mincemeat - Delia recipe

Best Mincemeat Ever?

The best mince pie pastry ever?

how to use up single cream

Double cream

Clotted cream surplus

Can i freeze cream?

Making my own butter

Cream refuses to whip

Over whipped double cream

Make your own ice cream

General Food:j

Homemade food gifts for the holidays

Christmas hamper help for a pensioner please

Home baked pressies

Vodka jelly

Christmas eve - dinner/tea

What do you have on your christmas day menu?

Christmas breakfast - ideas please

Christmas pudding flapjacks

Best Christmas recipes hunt

Christmas buffet ideas

Can i freeze cheese?

Cheese straws

What to do with leftover bits of cheese

Cheese rind

HM cheese scones


Make your own Christmas booze

Flavoured vodka

Turning cheap vodka into expensive tasting vodka

Mulled wine recipe

Home made irish liquer

Homemade wine

Old Style Christmas presents

Homemade gifts

Homemade kids christmas gifts


Best Old Style moneysaving christmas hints and tips

How long after christmas day will you be food shopping?

Is anyone taking their OS hat off on Christmas day?

Christmas eve - what are you cooking today?

Christmas dinner -what did you learn?

We don't like turkey

New year old style resolutions

traditional new year meals

How long does wine keep when opened?

Wine to cook with

red wine stain help

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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  • zippychickzippychick Forumite
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    I think i've lost the plot. Funny Friday has me thinking it's a good idea to start the 2013 Christmas thread! I bet there are people waiting to pounce ha ha ha!!!!:j

    Ho ho ho ho ho. Must start doing some small christmas planning - will do a big batch of chilli jam to start but won't leave it until two days to christmas this time...:rotfl:
    A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men :cool:
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  • Linda32Linda32 Forumite
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    I take my hat off to you Zippy, it must have taken you longer to do that post than the 12 hrs at most that Christmas day actually is. So with that in mind it might be worth de-stressing about the whole thing.

    That isn't to say, don't be prepared. Its Moneysaving :money: to buy now rather than buying 19 presents from one wage packet on 19th December :D and probably spending more as you don't have the choice to wait and see what else you might find.

    As far as my preparations go, I tend to save saving stamps at Tesco's, Sainsburys and Co-Op throughout the year then a few months before I use these for normal shopping trips and save that money for presents. Although I also tend to start buying one off things from about August onwards, just one thing a week so that it doesn't cost very much.:cool:

    Well that's my preps, what about anyone else?
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    Oooh I love the Christmas thread, thanks Zippy!
    Sorry I know I am Very sad but I love it!!
    I even have some pressies already stashed! Will be much more organised ( I hope) on the cooking/baking front this year.
    'You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose' - Dr Suess

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    I can't think about Christmas yet - I must have a summer holiday first! if we ever get a summer.

    I will be back perusing this thread in a couple of months though! what a brilliant collection of links! one stop shop for Christmas Old Style! well done Zippy!
  • SteveswiftSteveswift Forumite
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    In, just in that is all,i looveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Christmas
    £100 to £10k in 2010 using the magic of internet poker (Don't play poker unless you know what you are doing)

    Lowest fig £25.00
    Current Balance £7000 :( Fail
  • boultdjboultdj Forumite
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    Snap to the pressie's Sirens, and I'm saving the voucher's to do subscripion's.
    £71.93/ £180.00
  • Torry_QuineTorry_Quine Forumite
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    We haven't even had any decent weather yet. It's silly to be posting a thread about christmas so early. :o
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  • sefilbysefilby Forumite
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    I hate to say it but even starting preparations now, I will still be flapping about like a headless chicken come crimbo eve!!
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  • Mentioning the C word already! :eek: My home brewing gifts will be started in the next few weeks...
  • CrowdpleaserCrowdpleaser Forumite
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    We are planning on moving house soon so my locker at work is currently stuffed with pressies already! Great Fred, love Xmas! X
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