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Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 24th March 2013

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  • Hi everyone totals for the week coming in.

    Monday - £7.24 ( crisps for OH butty box, cans of coke with coupon used to get £1.05 off, kit kits for OH butty box and milk), £20.00 to OH

    Tuesday - £3.00 (OH work lottery) £6.00 (train), £7.95 (jelly for OH butty box, hand cream, hand sanitiser and magazine), £7.10 (beans, deodorant for OH, eggs) £6.00 (lottery tickets) £6.00 (WW meeting bars and raffle)

    Wednesday - £6.00 (train)

    Thursday - Friday - NSD

    £69.29/£70.00 (71p put into savings tin)

    I would like to pledge £70.00 again for next week. Have a fab easter everyone xxx
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    Well £22.20 not to bad i am going to skip next week and will try get on the week after. Lots of trips planned this week gym lots and all bills to sort out so i will be back promise. Lol
    sealed pot challenge 099
    2013 £365 in total
    2014 ???? Target £400
    debt 1 [STRIKE]6753[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]6386[/STRIKE] 0000 debt 2 [STRIKE]4973[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]4731[/STRIKE] 0000 debt 3 [STRIKE]3673[/STRIKE] 0000 debt 4 [STRIKE]2400[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]2239[/STRIKE] 0000
    OH debt [STRIKE]3800[/STRIKE]2780
    Bank of Mum [STRIKE]£2750[/STRIKE] 2000
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