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Weekly Spend Challenge W/C 24th March 2013



  • MissE001
    MissE001 Posts: 797 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker

    I am also trying to get to payday with a little saved, so far £70 has been moved to a separate account. :D

    Well done ETO - hopefully not too long till payday for you!

    And on the petrol front.....I was watching Martin's show last week when they were testing fuel efficiency on cars. He said that NOT filling the car up makes it more efficient because it weighs less - kind of made sense. He's very clever our Martin :money:
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  • inthedeep
    inthedeep Posts: 64 Forumite
    Well I was hopeful of not spending anything else today but I realised I've run out of bread and I didn't have anything in to eat that was quick and convenient so I bought a loaf of fresh bread for £0.50 at ASDA, a packet of Rich Tea (SmartPrice) for £0.23, a pea and mint dip reduced to £0.16 and a bag of carrot batons reduced for £0.10.

    Meaning £29.93 / £30.00

    Things aren't looking too shabby but I'm confident I can do it =) xx
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  • Munchin
    Munchin Posts: 2,816 Forumite
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    Morning all,

    Sun - NSD
    Mon - NSD ish (spent £3 on lunch but claiming it back:))
    Tues - NSD

    Total - £30/£0

    Stopping at Mr T today to buy Easter eggs so that will break my NSD run:o
  • bt1
    bt1 Posts: 443 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Not going great spent £5.70 yesterday on cinema snacks. Went a bit over the too on sweets! And this morning I woke up late so I spent £1.30 on drink and crisps and station. Need to but lunch too eurgh!!!

  • Baileys_Babe
    Baileys_Babe Posts: 5,629 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post

    Please could you put me down for £5 this week.

    I will report back later with how much I spent last week, I've kept all the receipts I now just need to add them up :o

    ETO thank you for the new thread :A

    I've still have to work out last week spends :o

    So far I've spent none of this weeks budget :j
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  • MissMelLady
    Not doing too bad. Spent £3.27/£5.00

    However (and it is a big however) I have totally forgotten to buy Easter Eggs for people. You know they're like £10.00 each!!

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  • 32b3in2013
    32b3in2013 Posts: 2,440 Forumite
    First Anniversary Name Dropper Combo Breaker First Post

    Today I spent £1.90 on diet coke and £1.25 on a M&S sandwich. I took my lunch to work with me but the sandwich was still frozen at lunchtime so I had to go and buy one!

    Sunday - £6.70
    Monday - £8.79 (SW, a raffle ticket, some hi-fi bars and paracetamol)
    Tuesday - NSD :j
    Wednesday - £3.15

    Total £18.64/£50.00

    Tomorrow is a shopping day, Can I get the Gap jeans for £30? I s'pose I will find out tomorrow!

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  • flyinggiraffe_2
    Sunday : NSD
    Monday: NSD
    Tuesday: £1.30 on mint munchies and some Doritos (naughty weight watcher that I am!)
    Wednesday: £5.22 on movie night snacks


    Next week I am dealing only in cash. I'm fed up of debit card transactions taking forever to show on my bank statement online (small bugbear of mine, I KNOW I put in £34 of fuel, so why is it still pending 7 days later??)
  • EverTheOptimist

    Next week I am dealing only in cash. I'm fed up of debit card transactions taking forever to show on my bank statement online (small bugbear of mine, I KNOW I put in £34 of fuel, so why is it still pending 7 days later??)

    I like to deal in cash as much as poss too. I find it too easy to hand my card over and lose track of what I've spent which is why I used to have my weekly money in my bedside drawer, and even though I have my new account I will be withdrawing cash weekly I think.

    I know there are some things that have to be purchased on card but it is so frustrating when items don't now quickly. Our pram payment was taken and then it showed as pending again, which was frustrating as we then couldn't spend from the account without going into the overdraft. :mad:

    Spends so far

    £64.86 / £40 ooops. :D

    Kind of lost track of my daily spends, I haven't done my little weekly top up shop this week which has resulted in me popping to the local t*sco too many times. But have had a NSD today. :j

    Payday today but trying not to dip in until Sunday.
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  • shinner
    shinner Posts: 670 Forumite
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    Well £2.30 spent today on a lovely school dinner.:) My OH owed me £5 but only had a £10 note so i gladly handed him my £5 in exchange. I then potted it in my sealed pot so i am left with a grand total of £2 think he has been in my pocket lol as i should have £3.70 !! He doesn't like me keeping an eye on my spending lol. It will soon be sunday.
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