MSE News: Ryanair ordered to pay costs after ash cloud



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    Are there any other Laws that you don't like Louisdf? :D
  • jomay
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    ...and all others, too. This is a fact unfortunately.

    I was booked on a flight that was delayed overnight in winter. A few elderly and disabled persons (me included) were "booked" into a nearby hotel. "Booked" because Ryanair did not pay for it in advance - the passengers themselves had to pay for it. When trying to claim back the cost for the overnight stay Ryanair simply answered with a very unspecific legal letter and did not pay. I managed to get reimbursed by writing them and threatening to pass it on to OFT and other agencies. The sad part is that most elderly or disabled people won't be fit enough to fight for their rights and won't get reimbursed. I know that at least one elderly/disabled couple had a lot of difficulties completing the claim and probably did not manage to get their money back.

    There is more fun to the story, also for the other passengers. Ryanair staff consistently delayed every action and communication. By the time the staff told us we had to stay overnight it was already very late, conveniently for Ryanair. Because there would be no other flight at any nearby airport. Oh, and Ryanair would not pay for accomodation. But they would provide sleeping bags for passengers to stay in the UNHEATED airport hall DURING WINTER overnight. And even if you tried to find a hotel there would be no beds available (which was a LIE - the B&B where I stayed had plenty of rooms available). Oh, and of course it would be hard to get transportation to/from the airport as it was in the middle of nowhere.

    Now get this: the flight was delayed because of a "safety risk". I don't even believe that. It was the same evening where strikes at Heathrow caused severe delays throughout UK airports and Ryanair was simply looking for a cheap way out.
    They made us board the plane (with a big delay already) and sit inside the plane for more than an hour. Then they discovered a "safety risk", which couldn't be fixed because there was no engineer available at that time. They made us wait another 1-2 hours in the airport hall until they comminucated the "solution" with the sleeping bags.

    O'Leary, you're disgusting stealing from the helpless. I hope you are too greedy to heat your house so that you are freezing properly in winter!
  • jomay
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    Thank you for your rant. Whilst no defender of airlines' behaviour in certain instances, your account is short on facts and I am unable to offer further assistance.
    No worries, I was not looking for advice. I am still young, able to fight and got reimbursed eventually. I would have happily dragged Ryanair to court over 60£ - at least in my country of origin where I know that the defendant has to cover all legal expenses if they lose.

    I just can't help to think about all the people that don't know how to use the internet, research this topic properly or for example ask you for advice. They were left out and did not get reimbursed.

    "Short on facts" is a very personal opinion of yours and not factual at all. I described what happened to warn other people of Ryanairs illegitimate behaviour - and I hope some will stand up for their rights right there and then when the airline tries to pull such a stunt. And maybe they will also stand up for the passengers in need?
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