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Add your feedback on energy supplier Scottish Power

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  • wizzywilcwizzywilc Forumite
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    I switched from Scottish Power to EDF 2 months ago. The switch itself went smoothly, but I've only just realised that my closing account was over £100 in credit, and they hadn't returned this. No problem when I rang them to ask for it back (I always found their customer services quite helpful, switched for price reasons) but I wonder how often this gets overlooked by the company.
  • Do a quote via USWITCH or Money saving expert then hit TOPCASHBACK DOT COM!

    I switched to Scottish Power last week when they were offering £105 cash back!

    They are currently giving £84 cashback at the moment until 16thSeptember!
  • Does anyone know if SP are having any problems with their billing system?
    I sent them my meter readings 2 weeks ago (and got an email back confirming receipt), but I still cannot view my bill online. Until now it has been available after 3 or 4 days.

    Thank you.
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    lynniglynnig Forumite
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    Hi all,

    My contract with SP finished at the end of May this year. I was on SP's standard tariff at the time. I switched to EDFenergy after seeing a rep in a local supermarket during July. I supplied EDF with my meter readings as requested.

    EDF sent me an email saying :-
    Electricity Supply Start Date: 2 August 2013
    Gas Supply Start Date: 12 August 2013

    I received an email from SP asking me to log into my online account with them to view a bill. I did so and the bill was my final electricity bill up to 1st August 2013. Great that went OK and my bank account was credited with the money the final bill said I had in credit.

    I received another email from SP in August asking me to log in to my account again. Final gas bill I thought!?!?! NO it was an estimated gas bill from SP up to 5th September 2013!!?!??!

    This means that SP have over charged me for my gas by almost a month and they still have my account open with them when it should have been finalized on 11th August 2013! Today my bank account has been credited with £42 from SP, then immediately debited the same £42! This after I stopped the DD associated with SP in my bank last week! My bank told me they could still credit my account but NOT debit it (that's another story though!).

    I have rang SP today several times. Once I was connected and immediately cut off, another time I was told by their automated system to try contacting them online and then cut off. Finally I requested a call back to try and get it sorted out. I waited over an hour for this call back and finally got it. I gave the SP rep my account number and he said "I can't deal with this, our system is being updated and I'll have to transfer you..." After 20mins waiting for the transfer to be answered, I was connected to another SP rep. I explained the situation to him and he said "I'll just put you on hold while I check the details..." The phone played some music again and then went dead but did not give any tone that would indicate a dis-connection from SP. After 40+ minutes I hung up!

    OK so we are in October now so here's an update...

    Yesterday I got an updated bill from SP. It did NOT say it was final and mentioned a dd of £41 being taken around 14th October! EDF have been dealing with my complaints with them for me and have told me that this is indeed my final bill, after a call to their complaints dept. on my behalf.

    Having been with SP for the last 3-4years and finding them really good with their customer services on the whole, I have found this whole episode over the last few months with them appalling and a disgrace! Their customer services have been shocking during my switch over to EDF. Their 0845 numbers have cost me in excess of £15 and I have found them almost impossible to reach. I have stopped my dd with them at my bank, to prevent them taking any more of my money, and I am now waiting for them to reimburse the money that they owe me. All this from a gas account which should have been closed almost 2 months ago!!!
  • swanny65swanny65 Forumite
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    Just switched via the Energy Club to SP Online Fixed Price Energy December 2014 from Ovo Energy. I will be paying more coming off my Ovo fix but this was the lowest overall increase, including the £100.00 cashback offered.

    Will let you know how it smoothly the switch progresses.
  • kuepperkuepper Forumite
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    They've been the best energy outfit i've ever dealt with - all done online without any hiccups. My deal runs out this month and it'll be a bind to leave them if that's what i do
  • This is a feedback thread on energy supplier
    Scottish Power

    Please share your experience with other MoneySavers. Click reply to take part

    • Did you switch go smoothly?
    • Have you had problems since?
    • Is it easy to contact?
    The feedback comes as part of the
    Cheap Energy Club

    I had a trouble free year on a fixed tariff. After the end of the fix period I switched to another company. But then Scottish Power took £50 from my bank account for doing an 'early' switch and I discovered they had put me on another year-long fix without any agreement from me. After writing to their customer service a couple of times and getting no reply I took them to the Ombudsman, got my money back plus £25 for the hassle and a (rather begrudging) letter of apology. I won't sign up with them again.
  • solentsusiesolentsusie Forumite
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    Currently with Scottish Power and desperately trying to get away from them.

    They have constantly kept trying to put up my direct debits so much that I ended up cancelling it. I was over £300 in credit on my dual fuel account, this credit was constantly creeping up and up until I contacted them to tell them to reduce my direct debit payments or pay me the money back. But they now insisted on attempting to double my direct debit payments yet again.

    My friend has had the same problem, they put her direct debit up from £90 a month to just under £200 a month with no notice or justification of why the jump was so high. She was in credit as well.

    Moving supplier as soon as possible. They are a bunch of theives and get random excuses as to why they need to put the payments up so much. I now live on my own now my son and his girlfriend have moved out so using less fuel, particularly as there is nobody at home in the day now so no heating will be on. I told them this but this made no difference. Somewhere else will be getting my business.

    Yes, easy to switch to but beware when you get there!
  • DustykittenDustykitten Forumite
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    I've had trouble with them messing about with my Direct Debits. Original figure they set up was wrong (they put an extra one in so I was paying £50 less than I needed to). They couldn't change this to a sensible amount only a much higher amount due to 'their system' so I ended up making one off payments to adjust it. Then they put the DD up massively and would not listen to me that I am very good at monitoring my usage/DD balance.

    Coming to the end of my deal and will be switching.

    On a positive I find their website good and easy to use.
    The birds of sadness may fly overhead but don't let them nest in your hair
  • Anyone else unable to get SP to bill them?
    Input a meter reading on 31 Aug and again on 30 Sep but still cannot get a bill out of them in spite of being told on 18 Sep and 23 Sep that it would be fixed soon.
    Today someone told me that my account has a 'billing block' on it but couldn't tell me why or when it would be removed. She also told me that she couldn't change the tariff that I'm on because of it and suggested that I phone back at the end of the month!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was pleased with SP until their IT systems went t***-up. Maybe I should look for another supplier - or are they all as bad as each other?

    Please can the SP Rep sort this for me?

    Thank you
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