Mobile bill shock through kids in-app purchases



  • DavidP24
    My 7 year old daughter managed to do it this weekend on the College girl app and racked up £69.99. Noticed on the Monday when I received and itunes receipt. Fortunately managed to get the whole lot refunded and have subsequently switched off the in app purchases - feel a complete twonk for not realising sooner that this could happen. :o

    Remember that if you see a debt of £69 on your statement there could be hundreds more yet to be billed.

    My friend noticed a £50 charge only to find over £200 on the way.
    Thanks, don't you just hate people with sigs !
  • JimmyTheWig
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    ccnp2 wrote: »
    Tesco allow the user to cap their rates so that there cannot be extra charges for network use. No extra texts. No extra calls. No extra data
    The article isn't about network charges.
  • pigpen
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    ccnp2 wrote: »
    Shame on MSE

    A whole article on the evils of extra charges by mobile phone companies and nowhere does it mention that Tesco allow the user to cap their rates so that there cannot be extra charges for network use. No extra texts. No extra calls. No extra data

    We bought an £85 Samsung Galaxy Ace (which is as good as the iPhone unless you worry about being 'cool' and like to risk loosing a £500 phone) and pay £10 pm for 500 mins, 5000 texts and 1gb data. More than enough. And I am very confident the bill will be £10 each and every month. If he wants to go over that, he buys a top up and puts it on the phone (more fool him if that is the way he chooses to spend his money)

    No, I don't work for Tesco. In fact I pretty much hate them. But you have to say they appear to have got this one absolutely spot on. Presumably they don't pay the people at MSE enough to get the mention.

    They do indeed.. I have a couple of mine on their £7.50 contracts and if they run out of time/texts.. tough.. I am changing my 21 y/o's phone to a linked account too as I am sick of his bills. (I know I don't have to sort his phone but it is the only way I can keep in touch with him and if he needs me I want him to be able to contact me, esp with a small baby in the house)
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  • jgriggle
    "Paul Whiteing, chief executive of PhonepayPlus, says: "Smartphones in children's pockets can burn holes in parents' wallets, so we are working with partners across the industry and other agencies to prevent this."

    Whenever you see someone use the phrase 'we are working with' it usually means 'we are doing absolutely nothing, but we are having lots of meetings so we can look busy'.
  • bensmumm
    My 4 year old son managed to spend just under £20 on in app purchases on my Iphone. I contacted I tunes who refunded the money and advised me how to change the security settings on my phone. It seems utterly bizarre to me that the security settings are set to their weakest.
  • xNinax
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    My daughter who just turned 11 has had access to apple devices for some years now but has never downloaded or bought anything without checking with one of us first. She has an iPad and an iPod touch. These have no credit card attached to them but she receives an iTunes allowance as part of her pocket money. She doesn't even spend that without checking with us first.
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    Why can't parents take responsibility and stop moaning.Parents it is 100% your fault, stop blaming everyone else.Your are really lucky if you get a refund for what is YOUR responsibility.
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    DavidP24 I did say DEFAULT option, there is NOTHING stupid about first time users not realising that a Free Hairdressing Salon game app charges your credit card when it offers your kids a conditioner for their clients.

    Oh and with other use of your credit card you have to quote your CVV. Of course it would be better if Apple added say £20 to an account rather than linking the card to endless unauthorised debits.

    How about PARENTS take responsibility and stop moaning about.
  • opaque
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    It's interesting that people are saying these are kids games.
    Sure a few of them are specifically aimed at kids but if you look at any of my grown up friends they would be playing the zoo, farm, diamond, bubble etc etc games like mad. And some people do buy the extras to give them the edge in high scores against friends.
    I play Candy Crush and I'm 37!

    They are games that are normally free and they make money by selling in-app items. Kids don't have credit cards attached to accounts do they, so in most cases I can't see how it can be aimed at them. We all like shiny flashy things whatever our age.
    It is the responsibility of the owner of the device, noone else and it is exceptionally lucky that people have got their money back from the companies. I would think legally they have no requirement to do so.
  • martindc
    70 quid for an in-app purchase of virtual feed in the farm game is obviously just plain criminal. I should think the iTunes Store did refund. I hope they have also closed down this scam.
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