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MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Frodo give Sam the money?



  • dannahazdannahaz Forumite
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    Frodo should offer Sam half the profits. And then Sam should say no, he's glad to get his money back.

    That's what would my friends and I would have done.
  • Making £40 on the ticket might not be touting but it won't do anything for Frodo's relations with his fellow office workers.
    He has to work with these hobbits! If someone I know even vaguely at work offered me a ticket at over face value I'd be quite offended and tell him where to stick his ticket.
    Frodo should have just pinned up a notice saying - 'spare ticket to the Orcs gig, face value only, first come first served.'

    Moneysaving isn't worth it if it means you lose the respect of those around you.
  • andreab115andreab115 Forumite
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    Sam ahould have sold the ticket on himself if wanted to make a proffit, he is lucky to get his money back at all!!!
  • jinkssickjinkssick Forumite
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    I would consider that a relationship lost, if hes being petty after making what he paid for it. F**k Sam.
    Save in your favorites, and stop giving companies more £££ dialling 0870 numbers when you can dial freephones or cheaper alternatives
    call your credit card company, tell them that you want to leave, 99% of the time theyll lower your APR%
    Remember when that Bank Manager or Salesperson smiles at you, all he sees is £ notes. Dont forget the motto, "the wider their grin, the more debt your in"
  • teazle_2teazle_2 Forumite
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    Sam asked Frodo if he knew anyone who would like his ticket. Frodo did the hard work and actually sold the ticket. Honest with Sam about his bonus - perfect example of couch potato versus city slicker - well done Frodo. Keep the extra money
  • dizzydi77dizzydi77 Forumite
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    I agree with bandraoi and scottytrotter, Frodo did all the work and show therefore keep any profit made.
  • skybluesiskybluesi Forumite
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    No, frodo did sam a favour buying the tickets, when Sam couldn't go he didn't sell the ticket, frodo did. What exactly has he done for the profit - nothing.

    He should be grateful that a)Frodo got him the ticket & b)Managed to shift it so that he got his money back.
  • golddustmediagolddustmedia Forumite
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    No, Frodo should keep the money.

    It seems Sam washed his hands of the issue and left Frodo to sort the problem. He could just as easily been left holding the ticket.

    If Sam wants/wanted any profit perhaps he should have sold the ticket?
  • expat_mikeexpat_mike Forumite
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    Frodo should keep the profit as he did the work re-selling the ticket.
  • NessieP_2NessieP_2 Forumite
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    bandraoi wrote: »
    The money is Frodo's.
    He bought the ticket - he took the risk
    He sold the ticket - he did the leg work.

    Sam never had anything to do with that ticket, other than being the original purchaser, he pulled out, it was Frodo's to sell, he sold it, it's his money.

    I agree with TEAZLE. Frodo didn't have to make a profit on the ticket and did not agree with Sam when he asked him to sell the ticket on for him, that they would share any profit. Sam basically just needed a refund like he would have got if he would have taken it back to the Original place of purchase. Well done Frodo for being enterprising. You get to buy yourself a souvenir, and perhaps if it's in your heart a small one for poor old Sam. Shame he couldn't make it.....
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