MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Should Frodo give Sam the money?



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    I've actually been in this situation, bought tickets for T in the park a few years ago, one of my mates couldn't make it, he had paid me for his ticket, but wasn't happy when i only gave him the price for the ticket back. Ended up with me splitting the cash with him, even though most of our friends thought he was being petty over it, as he wasn't actually out of pocket at the end of the day.
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  • Sam should get nothing but his original payment - he's a fat, stupid hobbitses!

    Frodo did all the legwork, and I'm betting paid for the ticket originally. All he need do is give Sam a 'refund' of his original payment. Any subsequent transactions are entirely of his own doing and thus to his benefit.

    This is business - friendship shouldn't come into it...
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    I think Frodo should keep the money. If Sam had paid for the ticket and organised selling it himself then he would get the money.
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    kalico wrote: »
    Sam should be happy he got his money back. He could have sold the ticket on himself, and therefore took the profit, but he asked Frodo to do it. So Frodo nets the cash.

    Ditto from me too; though why even bother telling Sam you made a profit?

    If you knew you had to sell the ticket and give any profit away, why would you bother selling it for more than face?

    Would Sam be happy if he'd got less than face value for the ticket?
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    The money is Frodo's.
    He bought the ticket - he took the risk
    He sold the ticket - he did the leg work.

    Sam never had anything to do with that ticket, other than being the original purchaser, he pulled out, it was Frodo's to sell, he sold it, it's his money.

    Absolutely spot on
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    Frodo should keep ALL the profit. Dont know why he bothered telling Sam that he made a bit extra out of it in the 1st place!!!!
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    What about the other way round? If Frodo had only managed to get less than the value of the ticket would Sam be happy to stump up the difference?
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    Sam should be grateful that he has recouped his £40 for the ticket he couldnt use, and Frodo should keep the extra money for his trouble.
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    Do you hear an echo? :)

    Thinking about this some more, I can see why Sam would be miffed, if he'd sold the ticket he'd have been £40 better off....

    But he didn't, so maybe it should come down to, was he going to but Frodo sold it first as soon as Sam said he wasn't going (in which case 50/50 split?)

    It's a bit like when I was going to sell my bike to my brother-in-law for £80, but first he wanted to trial it.

    His whole shed got stolen (including my bike), and the insurance paid out £200 for the bike (on top of the rest); he gave me my £80...

    Technically I was no worse off than if I'd just sold it to him (so I didn't demand any more), but it did smart a bit that he'd made £120 for doing nothing...
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  • Frodo should not give Sam the profit - Frodo has done all the hard work by selling it and Sam should not have backed out in the first place.

    If Sam would have bought his ticket directly from a company then he wouldn't have got his money back as they are non-refundable so he should be grateful that he got the £40!

    Frodo was a bit of a plum for telling Sam he'd made a profit in the first place though - I'd keep that info to myself!!!
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