MSE News: BT app to cut mobile costs abroad

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    Not sure why we need another topic from the OP when one already exists?

    However this is a great service, easy to set up and works a treat.

    Yes, making 2 calls on it, would be your two calls for the month.
  • Have just read an article in the Times business section (21/1/12) about a telecoms litigation expert in the City who has successfully been refunded data roaming charges of over £500 by T Mobile after taking them to court alleging that the salesperson did not discuss data roaming at the time of a phone upgrade and so had no right to charge for data roaming at all. T Mobile will not appeal it reports, and states that "it was an isolated case".
    I was charged over £900 for 10 days in the Carribean in 2010 having stupidly, not being familiar with the data roaming issue and although never accessed the internet, just had 2 phones left switched on, so was 'roaming'.
    Needless to say, T mobile were not sympathetic although I had been a business customer for over 7 years. (I am no longer a customer!)
    Just thought I would bring the article to attention of anyone who would care to comment.
    Why should T mobile consider this to be 'an isolated case'?
    I renewed my contract several times verbally, and data roaming charges were never discussed at renewal, contracts always being verbal via telephone.
    Surely if they settled on this case, why is it any different to anyone else who has suffered these ridiculous charges?
    Is this potentially a case of mis-selling if customers have not been informed of the likely data roaming charges at the time of opening contracts, or renewing?
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    bestyman wrote: »
    I have installed the app and very pleased with it. It is easy to set up and use.

    Can anyone tell me please, does BT charge a connection fee for the free calls, for example a local call at the weekend?

    They don't.
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    Does anyone know if this is available for Blackberry please?
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