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  • Yes also wish I had seen this before ordering stamps in November for Christmas. I paid through PayPal and currently awaiting dispute resolution through them. They hide the delivery lead time in very small print terms and conditions in a tiny link at bottom of website and these say delivery 7 to 10 days from receipt of cleared funds. The only email response has said their terms are delivery after 10 days? But I'm now way beyond that and now they are not replying. They also say they are not responsible for items lost by Royal Mail, so I guess lots of things get lost!
  • Can't quite believe it. I have received a refund in full already via PayPal. They are obviously trying to protect their PayPal a/c as this dispute was closed in less than 12 hours. The strange thing was that the account was in an individual's name which didn't relate to any of those family members named on the "scam" website. Looks like I have been very lucky compared to others on here!
  • Do not touch them with a barge-pole! I ordered stamps from them almost a month ago. No stamps arrived. I first complained after 10 working days (their own 'up to 10 working days delivery limit) and again after 15 working days and asked if they had dispatched the order and if not, why not. They never answered, but suggested the refund. I accepted this and also asked for compensation. I am now waiting for a result. They are totally disreputable and not worth the effort - better buy stamps in a normal way and save some time and sanity.
  • no stamps, no refund, no communication.

    Thank god i paid with amazon payments....

    Just have to wait for a-z claim now..


  • I used this company. Ordered stamps and waited and chased with various excuses being made. I asked for a refund and was told it would be processed. Waited some weeks with no refund. Have just chased again. I would suggest you avoid them.
  • Hello, I've read all your posts and it seems this company is acting in a Fraudulent way. I have myself experienced same issues. Placed order in Nov, no stamps, chased mid-December, no stamps, asked for refund, it's been over a month.

    I have today taken two actions:

    1) Raised a online claim through: gov . uk / make-court-claim-for-money/going-to-court - requesting return of both my initial order & the online court fee (£25 - which I had to pay today) but is part of the claim

    2) Also as their site now needs a 'password' I've also reported them to Action Fraud: www . action fraud . police . uk

    I suggest others do the same so as to hopefully recover both your monies & shut down this fraudulent company.
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    A terrible company. Will never use them again. 1st bought £100 worth for work in June. They stamps took three weeks to arrive after six pone calls. All odd stamps like old Xmas ones. Not that that matters financially but it looks odd sending Xmas stamps in July. Had second attempt in September. Suffice to say the stamps never arrived. They took the money straight away and the refund was not forthcoming. I chased it last week yet again and have again been promised its been actioned. If its not I shall contact our legal team. Shocking shocking service.
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  • I tried to log in to the company that I knew as discounted stamps for postage etc and the site now directs you to another company known as EKM.......... etc. Watch out
  • They fulfilled many of my orders in the past over summer, but then in October I spend £30 and never received. I sent numerous emails etc, still nothing. I wonder if there is any way to have this refunded? The transaction was confirmed, the payment was acknowledged but the goods weren't shipped.
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    Just read the site:
    Was scammed by these people - managed to get four figure sum back off the bank after paying by debit card. Hope others are equally successful.
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