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  • I have also received the 'Extraordinary Circumstances/Unexpected Flight Safety Shortcoming' nonsense fob off, so will forward this onto the CAA as detailed in my post #28 above. Jet2 must have sent out a job lot last week LOL.

    It all seems a bit short-sited on Jet2's part - this issue hasn't been that widely publicised so surely those people claiming are the ones who've read MSE etc and KNOW that they have a legitimate claim and are prepared to go all the way to court to see it through?
  • Thanks very much Centipede - we were delayed for 18 hours on a flight from Lanzarote to Glasgow last November - I've taken your letter from post #59, changed it slightly to make it relevant to our own details and will be sending it off today.

    Looking at the replies others have received from Jet2 I suspect they've got a fairly beefy department involved with deflecting these claims with standard 'boiler plate' letters, it's only by reading your responses that we've had the confidence to continue with this.
  • booogle
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    I also got the standard ""extraordinary circumstances/unexpected flight safety shortcoming" letter today. Email now sent to CAA with all details.
  • Weemac
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    You could send something similar to the one I am sending in post 59 - thanks to Centipede

    Thanks Northwest1965 (and Centipede) - I will send a letter similar to yours tomorrow but I was wondering if I should send copies of my correspondence to the CAA as well or wait until I hear from Jet2?
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  • Also just received the standard 'unexpected flight safety shortcoming' letter from Jet2 a couple of days ago, 4 months after my original claim. I think I'm going to send the #59 response and copy to CAA and see what happens.

    Will be interesting to share experiences!
  • lizcat
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    Another one here who has just received what appears to be the 'standard' letter saying they have made their detailed investigations and that "the delay was caused by unexpected safety shortcomings which was an extraordinary circumstance which could not have been foreseen and which was beyond Jet2.com's actual control. Despite taking all reasonable measures to avoid the delay, Jet2.com was unable to do so." It then goes on to basically say I do not have a valid claim.

    Needless to say, I am going to send a reply asking for their findings to see if they match the reasons we were given (faulty brakes on the plane before it left Manchester to collect us and them having to get a plane in from elsewhere - not that any of the Jet2 staff at Venice knew and until 45 mins before we were due to take off, the flight was still scheduled to be on time) The final delay was over 4 hours. I will also write to the CAA.

    I will update in due course.
  • dino25uk
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    So after the LBA I got a reply, with the usual date being incorrect for receiving the letter, hardly encouraging from Customer Service.
    Got the usual sorry blurb and:
    "I have noted from your comments that you believe technical faults are exempt from being included as an extraordinary circumstance under EU Regulation 261/2004. If I may clarify that technical faults are deemed extraordinary circumstances in some instances and each case is assessed on an individual basis. Having completed a thorough investigation of you delayed flight, the technical fault which resulted in a delay to your flight could not have been foreseen or prevented even though all reasonable measures were taken. The delay therefore resulted from extraordinary circumstances, and as such, we regret that no compensation is payable"

    Perhaps JET2 would like to enlighten me with further detail as to what the fault was, my crystal ball is no longer working. That way I can decide if I want to pursue further.

    So do I go LBA to get further information, or Court. Any advice appreciated.
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    They've advanced a defence of EC, ask for proof of EC as Art 5.3. If you don't get the proof, ask nicely again. Three 'no proofs' partly ticks the unreasonable box, may be useful for claim form N1.
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    Jet2 have only 8 days left out of the 28 to reply to court with a defence - nothing yet. The anticipation is killing me :)
    Jet2 ticked 3 "unreasonable" boxes with me in that they requested the same information 3 times over then did not reply....
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    All blue words are links to relevant posts. Some are quoted just to save you doing that ;)

    Claiming may not be a walk in the park. So research this (long) thread and the MSE article in order to discover useful information before you ask a question!

    Airline bust= no claim

    Anything from 17th Feb 2005 -you can claim but if the airline says no - you can't take them to court.

    Flight Stats

    Small claims time limit Its 6 years

    Package holiday flights ARE covered.


    MSE article corrected

    Technical fault with plane is NOT "extra ordinary circumstances" so you CAN claim
    Extraordinary circumstances + Extra ordinary Circumstances
    Technical issues
    More Technical issues with background

    Thomas Cook address
    Thomas cook incident Oct 26 2012

    KLM Claim form
    Ryanair address
    Ryanair Irish appeal explained - New!
    How to combat Ryanair using the English Court System New!
    BA Address
    BA complaint web-site

    BA forum explaining the regulation in plain english *ESSENTIAL READING*

    Jet airways address
    Compensation per person + Monarch email
    Monarch Claim form

    Centipede100 Template letter
    CAA Template letter

    Airline claims 2 years maximum to claim The UK time limit is 6 years, - that's the Law

    Judgement on 22nd NOV confirms the limit is whatever applies in the Country-UK is 6 years
    CAA Denied boarding
    Right to Care
    CAA contact details
    European small claims

    Original Sturgeon judgment giving rise to delay compensation:

    Legal challenge to Sturgeon judgment:

    MCOL : Link to the Court Forms
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