Flight delay and cancellation compensation, Ryanair ONLY



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    This information has been redacted
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    This information has been redacted
  • Mark2spark
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    Ha ha ha They really are a law unto themselves. Or think they are above the law.
    But people fly with them knowing this.
  • chickennugget
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    blondmark wrote: »
    "Recent published opinions..."

    Er, do they possibly mean "Recently published opinions"? And I love the way they just make stuff up as they go along.

    In the light of the volcanic ash ruling announced yesterday, who's feeling sorry for them today?!:rotfl:
  • Toe-Jam
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    Mark2spark wrote: »
    You've got rights to care as per the EU guidelines, ie a meal and refreshment after 2 hours depending on the length of journey/delay, or an overnight hotel if required, but there's no claim for delay compensation if the snow is the reason as per the AIRPORT saying so. Meaning that if other airlines are still flying, and the airport remains open, but Ryanair have CHOSEN to cancel then there's a different scenario.

    This is a very interesting point, I was at Stansted on 20th Jan and Ryanair delayed and eventually cancelled all services, but easyjet were still flying out.

    Have my claim in, am looking for refund on the return leg of my flight, and hotel and food costs for 1 night.

    They have written me a letter saying my claim had been "assessed" and passed to the finance department, but suspiciously left out if they were paying me the amount I requested in my claim"

    Waiting on cheque..so will see.
  • karenelainehughes
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    Anyone got any ideas of how to word my next response to Ryan Air... just had a reply from them to my 'template copied' letter from MSE claiming compensation for a flight taken in July 2010 from Marakesh to Bristol that was over 3.5 hrs delayed. They are claiming their terms and conditions cover this delay and are quoting Article 35 of the Montreal Convention 1999 which also covers them for this. I'm guessing they're just trying this to get out of it.. anyone else had this response and what did you do next, be good to hear??? Thanks ....
  • sjcwhuk
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    Last year almost to the day, Ryanair cancelled my flight Alicante to Stansted with literally hours notice (we were just about to drive away in the car to the airport).

    This of course was because of snow in the UK and therefore Ryanair are claiming 'exceptional circumstances' and refusing to cough up.

    However, I have evidence of all flights in and out of Stansted for this day and the only cancelled flights were from Ryanair, all the other airlines operated (perhaps with delay).

    Is this good evidence that exceptional circumstances due to weather is not applicable with the airport open and other airlines operating.

    Others views would be appreciated before I push forward with this. I have already pointed out the airport was operating to Ryanair but of course they arent interested.


  • 2013competitions
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    I am just writing my 4th letter to Ryanair. My opening paragraphs are:

    This is my 4th complaint letter to you asking for compensation.

    I am unhappy that your first reply dated 21/01/2013 stated I could not be compensated as my claim was over 2 years old, so I replied and proved that legally I am entitled to claim (please see the reasons in the body of this letter below). Then your second reply dated 30/01/2013 changed tactics and stated that I cannot claim compensation as the “flight was delayed for reasons outside of the control of the airline (extraordinary circumstances)”. So please tell me why I was given the “over 2 year” reason first, then when Ryanair realised I was right to claim, they devised yet another excuse not to pay?

    Please tell me what the extraordinary circumstances were?
    Please tell me the reason for my flight being delayed.

    I wonder what excuse they will come up with now after I have advised them of the press coverage of the ruling from 31/01/2013 as well as previously using some of the relevant information from post #61 above.

    I have to say, thank you so much to everyone who has posted on this forum/board as it really helped me to add to the template letters and personalise my responses.
  • Locodice
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    Hi All,

    Trying to weigh up if its worthwhile to apply for compensation. We were due to fly out with Ryanair back in 2011. I have all documentation including cancellation email. The reason given for the flight being cancelled was 'adverse weather. This was at the same time as the ashcloud situation. There was 10 of us in total and we had to fly out from Manchester the next day.

    Any feedback welcome! :)
  • richardw
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    What caused the cancellation?
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