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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 12 December 2012 at 3:40PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • sjprmc01sjprmc01 Forumite
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    £27 in HB and Sains

    Not all entirely groceries but if I hadn't went there for bits of food/household stuff I wouldn't have ended up buying any other bits!
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  • Solstice_3 wrote: »
    Me again sorry! Giving Rosspa foods a go - not sure if it's worth it for the delivery charge as I didn't buy loads but I am curious to see how I can get 5 days worth of veg for 2 people for £2.99! We shall see - if it's good will maybe buy more next time.

    Also browsing approved foods for the first time.
    take care with approved food s its a very addicted site
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  • JILJIL Forumite
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    To use up my Christmas potatoes, I have done a little batch cooking.
    I made 6 portions of potato dauphinoise. (used up the cream and added some gruyere cheese)
    5 portions of Bombay potatoes.
    5 portions of sweet potato and spinach curry.(used up a half jar of curry paste from fridge)
    6 portions Dahl.
    A batch of cheese sauce (to use up lots of bits of cheeses) and decanted into 4 containers.

    Now to try and get it all into the freezer!!!
  • kittiejkittiej Forumite
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    Your curry looks lush Bluegreen, I wish I had smell-o-tech :)

    Anyway I bought a massive bag of tea bags from Farmfoods this morning so another spend to report £9.95 for 1100 :j So £67.57/ £100.

    I love tea :)
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  • Good evening - hope you've all had an MSE day!

    DS2's birthday today so went to the shops for party essentials.
    Was really good and stuck to the list apart from3 YS prawn party platter bargains (49p reduced from £4 each!)

    Spent 60p in Booker on yoghurts and 2 pints of milk but resisted all other bargains!

    £6.62 in MrM including 3 prawn party platters, fresh cream birthday cake, cake mix, tiramisu, 2x bread (bogof) and bread rolls and a couple of other bits.

    Full party table with HM cakes, cobs, crisps, pickles, HM pizza, HM cherry turnovers and stuff plucked from the freezer - nothing left!!

    Really pleased with the first week - never spent less than £50 in the 13 years since DS1 was born! Planned next week shopping list already using mysupermarket and should be another, by previous comparison, small spend.

    DH out at a meeting with buffet tomorrow night so spaghetti on toast for the kids and something from the freezer for me - won't be a NSD though as I have to go to the dentist in town in the morning and will undoubtedly be going into HB as not been since beginning of Dec and may not be able to help myself! Not going to count car parking fee though as dentist is a necesessity.
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  • katholicos wrote: »
    I am just on dry bread today after a couple of dodgy tummy days (sorry if that is TMI).

    Hope you feel better soon katholicas.
    Had a bit of a panic that I'd lost my passport :eek: but thankfully I just found it in a drawer. Flight is early Thurs morning so just as well!

    Phew that was a bit close Bluegreen!
    Meal looks yummy too :)

    A spend day for me yesterday. Stocked up on nuts, seeds, fruit and salad and they cost a small fortune for a just a little bag of nuts. Also bought some half priced gifts from B**ts to be put away. This wasn't planned, I'd only popped in to pick DD something up but I thought they were too good an offer to resist.
    Going to try for an earlyish night. Feeling tired today and I've already had half an hours nod on the sofa.
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  • Spent £44.68 in Mr A's and £18.41 in my local butchers bringing my total to £190.43. Although my total has gone up I'm really pleased with this weeks spends as I've really curbed my habits. I got a great load of stuff from the butchers and they have a loyalty card so when you spend over £15 6 times you get a fiver off. The meat is great too-really good quality with little fat.
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  • loveasaleloveasale Forumite
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    I don't have a target for NSD - this is because I'm used to doing a HUGE shop each week , and a bit of local , veg, butchers and local co-op as and when needed.
    Now with my MSE GC for Jan I'm finding it easier to buy when I run out or need something - we have a full freezer to eat from at the mo- so when that runs low I will have go out and buy more:eek:
    The GC has really made me think about what I would normally spend/ waste :rotfl:
    :money: I will never be rich but I'm happy :rotfl:
  • itsmecathyitsmecathy Forumite
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    Hello all

    Popped into 2 shpos today looking for reduced cards and wrapping paper but nothing to be found :(

    Got some salad, bread and fruit and lots of cheese as the yummy lake district cheddar was half price in sainsburys. Spent about £16, was hoping for some whoopsie Christmas stuff but must have left it too late.

    Had to root around in the recycling for the receipt so I could update my sig, OH thinks i've gone crackers!
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    I keep popping on here and following from lurking, but I would like to join I know it may be a too late for Jan, I have set it at 150 / spent £80 already. As restocking a freezer that accidently de-frosted!!
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