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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

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  • katholicoskatholicos Forumite
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    Bunged a bag of stir fry veg in leccy wok, added quorn pieces and a sachet of stir fry sauce. Heated through then bunged it in the slow cooker so DD and DS can help themselves to it. I am just on dry bread today after a couple of dodgy tummy days (sorry if that is TMI).
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    Solstice_3Solstice_3 Forumite
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    Decided against ordering from AF and the rosspa as it would have cost me £5 delivery for each one and would negate any savings I made as my shop would have been too small.
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  • Nicki_SueNicki_Sue Forumite
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    Started this month today as had nothing in and had a £12 off a £60 code for Mr T. With a £3 delivery charge it was too good to wait so.... I am at £55.53 / £400.
    I've moved my kitchen and pantry around today so that I can see easer what I have left in. I also did a weekly meal plan before I shopped last night so an optimistic start :)
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  • CRANKY40CRANKY40 Forumite
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    £28.30 spent in [email protected] today and signature updated. I was horrified to see that the little packs of ham that I use for ds's packed lunches, which used to be 60p then went to 50p on roll back over christmas are now 72p. He'll be having different ham in his sandwiches once he's finished what is in the freezer then.
  • mrsdwhitemrsdwhite Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Just stopping by to update my spending...I had my grocery shop delivered on Sunday, and the only meat I ordered was value ham for DD's lunch boxes! Amazing how much cheaper shopping is without meat!
    I checked my delivery saver and it runs out on 11th feb, which I think will be about the same time as my loyalty's to te**o go elsewhere after checking my supermarket the other day to see that my normal shop is £10 cheaper elsewhere...
    Anyway, my shop this week was £51.52 which is slightly over my weekly budget, however I stocked up on some half price stuff that will last for quite a while and was well worth using the little bit extra for.
    Also spent £4 last night on some packet risotto mixes, which was bad but they're really useful to have in the cupboard for quick lunches.
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  • mummyyof5mummyyof5 Forumite
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    A lovely NSD today:T:T
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  • Coxy11Coxy11 Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    Budgets done to here :)

    Welcome/hello to:
    greent, mrso1972 and In_it_not_to_giveitaway :D

    No spends here today although that's because I was at work ;) Still haven't managed to get to our new L!dl - hoping to pay a visit later in the week.

    Have made a beef casserole in the slow cooker today. Used a packet of Toscos veg soup mix (basically cubed carrot, swede, leeks, etc.) which for a £1 is so worth it. CBA'd prepping veg at the crack of dawn :p

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  • Quite a few spends today, !!!!!!.

    Eating out

    Had a hospital apt and didn't take anything for me or my youngets so a sneaky trip McDonalds - £5.38


    2 x Truly Irresistible mince reduced to £2.40 each.
    1 x 9 pack toilet rolls - £2.55.
    1 x cat food - £1.39.
    1 x 18 pack yoghurts £2.00.

    - £10.74.

    But to reign things in i have made the best of some parsnip soup i made the other day which was rank, i mixed it with 1 portion of my carrot and lentil soup and a tin of accidently bought value tomatoe soup and have made a big pot of 3 - 4 portions of super yummy soup.

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  • £13 added today from mr S. i don't go their often.

    2 big boxes of cereal, bread, new pots, ice lollies and sweets for DD to take to school tomorrow to celebrate her birthday
  • Bluegreen143Bluegreen143 Forumite
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    No spends today, unless OH bought anything (might have done as he's working late and may have bought something to take with him).

    Will attempt to make something for dinner that uses up everything I have in the fridge - still have tons of milk left so might make some sweet scones tonight. The cheese ones I made last night were lovely but I know OH loves sweet ones with jam.

    Had a bit of a panic that I'd lost my passport :eek: but thankfully I just found it in a drawer. Flight is early Thurs morning so just as well!
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