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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

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    kipperskippers Forumite
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    Tales17 wrote: »
    Thanks for that, was looking at similar ones in Argos! My partner wants to know what the cost benefits are so any idea how much it costs roughly to make a loaf of plain white bread? x

    A couple of years ago I worked out that a large loaf cost me approx 44p using asda/tesco bread flour. It may have gone up a bit since though but it's still loads cheaper than if you buy it...and it tastes lovely.

    I make 10 large rolls in the 'dough' cycle by using the exact mixture as a large white loaf, roll them into shape and leave to rise on a greased baking sheet and then cook for 16-17 mins at gas 5...and they are lovely...far nicer than shop bought rolls....and they still cost the same.

    These rolls can be made in any make of breadmaker as you only use the dough cycle, however I must say my panosonic breadmaker makes the best bread, better than my old Morphy Richards BM
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  • Tales17Tales17 Forumite
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    Thanks for that, we're Just trying to make sure that if we bought it we would use it and get the most out of it!

    We only go through about 1.5 loaves a week and we''re not sure about size of loaves that you make, how long they will last after made etc as we obviously don't want to start making and wasting it!

    However we do get Mr T finest bread (only one we both like!) so it is one of the most expensive and rarely on offer so I'm pretty sure we will make a saving in the long run!:)
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    Mrs_T_M wrote: »
    Anyone have any ideas or recipes that use already made butternut squash soup? I hate the stuff and still have 5 portions in the freezer. I want it out and gone, but I refuse to throw out food if at all possible.

    I don't know any recipes you can add it to and someone may come along later with a recipe, but have you tried adding some cumin, garam masala and ground ginger to it. It will make the soup into spicy butternut squash soup which is lovely and tastes different to normal butternut squash soup.
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  • meg72meg72 Forumite
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    fluffpot wrote: »
    Thanks for reply Mrs TM. Good idea!

    I like my veg quite crunchy so not sure that would work for me - apart from peas and sweetcorn which I do have in the freezer but don't use that much (maybe as I can't see it?!?) * note to self - look in the freezer a bit more

    I was just looking at the fruit and veg delivered boxes and wondered if people thought they were good Value for Money?

    EDIT- No I think they don't! A weekly fruit and veg box for 2-3 has only 4 bananas and 4 apples! We get through at least twice that in a week, plus other fruit like pears....

    Have a look at Rosspa I found their fruit and veg to be very reasonable and excellent quality, even with the delivery charge it was cheaper than my local Mr A
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  • My panasonic makes 3 different sizes and I generally make the medium one. Whichever size you make, slice it and freeze it in the day you make it so you always have it at its best!
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  • NickJWNickJW Forumite
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    Morning all!

    Small spend of £1.50 in Mr S this morning.

    Have also booked a Mr T delivery for tomorrow - should come to around £50ish, but will update the total once I know the exact figure.

    Having marinated Zata'r turkey breasts, with salad, roasted beetroot and brown rice tonight.
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  • Morning All. This month has been bad for my budget. Hubby was home (he works overseas) and we had not only meals out with family but also a wedding anniversary. I'm going for £250.

    Changes: a lost less Morrison's and a lot more Aldi. I did Morrisons during the grocery saver coupon thing they ran for Christmas but to be honest I found myself buying more stuff to come up with the £40 weekly necessary to get that week's coupon. Not worth it.
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  • StressedStephStressedSteph Forumite
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    Hi everyone

    Hope you are all doing well on the Grocery challenge so far.

    I am doing fine so far, Did my first £50 January shop last Friday, Dinner will be fine but think I have under-bought for lunch box items, but they will have to make do with whatever I have by Friday.

    I am already compiling next Mondays £50 shop of things that are running out or I did'nt buy last week. Think it is definately going to get harder as the month goes on.

    Have no choice, I have to stick to it, there is no more money to spend even if I wanted to :o
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  • cw18 wrote: »
    I generally only have peas and sweetcorn in my freezer due to liking my veg al-dente. The only other veg that goes in is chopped onion, chopped peppers, sliced mushrooms and sliced (and blanched) carrots - all of the second lot being home prepared, and often from whoopsie purchases.

    Do you blanche all the prepared veg? Is that just putting in already boiling water for 1 min then into cold water? Thanks for answering - I want to make more use of whoopsie veg as I get a change to buy it at work on my late shifts. I already make compotes with fruit and freeze it but haven't thought of doing anything with veg. Really need another freezer but no space other than stacking which seems unsafe to me :(

    Made soda bread yesterday, took no time at all and did it while preparing lunch. Also made savoury muffins for DS using up the creamed corn I had and some traybake/granola bars for snacks.

    Spent £5.36 on a small shop today and we got a new saute pan (out of a different budget) for £19, hoping DH is going to pick up the matching stir fry and griddle pan as they would both be useful. We never got round to sorting our pan situation out when we moved - we used to have a gas cooker :heartsmil but the we now have an electric cooker :( and not all the pans fit / work as well.

    Maybe another spend tonight if I spot any good YS fruit at work and have to do a bigger shop tomorrow.
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  • Me again sorry! Giving Rosspa foods a go - not sure if it's worth it for the delivery charge as I didn't buy loads but I am curious to see how I can get 5 days worth of veg for 2 people for £2.99! We shall see - if it's good will maybe buy more next time.

    Also browsing approved foods for the first time.
    Stay at home Mum to DS Oct 2011 and DD Dec 2013
    Grocery Challenge

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