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    Cheap Day trips on Scotrail with Highland Railcard. Day Returns to Kyle as cheap as £8 using it. Only applicable to householers in certain postcode areas but generally all of Inverness City applies and anything north.

    The Card costs £7.50 and gives you Half price travel on all stops between Inverness to Thurso, Inverness to Kyle and Glasgow / Oban / Mallaig / Fort William llines only.

    Up to 2 kids travel for £2 each as well using the card.
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    Oh and another - Highland Council run a scheme called Highlife for access to sports facilities across the Highlands.

    Its a discounted Gym membership sheme, payable by direct debit, but the beauty of it is that allows you access to a huge number of leisure sites across the area at no extra cost. Handy for if you are on your travels.

    Details at
  • 10% off at Borders (retail park) and Ottakar's (Eastgate centre) at They used to have a bogof on fish suppers at Harry Ramsden's but it doesn't seem to be on there anymore. Just register then print off a coupon. You get a limited amount of coupons and they are only valid for 2 days after printing so only print them if you are going to use them.
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    Inverness isn't even on the site. How stupid!! What do I go under Aviemore? which is miles away?
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    I eat my words sorry having a BLOND moment!!!! I see the coupons Doh!
    I am full of joy, abundance, wealth and love.
    I am a money magnet. Money comes easily and frequently.
    Canada excursion fund £1243/2500
    £10000 from £100 challenge £0/£10,000
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    on the subject of nidian resturant,s i see dickens international resturant is opening as a balti house,still wont beat rhaj
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    re the Highlife card, there isnt any info on the cost of it on the HRC website :(

    I'm interested as the new sports centre in Grantown is part of the scheme :) (if the PE staff let anyone in !! ;) )

    Anyone tell me how much it would cost for a family card ??


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    The highlife card is £20 (ish) per month for a family card (family is classed as 2 adults and as many dependant children as you have), Really good value for money.

    Nice to see a local thread! :T

    The MFR charity bootsale is this coming sunday 13th May at the blackisle show ground near Muir of Ord.

    For an excellent meal out I can recommend Blacksmiths sports bar in Culloden. I know its been of a dubious nature in the past but has been really turned around by the present owners. Portions of food are HUGE! and great prices (Kids only allowed in lounge/ restaurant).

    Suggestions please for the best takeaway/ chippie in Inverness??

    I suggest Hilton Chippy as the best traditional chippy but Harry Ramsdens for "fish n chips"

    For A tasty chinese meal the Magic Wok (Culloden) does a simply divine House special Curry & fried rice!

    Ehm... I think thats all for now,


    I :heartpuls MSE
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    Kirstie's up at charleston shops has always been pretty good. 1st pizza direct seem to have a massive menu now and always have some special offers on.

    The Friary in Beauly is f*ckin fantastic, cooked to order and not the cheapest but you get what you wait/pay for ;)
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