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Tea Bags vs. Loose tea leaves

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  • penninemanpennineman Forumite
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    Justamum wrote: »
    I wish they would make decaffeinated loose tea though.

    Me too. Much of the time I drink decaff tea - although do have caffinated as well . . . .:o
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  • comping_catcomping_cat Forumite
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    I use decaf tea bags. Was brought up with tea leaves, hated the 'dregs' at the bottom of the cup!!
  • heather38heather38 Forumite
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    tea bags pg tips only.
    i find that leaves don't make a strong enough brew for me.
    OH drinks herbal and fruit teas as they help with his IBS.

  • spendaholicspendaholic Forumite
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    I'm sure I've seen decaf loose tea in Tesco. I really am certain because I remember thinking, so why can't they do organic?
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  • Linda32Linda32 Forumite
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    I buy tea bags for OH, can't stand the stuff myself, he's more than happy with the shops cheapest which is co-op at the moment.

    Mind you, it does look a funny colour even to me :D

    I like fruit tea, green tea is okay as long as you drink it piping hot.

    I do make a pot of coffee in our tea pot, is that really cheap and nasty? :D
  • Jennifer_JaneJennifer_Jane Forumite
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    All teabags: Morrisson's special blend; rooibos; Twinings Wellbeing Lemon & Ginger. I always use a mug and have the ordinary tea and the rooibos with milk and sugar; the Lemon & Ginger just with sugar. Cannot bear the herbal or green teas.

    Jen x
  • TicklemouseTicklemouse Forumite
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    Ooooh can't answer that poll cos it depends on the type of tea.

    Brown tea - tea bags (Tetley or Tesco's in the red box) I don't drink that much any more.

    Green tea - tea leaves cos they taste sooo much better than the tea bags

    Other herbal/fruity etc teas - tea bags, only because that's how they come :D

    I did get a cup and saucer out the other evening and made a pot of tea. Put it all on a tray with milk in a jug and everything. Felt all sort of grown up and "proper" :rotfl:
  • I don't drink tea (or coffee) myself personally, but have a couple of tea bags in the house in case DS fancies a cuppa or if I get guests (which aint very often!!)
    Only buy tescos own brand and no-ones complained so far!!

    LMS xx
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  • QuasarQuasar Forumite
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    It depends for me too. However as a rule I prefer tea leaves. Sometimes I just open the tea bag and use the tea leaves. However, when laziness has the better of me I just shove a teabag in a mug. :p
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  • savingsara_2savingsara_2 Forumite
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    catowen wrote: »
    I use decaf tea bags. Was brought up with tea leaves, hated the 'dregs' at the bottom of the cup!!

    That's why I use teabags now. My late Mother wouldn't entertain the idea of teabags. It had to be a proper teapot, extra hot water, milk jug, slop basin (for tipping the dregs into prior to a second cup), cup and saucer (preferably Denby "Green Wheat"). Nothing else would do, bless her!
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