Tea Bags vs. Loose tea leaves



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    tea bags for british tea
    tea leaves for chinese green tea
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    Tea bags. Ringtons delivered to the door, or if we run out we buy Yorkshire Teabags. Made in the pot, never in the cup.

    Green tea or fruit teabags made in a Irish coffee glass:confused:
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    Only tea leaves and it has to be Yorkshire tea to make it strong enough. I used to always use bags but started to really notice the 'paper' taste. We always make ours in the same tin pot that is only ever rinsed with clean water, no detergent and it certainly doesn't go in the dishwasher as it destroys the seasoning on the pot.
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    Teabags, but only because loose leaf tea is such a hassle. However, I was thinking about investing in one of those Chatsford filter tea pots.
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  • I only drink fruit teas and the ones I like are only available in bags, so bags it is. Bags are convenient to carry round with me for when I'm visiting someone who might not have fruit tea in the house.

    When I drank proper tea I used leaves at home, it works out slightly cheaper and I enjoyed the little ritual of doing "proper" tea for myself :D I used teabags at work because it wasn't convenient to faff about with pots and strainers.
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    Great thread - I'm sat here with my mug of tea with milk, made in a teapot, as always :D Yorkshire tea is my favourite - specially blended for the water round here, apparently. At this time of day, I use a bag, but when DH comes home from w*** we have loose tea (Earl Gray). I also like Lady Gray or Rooibos - black with no sugar. At w*** I have fruit tea (from a bag) but in the afternoon we make a pot of tea for 3 of us to share.

    I love going out for tea, and always ask for a jug of hot water, as I find they make it too strong for me. Tea rooms always get an extra point from me if they offer a jug of water without being asked :T :j

    I can't stand tea made in a mug. I understand that it's because in that small volume of water, the tannins are extracted in preference to the *tea flavours* giving a different taste.

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    I can't stand tea made in a mug. I understand that it's because in that small volume of water, the tannins are extracted in preference to the *tea flavours* giving a different taste.

    Exactly - it tastes 'thin' and brassy to me if made in a cup.
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    I love tea first thing in the morning - loose, made in a lovely old Brown Betty teapot that reminds me of when I was little! It HAS to be PG although my neighbours swear by Yorkshire Tea (even though we're in Hampshire!) and I keep meaning to try them because my their cuppas are lovely, as well! I keep teabags in, which DH will use if he's making tea just for himself - he's constantly drinking tea! Don't know where he puts it - well, he's 6'4" so it probably goes straight down into his legs! I have a special bone china cup for my tea and another little brown one for my coffee and I'm VERY fussy about them. My DSs always buy me bone china cups for my birthday so, if one breaks, I have another on standby. This stems from the time I broke the only cup I liked and I was really angry about it. It made them laugh because 'it's only a cup'! They just didn't understand! I hate drinking out of big heavy mugs. I drink gallons of strong black coffee during the rest of the morning, tea in the afternoon, coffee after dinner and rooibos tea before I go to bed (or wine!!). You'll probably understand why I'm a fully paid-up member of The Insomniacs Club - all that caffeine!

    Thanks PENPEN - I can now tell people why drinking tea from a cup is so much better than a mug! I find it DOES taste so much better in a cup and never knew why!

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    I like both, but as I'm on my own now I am afraid I make tea in a mug with a bag .I always use Yorksire tea though as it's just how I like it .I don't like the cheepie teas as they just taste of the sweeping from the factory floor .
    If someone comes to tea though I will get the china cups out and the tea pot .Tea does taste nicer in a 'proper cup' as opposed to a mug though doesn't it .
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    Tea bags, but made in a pot for preference. This despite my great uncle always maintaining that teabags contain the dust left on the floor in the tea packing sheds.
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