Tea Bags vs. Loose tea leaves

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    I introduced some American friends to the ritual of tea-making last year. They thought tea was 6 bags of fruit stuff, a bag of sugar, boiled water then chill it. It was utterly utterly vile, so I gave them Earl Grey with lemon and no sugar instead. Blinkin' rednecks.
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    reverie wrote: »
    IOr maybe it just harks back to girls being given tea sets when we are little?!

    I had a toy iron when I was a girl. Can't see me getting nostalgic about that ... :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
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    I never had a tea set when I was little and always wanted one....

    That's fairly obvious, isn't it?! :rotfl:
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    Teabags and I need at least two large mugs on a morning before I can face the world!
    Probably have 4 or 5 more thru the course of the day, green tea after my evening meal. None after 9pm or I'll be up in the night!!!
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    Tea bags for me, only PG Tips will do! Less messy than leaves.
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    I can't make tea that well with tea bags. I can just imagine the crazy mess I'd end up with if I used tea leaves!
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    Only drink it once a month or less so usually use bags (bought in small amounts as have had tea go off!)
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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    I prefer loose tea, and I use a tea ball. I don't like it too strong and there's too much tea in one bag for one cup. I'm the only person in the family who drinks "proper" tea - my husband is South African and prefers Rooibos (I don't like any type of herbal tea). I wish they would make decaffeinated loose tea though.
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    Having been brought up having to strain the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup through my teeth, ( I don't know why they always got me) I would never use t leaves. My dad used to like telling our fortunes with them. It's like tights isn't it. When i was a girl they wern't invented, so some of you youngsters may think stockingstare sexy. I just thought it was a real pain trying to keep my mini skirt below the stocking tops
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    Tea bags, in a mug...don't own a tea pot.
    I drink tea by the gallon every day, so I'd be for ever washing out the pot if I had one.
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