Tea Bags vs. Loose tea leaves

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    We always start our day with a pot of freshly brewed tea made from mixing normal loose tea and Earl Grey and then I move onto tea bags for convenience after that. No doubt the former tastes better though. I enjoy mint tea as an alternative - have made it from fresh on occasion which is delicious but have also found the Lidl mint tea bags are loads cheaper that the other supermarkets and taste fine

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  • I tried a direct price comparison, Sainsbury's Red Label One Cup teabags cost £1.49 for 250g, loose Red Label tealeaves cost £0.98 for 250g. I bought the loose leaves and dusted off the one-cup teapot I got for my birthday :D

    I'm not sure if I'm using more tea by weight, I suppose I could cut open a teabag and see if there's a teaspoon's worth in there. :confused:

    Trouble is, with a pot on the go it's tempting to top up with more water and have a second mug, I'm recycling the leaves but drinking more tea over all and my dentist with have strong words with me about that! :o
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    I prefer real - er I mean - loose tea rather than bags. Except I do get lazy & use teabags more often than not. Also dh is not supposed to have too much caffeine & I have not yet seen loose decaff tea.
    We have a bodum teapot with the filter in, and also a lovely china teapot from ikea which has a handle that swings - it also comes off, cos it's aluminium so you can take it off while the tea is brewing - that way it doesn't get too hot!
    I also have a very nice looking teapot which mil bought for us - but it is awful, pours tea almost anywhere but in the cup!
  • Does anyone know which is cheaper OS loose tea or tea bags. I know it depends which brand etc you buy, but in general? Do you think loose tea makes a better cuppa.

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    I haven't used loose black tea for ages but I do use loose green tea. I find it makes a much better cuppa and it's a lot cheaper - you can get a lot more than 20 cups out of a carton, which is how many tea bags you get in a box, for about the same money. I would think the same would apply to 'ordinary' tea.
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    Does anyone know which is cheaper OS loose tea or tea bags. I know it depends which brand etc you buy, but in general? Do you think loose tea makes a better cuppa.

    Hiya :)

    We have an earlier thread talking of the merits and economies of using loose tea and so I've added your query on to the end of it.

    Posts are listed in date order, so you'll need to read from the beginning to catch up. :)
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    Im a bag girl i'm afraid guys, but my BF like his tea as weak as knats pi55 so i use 1 bag for both.

    I love strong orangey coloured tea and i find that loose tea doesn't go as strong.

    Other question for you all strong tea folks, is it me or do you have to make your tea in a white / light cup ?? i can't drink a cup of tea unless i can see the colour of it :confused: i think i should go to the quack :eek:
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    whittards sells leaf teas. Months ago I bought a stainless steel pot with strainer from them. It is a heavier type and does a good straining job

  • Thanks squeaky!
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    I have tried lots of ways of brewing loose tea but always reverted back to tea bags.I have tried the balls and stopped using them because the tea was always packed in after swelling in the water. I used a tea pot with an internal strainer but it was a bit big for tea for one. I used a tea pot with a small sieve but that was messy to clean.

    I am back to loose tea after finding a fab strainer with a lid, which works brilliantly well in a mug

    Oh the taste!! lovely!! It is very easy to clean. I notice that the mugs are browner inside after just one cup so there must be something different in loose tea. I am going to buy another one for my DH as it beats the teapot

    Thank you lakeland as I have looked everywhere for a strainer that works and is as easy as a tea bag
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