The Great 'best and worst shop returns policies' Hunt



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    On the High St, I've found Argos fine for quick returns or change of mind though some items are of course excluded.

    I remember returning a chopping board to Selfridges which clearly was not fit for purpose (having already spoken to the manufacturers) and the assistant eventually reluctantly exchanging it as a so called "good will" gesture.
    Erm... Sale of Goods Act ain't based on good will and the whim of an assistant..
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    I've found Figleaves and Land's End to be excellent in dealing with returns. Land's End offer a lifetime guarantee on their clothes, and will even refurbish an old, favourite item!

    Has anyone got a word for a situation I sometimes find myself in - when it would cost more to return the item than it cost? (Come on Martin, you love new words!)
    It applied to a 7Kg bag of potatoes I bought from T___o recently. The quality was truly terrible but the store is 6 miles away.
  • Well I must have had a right result with Morisons then. I bought a set of knives for £45, used my "£5 off on £40 spend" voucher. Then decided I didn't like the knives, so I took them back & asked if I could have my voucher back so I could use it on my shopping. They were unable to do this but as a "goodwill gesture" they refunded another £5 back on to my debit card! (To be fair I'm a good customer as i shop in there on a regular basis!) what a result!!!
  • With food from supermarkets, the product has to have something wrong with it in order for a refund. Morrisons eventually refunded the cost of a bag of vile tasting petis pois. This was given after the Manager got involved.
  • I too have had a bad returns experiences with Comet (a fridge freezer) and found the same unhelpful call centres a problem. In the end I went into the store and complained loudly on the shop floor.

    Also B+Q - they were hostile, unhelpful , patronising and downright rude, despite the fact I had already told them I wanted to return the faulty lawnmower THEN BUY A MORE EXPENSIVE ONE. [shock] They won't be getting any of my money any time soon!

    The other day I returned a blouse to Tesco that had shrank and they were fine, and also I wanted an item refunding that had been scanned in twice. They refunded double the amount! :T :)
    It is only a bargain if you need it!
  • The Lakeland guarantee is probably the simplest guarantee in the world! If you are not satisfied at any time, you receive your money back! This is their promise.

    QVC is the same but limited to 30 days.
    Except around Christmas when it is extended to 30 days after Christmas.

    I find if you smile and ask for help returns are easier especially if you take care with opening and resealing.
    If it looks like it was never opened you rarely have trouble.
    I also keep boxes at least a month.

  • Qvc (online shopping channel) are amazing with their returns. Everything has a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try expensive moisturisers , makeup etc for up to 30 days and then send it back ! Really good no quibble customer service too.
    Moneysaving? - I cant stop spending because of this site!
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    Bought a shirt for my husband from Hurley - designer clothes shops in the north west - for father's day. Although the shirt was the correct size - medium, it was too fitted. Returned it within a week but they would only give vouchers.

    Will never shop there ever again!!!!
  • I bought a couple of items on line from Sports Direct that didn't fit. I took them to my local shop to exchange but they didn't have the size I wanted. They would not give me a refund or a credit note. They said they would exchange for something else but there was nothing that was suitable. Returning them by post would not have been worth it, so I still have them and will try to sell them on ebay.
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    linda1955 wrote: »
    Comet online will not even refund/replace an item that is faulty. I bought a freezer which frosted up within hours of switching on. I reported the fault within a week but Comet simply referred me to the manufacturer, stating that they 'do not have the contracts to deal with faulty items' (whatever that means!). They would not budge, despite me quoting the Sale of Goods Act at them. The call centre advisors would not put me through to a manager and the managers never returned my calls. I also sent numerous emails which went unanswered. In desperation I eventually contacted the manufacturer to arrange a repair (for which I had to take a day off work unpaid). As I expected, the 'repair' made no difference. I informed the manufacturer and they persuaded Comet to send a replacement freezer. The replacement is fine, but it took me 3 months to get it! I am astounded that Comet treats their customers with such contempt.

    I had a bad experience with Comet nearly 20 years ago and never shopped there since. What is the point of shopping there if you cannot return a poor designed or faulty product. 4 me it was a telephone that no one could hear ring loud enough. It was so quite. Comet said it was not faulty so could not return it. I have since then made all purchases with Argos as returns are so easy. Don't return much but I feel recurred to buy there due to their great returns policy.
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