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Organic food in supermarkets

edited 10 October 2012 at 7:25PM in Gone Off!
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  • Kirri wrote: »
    LD - I don't know Pethers, or is that the one with the hot chickens outside?

    Yup, it's the chicken place! I don't go there often, but bought a beef joint there for a mother's day roast for my MIL. Cost £20 but was amazing.
    Edwardia wrote: »
    Richmond.. lovely place but on the Tube from central London it takes longer to get to than from my house to central London - which is pretty daft because I live more than 70 miles outside of London now !

    Ohh, avoid the District Line as much as possible. Much quicker to get the train, under 20 minutes from Waterloo. Even quicker if you're coming up from the south and can change at Clapham.

    And yup, it takes me about the same amount of time to get to work from Zone 3 SW London as it did when I lived in Guildford. Love those fast trains out of London, but love living in London even more. :p
  • I love Laverstoke Park Farm butchers shop in Twickenham. Meat quality is amazing and everything cooked tastes so delicious. It is much better than organic meat bought in supermarkets. Prices are expensive but there is always something you can buy cheaper. For example, organic pork liver 3.50 kg, organic pork leg joint 6.99 £ for kg . Chicken legs are awesome, and soup from them are so delicious that my hubby and son always ask for additional portion. ( we never eat soups from can:)
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  • i was going to say the same thing too.

    get the mainline train from Waterloo.
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    boongiboongi Forumite
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    edited 12 November 2012 at 2:32PM
    Just come across this great thread. Definitely one to subscribe too! We've been organic for this year since my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of last year, we are convinced lifestyle factors are the primary cause so organic just makes sense. Contrary to what I've just read on this thread very little herbicide/pesticide/insectiside/fertiliser can be washed off, and it's most unlikely to be destroyed by the heat from cooking.

    Edwardia wrote: »
    ... Lurpak organic spreadable (so far only found in Ocado)

    My local sainsburys (south east london) stocks organic lurpak spreadable £1.70 for 250g.
    Kirri wrote: »
    Have you seen organic oranges in any of the supermarkets? I am presuming Waitrose may be the only one..

    We get organic oranges (and organic lemons) in sainsburys too.

    Other organic fruit and veg that we regularly buy in sainsburys are bananas, strawberries, pears, apples, grapes, kiwis, spinach, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and blueberries or raspberries for a treat.

    Organic sainsburys cheeses including, mozarella, parmesan, cheddar are all great. Organic dried apricots and figs are nice, and at the moment sainsburys has a third off some 'Crazy Jack' organic dried fruits and nuts. Sainsburys glass jars of organic tomato puree and organic passata are also good.

    Green and Blacks 85% cocoa organic dark chocolate bar and mint chcoolate bar are my preferences as they are the only ones that do not contain the emulsifier soya lecithin.

    For milk we only buy duchy organic milk from waitrose as it's the only supermarket we've seen that sells unhomogenised milk (where the cream rises to the top). Watch out though they also sell their own brand organic milk which is homogenised. (With homogenised milk the tiny undigested fat molecules are free to directly enter your bloodstream directly and cause artery lesions over time.)

    Also from waitrose Clearspring organic soya sauce, (though radioactivity levels since the earthquake and nuclear disaster last year are a slight concern), however that is still preferable compared to brands such as 'naturally brewed' Kikkoman which, while the ingredients all look natural, they fail to tell you how it's produced, probably using petroleum solvents for example.
    Avoid the popular supermarket brands of soy sauce such as Amoy at all costs! see for more information.

    Riverford box scheme is good though doesn't do any substitutions which Abel & Cole do. Their veg is muddier too, though I prefer that as although you need to thoroughly wash it yourself the veg seems to last longer. Riverford milk is unhomogenised too.

    Flahavan's Organic Oats are nice for porridge, bought from waitrose, sainsburys or tesco. Nature's Path Organic Crispy Rice Cereal from waitrose or sainsburys is a favourite with our 4 year old. Can't find any organic shreddies though :(

    Yesterday I bought Grove Organic Apple Juice 1litre as it is on offer at the moment with waitrose for £2.26 I think or even cheaper with ocado if buying 2 for £4.
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Thanks to everyone for all the tips and advice about the train. If I get a slow train I can change at Waterloo yay !

    ASDA is doing Moo organic milk 2 for 1.50 at the moment .. but my local ASDA doesn't stock it of course :(

    If you want to know what a supermarket stocks organic-wise which differs from the availability in your local store, check when not logged in or without putting in postcode or town/store.

    I must be verry lucky cos I've never had a substitution from Abel & Cole and not many from Ocado. We have organic semi-skimmed as skimmed is higher carb and I low carb. Thanks for posting about the homogenisation.

    Personally I'm convinced that eating a lot of soya when veggie pushed me towards diabetes. Organic low carbing is working for me. Sorry to hear about your MIL's cancer boongi.

    I don't eat non-organic food now at all if I can avoid it. However some people will just want to minimise health risks while keeping costs down. I guess that's why programmes like Rip Off Food concentrate on the worst offenders.

    vincenta I would recommend the buffalo it's really good !

    On the way back from my mother's on the train I was watching ASkarsgard vids on YouTube and if you search Alexander Skarsgard EkoMiko Kirri he talks a lot about green energy to a Polish interviewer (interview in English).
  • DustykittenDustykitten Forumite
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    Anybody been able to buy Cloud Nine organic meatballs recently? Our local Sainsbury and the huge one nearby have both stopped stocking them
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  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
    9.2K posts
    Anybody been able to buy Cloud Nine organic meatballs recently? Our local Sainsbury and the huge one nearby have both stopped stocking them

    Googled and it seems the manufacturers Scan Foods have discontinued them :( Grrr I loved these !
  • KirriKirri Forumite
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    Sorry to hear about your MIL Boongi, I hope things improve. Certainly some impressive research into foods there!
    What is soya lecithin bad for? aarrgh more things to avoid!
    I know this is a food thread but have you gone organic on toiletries too? I find them almost more of a concern than the food.

    Morrisons also stock the Lurpak organic. I prefer to use the Yeo Valley organic trying to buy British though.

    Edwardia - interested to hear more about the soya/diabetes link? At the mo as temporary vegan my soya consumption has shot up and have diabetes in the family so keen to learn more about diet related stuff myself.

    Another non food thing but may be of interest, Sainsburys have a lot of Ecover items on offer at the moment.
  • DustykittenDustykitten Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    Edwardia wrote: »
    Googled and it seems the manufacturers Scan Foods have discontinued them :( Grrr I loved these !

    I emailed them and they used to make just for sainsbury and they don't want them any more, disappointed as DS3 loves these and I don't want to buy the bog standard ones.
    The birds of sadness may fly overhead but don't let them nest in your hair
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
    9.2K posts

    organic Weetabix 24s 2.48 (2.99 Waitrose and Ocado)
    Little Angels organic cotton wool pads 50pack 2 for 2.50 (saves 10p)
    Heinz organic biscotti 60g (yummy - like fingers of Rich Tea but useless for dunking) £1 which is cheaper but if your local Lidl stocks they are usually even cheaper
    ASDA organic potatoes 1.5kg 1.50
    ASDA organic long grain rice 500g 1.28
    ASDA organic basmati rice 500g 1.60
    ASDA organic 6 mixed weight eggs 1.70
    ASDA organic chopped tomatoes in tomato juice 400g tin 75p (recommend)
    ASDA organic red potatoes 1.4kg 1.15 on rollback
    ASDA Butcher's Selection organic beef mince 500g 2 for £6
    ASDA organic 4 pints fresh milk whole and semi-skimmed on offer 2 for £3
    ASDA organic spaghetti 500g 95p
    ASDA organic bananas 5 pack 1.37
    ASDA organic lemons 4 pack 1.87
    ASDA organic chick peas/butter beans 400g 64p
    ASDA organic white mushrooms 250g 80p
    ASDA organic onions 500g 94p

    Some really good prices but availability can be a prob
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