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Global nappy shortage fears after factory explosion



  • Naf
    Naf Posts: 3,160 Forumite
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    Oh dear! Now might have a reason to stop being lazy and use the reusables we bought :rotfl:

    We bought reusables, and found them to be useless. Still got them though; perhaps we'll need them.

    These days there is very little economical benefit to reusables over disposables. The initial outlay is horrendous for a start, and you have to buy more & more every 3-6 months. While you may save something in the long run (especially with more than one child); many on benefits would struggle to buy them in the first place.
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  • fawd1
    fawd1 Posts: 715 Forumite
    Make-it-3 wrote: »
    People like to make excuses about the cost and the environmental impact of reusables. I bought 36 terry nappies (£40), a pack of nippers, 3 wraps and made my own fleece liners. I do approx 2 extra washes a week (at 40 degrees using soap nuts) and air dry them indoors on one slim airer. They take about a day to dry at worst (ie this time of year when its not warm, but not yet cold enough for heating to be on).

    Not as much as people like to feel sanctimonious about using reusables.

    I wouldn't have the first clue how to make a fleece liner, or in fact whether it should go on the childs bottom or his head. If you do 2 extra washes a week with 1 (assume from your username you have 1 child), then I would, by logic, have to do 4, each taking a day to dry. In my house with two small bedrooms, 1 reception room. So, really, I should just give up my bathroom entirely, as I can't walk in there anyway with the amount of laundry I already have, may as well put the nappies over the bath. We can wash twice a week. As long as none of the children have had a tummy upset. Then it's once. Damn it to hell, they can wash in the kitchen sink like my grandmother did. She lived to 96 so it didn't do her any harm.:rotfl:
  • kingfisherblue
    My son is 14 and still in nappies (well, pull ups) due to his disabilities. He is doubly incontinent. I don't think I'll be giving up disposables in favour of reusables, even if I could find any large enough (and I have no time, inclination, or intention of making them myself!).
  • VikkiiKawaii
    Nicki wrote: »
    And for those who genuinely can't wash and dry their own nappies, there are also nappy laundering services. For a lot of these, you don't even have to pay the initial cost of purchasing nappies, as the nappies and wraps are provided by the service and used ones are collected at agreed intervals throughout the week and replaced with clean sanitised ones.

    Though I used a fluffy quick dry nappy with a separate outer wrap, and it was virtually dry when it came out of the machine, and used to be completely dry in less than an hour over an airer.

    I can't afford a nappy laundering service!
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  • Nicki
    Nicki Posts: 8,166 Forumite
    I can't afford a nappy laundering service!

    If you use the figures on this site for disposable nappies, a month's worth of disposable nappies costs £48.60 per month.


    And this site (which is the first on a google search) quotes a nappy laundry service as £50 per month (which includes all the nappies you need, nappy bins, etc - so no start up costs at all if you want to use reusables).


    I've done both - disposables exclusively for children 1 and 2, and washables for child 3 - though always bought and washed my own rather than used a service - and whatever the legitimate reasons for not using washables (and there are some) high start up costs or not being able to wash or dry them due to lack of time or space shouldn't really be insurmountable issues if you do use a service like this one.
  • vroombroom
    vroombroom Posts: 1,117 Forumite
    £48 a month for someone else to wash stinky nappies! Sorry but that is really expensive.
    We tried them for a week or so after LO was born and what a faff on to get washed and dried. Pass me a pack of Little Angels nappies anyday!
    :j:jOur gorgeous baby boy born 2nd May 2011 - 12 days overdue!!:j:j
  • fawd1
    fawd1 Posts: 715 Forumite
    Nicki wrote: »
    If you use the figures on this site for disposable nappies, a month's worth of disposable nappies costs £48.60 per month.

    I spend nowhere near £48 per month on nappies. More like 15-20. I buy a bulk box and that usually lasts me at least 5 weeks. They're usually on for about £18.
  • shelley_crow
    shelley_crow Posts: 1,644 Forumite
    We buy a packet of Aldi nappies a week, £4.99 for 44 in ds's size.

    I did buy reuseables when he was a baby but they weren't very good. I sold them poste-haste and haven't looked back.
  • peachyprice
    peachyprice Posts: 22,346 Forumite
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    Nicki wrote: »
    If you use the figures on this site for disposable nappies, a month's worth of disposable nappies costs £48.60 per month.


    Sorry, but those figures are vastly exaggerated, no way would you use 12 nappies on a 0-4 month old or 10 nappies on a 4-6 month old on a regular basis. Perhaps if they had a poorly tum, but not day in, day out, you just wouldn't change nappies every 2 hours 24 hours a day.
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  • masonsmum
    masonsmum Posts: 855 Forumite
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    I use disposable nappies on my 16 month old son, 1 large carry bag of nappies costs me £9.99 and lasts me around 2 weeks!

    Everybody to their own choice, its just so annoying that the reusable hierarchy thinks its ok to critise us that dont make that choice, I work long hours and my busy lifestyle doesnt justify even thinking about reusable nappies.
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