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    Whoohoo shiny new thread, thought I had lost everybody!

    Well tonight I've ordered an undersheet quilted mattress protector and had to buy another pyramid cat bed as one cat has nicked it from the kitten and there has been major stroppy huffs going on!

    *My long coat came :)

    I've been a bit cold on a night and been waking up several times. I was considering another quilt over but I have got a 15 tog now and a fleecey blanket, I should be warm enough you'ld think.
    Need to buy some brushed cotton sheets and quilt sets I think.

    Stay snug x
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    Well I woke about an hour ago feeling cold, with a cold :( Am glad I had stocked up on cold and flu tablets from £land ...will def have to get thicker duvet on for tonight *sniffle. Hopefully will doze off again in a bit once pills start working

    Seems weird talking about preparing for winter when at the same time I'm preparing DS for trip to SAfrica with college, so have just bought him sun cream in sale and ordered cheapo flip flops from @mazon under £2 delivered :cool:
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    Hi everyone

    Hopefully the flu season won't be nasty this year but my GP told me that once you start having the flu jab its a good idea to carry on cos your body will be used to it (not sure whether that means you stand a better chance of catching it once you stop though)

    Boots costs £12.99 and usually have plenty of appointments ( I work on the theory of it costing a couple of hours at minimum pay against losing a couple of weeks work if you do catch it and of course flu can be nasty and knock you sideways for months)

    On this gloomy note I better get ready for work
    Have a good day everyone
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    According to the Express next week is below freezing & Snow.
  • Ellie83
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    MoonJelly wrote: »
    As for winter, I got a microwavable stuffed toy to keep DS warm -he loves it! It doesn't warm up the bed as I had hoped but since DS cuddles it for sleep it keeps him cozy. His feet area is cold so I may have to get a second wheat bag for this, or use a traditional hot water bottle and take it out before he gets into bed.

    I have cold feet too and my mum found me a pair of microwavable slippers at a French market :D It's soooooooo nice!
  • RosiePuddingPaws
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    Good morning
    Can someone please guide me? I read about the bubble wrap on windows. I have a door on the cold, windy side of the house which has two large panes of glass. Should my bubble wrap be the stuff with the big bubbles or the small ones? Which is best (I have found both)?
  • [Deleted User]
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    If anyone needs small fleeces to put behind curtains B & Q have them for £3 and they have cream, soft grey and some bright ones too. DD got one that fitted exactly behind her curtain on a medium window in the dining room without having to do any altering. Cheers Lyn.
  • WantToBeSE
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    Popperwell wrote: »
    Well, as said earlier in the week, got my thermal gloves(with and without fingers)thermal socks, thermal underwear, a gilet but I think that is too cold for winter(more for taking the chill off in the evening)perhaps between spring/summer and summer/autumn. it may nver get used but at least I have one.

    I have various clothes and items for the bed to stay warm. Just found a wollen hat that was knitted for me years ago by an auntie(no longer here)but is still as good as new for outside or indoors.

    But I think that I need to find a scarf and a pair or wellingtons as my next bit of prepping. The wellies seem to be the most difficult to get so far.

    I did not used to bother with flu jabs but with a medical condition and kidney problems they say I should and being alone and no one to care for me, it's not good to get really ill with something like that so hope to get my flu jab on Monday.

    Another task sorted...

    Lidls are doing wellies for £9.99, and also wellie socks for a couple of quid. Its either this week, or next week the deal starts. HTH.
  • WantToBeSE
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    If anyone needs winter boots, these are on offer at cotton traders:

    Was £45, now £22.50
    Will put it on the grabbit board too i think!
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    roddydogs wrote: »
    According to the Express next week is below freezing & Snow.

    Had to admit Roddy, I didn't believe you, so just looked it up and you're right. Eeeeek. I have only just taken delivery of my kitchen that I have saved for, so had planned on using the whole of next week to sort through the house and then the following week to prep for winter. OH has been cutting wood for the fire, and whenever I fill the car up I get 2 bags of coal, so we should have enough fuel. I want to try to avoid using central heating where poss. We had the insulation topped up over the summer as advice has changed in the 10 yrs the house has been built.

    Can't do much today until the plumber has been and plumber in the sink, washing machine etc. but the thought of a long cold winter is galvanising me. X
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    ( well that hasn't happened!!!)
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