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Orange 'Free' Broadband

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  • Eva49Eva49 Forumite
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    I received my email this morning, no letter yet, informing me as I was no longer a contract customer ect ect my free BB ceases 17/10/2012.
    Been with orange since 2006 on contract with free BB, prior to that was with wanadoo and still use the wanadoo livebox today, the orange modem resides still boxed in the cupboard.
    My offer was free BB for 'life', which orange interpreted 'for as long as I retained my contract phone with them they would provide free BB.'
    Never renewed my contract without checking BB was inclusive.
    Like the rest of you, I too have spent approx 1.5hrs in telephone conversation with BB dept. and mobile phone dept. each blaming the other but in actual fact getting nowhere.They each informed me my BB was a separate contract which it was not.
    Bottom line is, I told them they were in breach of contract (renewed mine 5months ago for 2yrs) and that I wanted nothing further to do with orange, only reason I stayed was because of the BB making the deal very attractive! Of course they informed me I couldn't do that, told them they could take me to court! Interestingly, he said he didn't think they would do that.
    I am of the opinion I have a rolling 12month contract with BT, which would mean I am unable to change line rental until Feb 2013; having finished my conversation with them, they then called me back and offered me a credit on my account to the tune of £80 something (I wasn't really listening as the red mist had descended) to cover me till Feb 2013, ie free BB until they get the line rental; they are calling me tomorrow for my decision!
    This for me, is of course financial, but more a point of principal.
    I was given an email address to make contact with their executive dept.

    [email protected]

    Personally, I consider they are in breach of contract, whether that is correct in law I am not sure? but I will force the issue.
    I will of course do as others have suggested via Offcom
    One final point to make, I do still have a contract which was sent to me in July 2006 with the new modem, but, was told no need to return it as the BB formed part of my mobile contract!
    I am now being told the exact opposite!
  • sjlmlksjlmlk Forumite
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    Eva49, My contract was the same as yours "for life" AS LONG AS I HAD A MONTHLY MOBILE PLAN.I managed to get a name and e-mail address from them it is
    [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
    I have also sent an e-mail to BBC Watchdog, I don't think this will do much but it must be worth a try.
  • Eva49Eva49 Forumite
    554 posts
    Have emailed using your posted address and at the will come back and post if I get any response.
    Have also messaged OFCOM and will be opening a formal complaint with Orange

    Will keep you informed as and when
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    KarentcbKarentcb Forumite
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    Like many other I have been with Wanadoand and Freeserve for as long as I can remember. Been on an Orange contract since 2005 and on PAYG before that. Initially I tookout the took out the contract purely because I would receive free BB for as long as I had a contract with them.
    Each time my contract was up for renewal I always made sure that the free BB was still included. I am not a big user so free BB was more important for me.
    I am currently midway through a 24 month contract andrecently received a text message from Orange ‘Best Plan’ asking me to contact them. I telephoned them on Wednesday (at this point I had not yet received the letter or email)and was offered a cheaper tariff. Apparently I am a valued customer who they acknowledge has been with them for many years. I asked several times about the free BB and wasassured my BB would still be free as it was only the tariff that had changed. Everything else including the length of contract remained the same.
    I received my letter on Thursday. Talk about give with onehand and take with the other. The agent I spoke to on Wednesday must have knownthat these letters had been sent.
    I have telephoned Orange and spoke to various people in customer services in both the mobile and BB departments without success. Being transferred back and forth and even being cut off at one point. Eventually I spoke to someone who did seem tohave some sympathy for me as a customer but he was unable to do anything. If I don’t take up the offer in the letter my broadband will be cut off. I explained that I am currently part way through a call plan with BT so would be unable to take up Orange’s offer even if I wanted to and was told that BT charge a cancelation fee of £5 per month and I should weigh this up against the benefits with Orange. Obviously done their homework. I said that I would need to check with BT how I stood and that I would call back. He said that he would call me and promised to ring me back on Saturday afternoon. Needless tosay he did’nt.
    I am extremely disappointed with Orange and wonder what next. We had a price increase earlier in the year now this. It’s not like I can go anywhere else at the moment because as the agent pointed out I am unable to cancel my contract as I have another 12 months to run. If I able take up this new offer (once I have checked with BT) that would tie me in for another 18 months by which time my phone contract will be up for renewal which will probably be another 24 months and so on and so on.
    I shall also be writing to Orange Customer Services to complain and will also register a complaint with Ofcom. Not sure if it will help but hopefully if enough of us write and complain they may back down. I just hope we get an answer fairly soon or I guess I will have no choice but to signup for this new Orange Line rental.
  • Eva49Eva49 Forumite
    554 posts
    Today I phoned Ofcom Tel: 0300 123 3000

    They provided me with a case number, and the following telephone no for Orange Executive Office = 0800 0790 134

    Orange Executive Office have 48 hours to respond as per agreement with Ofcom.

    NB Ofcom are aware of this issue and are looking into it; they also advised, the executive office will not be helpful unless you have a Case Number to quote.

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  • Ofcom reference: 1-216532137
    28 August 2012
    Dear Mr C********

    Thank you for completing a web form on 24 August 2012 about Orange's decision to withdraw free broadband to customers who had a mobile phone contract of over £30 a month.

    While all providers will reserve the right to vary their contracts, Ofcom regulations are in place for protecting consumers. If consumers are being notified of a change which is likely to cause them material detriment, the provider must, under Ofcom regulations, give them one month's notice of the change and inform them that they are entitled to terminate their contract without penalty if the change is not acceptable to them. As regards whether material detriment occurs, this depends on the particular nature and circumstances of the variation at issue. It would be for a consumer to pursue with their provider if a price change will cause a significant increase in their bills (and thus a material detriment) and can leave their contract without penalty.

    Although Ofcom cannot become involved in individual complaints, I can confirm that we have made a formal record of your concerns. In addition, I would like to supply you with advice on how to take your complaint forward.

    If you have already contacted Orange and feel you have been dealt with unreasonably, you should ask them to take your complaint to a higher level within the company. Advise Orange it should be dealt with in line with the procedure in their customer complaints code

    While the final stage in Orange's complaints procedure is submitting a dispute to an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme, please note they are unable to consider complaints about the fairness of price increases generally. However, where a customer has concerns that Orange has not followed the procedure to introduce such a price increase, the ADR scheme may be able to consider this on a case by case basis.

    Orange is a member of the Communications and Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) for the purpose of ADR. CISAS is a free and independent service for residential and small business customers, and can consider a complaint once it has reached 'deadlock' or has been ongoing for over 8 weeks. Additionally, Orange must abide by their decision but you can reject this and seek legal advice if you remain unhappy. CISAS can be contacted at:

    International Dispute Resolution Centre
    70 Fleet Street
    EC4Y 1EU

    Phone: 020 7520 3814

    I hope the above information is useful.

    Yours sincerely
    S***** P****
    Consumer Contact Team

    I know it states they can give you a months notice but a increase of £14.60 line rental a month is a significant increase to my monthly payments to orange (if i go along with it that is). And i don`t care if they keep telling me i`m paying this already with BT and it will not cost me anymore a month maybe not but my monthly payments to orange will go up from £36 a month to £50.60 a month.
  • lisa76lisa76 Forumite
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    I had the email as well and have just got off the phone to a chap in Glasgow. I explained that I have just signed a 12 month deal with my landline with Primus and I am not prepared to lose my £99 up front fee paid in order to go with Orange landline rental. He put me on hold (supposedly to talk to someone) and came back with his 'best offer' as I'm a 'loyal customer' for simply broadband package at £13.50 per month.
    I said that I was very disappointed that after all these years (18 years Orange customer) that I was being treated like this. I am stuck in a mobile contract until next July (which I was conned into by Get Connected - another issue) but carried it on because of my free broadband.
    I explained that I know there are much better mobile deals around and that they will be losing my custom as soon as I am able. He tried to get around me by saying that my internet speed will be the same with any other company (currently rubbish imo at 1.5) and that I should carefully consider my options.
    I am soooo angry!!! I have fired off my complaint to OFCOM and will copy the template to Orange and send it off tomorrow. I will also be writing to Watchdog and X-Ray (Welsh consumer complaints programme) and give them as much bad publicity as possible.
    Arrggghhh like I can afford another bill at the moment!!!!
  • Reading it all through and checking the rather ambiguous T&C's the conflict seems to arise over the following points.
    Point Six of the T&C's
    6. If you are on an Eligible Tariff the Offer will be applied to your account for the period you remain on an Eligible Tariff.
    17. Orange reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time on
    reasonable notice.
    18. Orange reserves the right to replace, amend or withdraw this Offer on reasonable

    The Question hinges on what is reasonable?
    As with many others we too have recently renewed and are only a third of the way into the contract.
    The only reason we renewed was to keep the free broadband.
    Surely "reasonable" would be to allow all of us to finish our "eligable" contracts and then withdraw the offer.
    This will mean that we have more than 55 days to re-organise our affairs, instead of being painted into a corner where we are forced to either leave or swap to Orange for Line rental.
    I will not be swapping to them due to a nightmare I had a few years ago when they moved me on false promises.
    I personally have requested under the data protection act a full copy of ALL files and audios in order to get my ducks in a row.
    This will take 40 days on its own.
    I would suggest that all folk in the same position request the same as it is a great way to dot the i's and cross the t's when arguing who said what 6 years ago and also may give Orange an idea of the aggravation they are putting people through.
    I recently changed broadband provider for my mother (AOL mis billing for 10 years, £500.00 ex gratia payment won.) and although it went quite smoothly it still involved me wasting my time to get a job done, that had they run their business properly, did not need to be done.
    I will ask those with real legal knowledge if the "Offer" (that their Customer services insist was NOT part of the contract, but was withdrawable if I terminated my contract) does not after six years actually become an implied part of the contract?
    I'll finish with a quote from Bruno Duarte then head of broadband services from the Guardian 26/10/2011.
    "Our objective is to get to a point where we are no longer ashamed of what we are doing to our customers – or, to put it positively, where we are proud of what we are doing to our customers," said Duarte.
    Way to go Bruno
  • I've just received said letter today myself, proper inconveniencing at a time when bills just seem to keep stacking up:(
  • dfurndfurn Forumite
    118 posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts
    I also am an Orange Mobile customer who only recently renewed my mobile contract as I got free broadband. Oddly not had a letter or email from them yet. Just thinking though about the OFCOM route for complaints and wondering if it'll help.

    As others have commented if Orange want to stop my free broadband then I'd see them as having varied the terms and conditions of my mobile contract and hence I should have the right to walk away from that with no cancellation fee. I wonder if this last question is something which is an issue to do with varying the costs (and benefits) of a contract and would more be an item for legal challenge? Ultimately is it not for Orange to say they have not varied the contract and hence I can't cancel without a fee, it's for a court to decide. I'm not saying people should not complain to OFCOM, but going to CISAS then quickly on to a court might get the result we'd need. Orange would never want the bad publicity of a legal challenge, I dare say.

    I like Gadgetmaster's complaint letter by the way, nicely written.
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