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£7.00 per week - menu ideas



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    BB thank you for that menu plan :)

    I'm looking at ways to cut my food costs and that has definetly give me (excuse the pun) food for thought :)
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    debtmess wrote: »
    After now reading the rest of the thread Butterfly Brain you will have honestly helped me out :) I do not get the time to come on here anywhere as much as I used. Today I have so I can start saving a little here n there ready for September.

    Just remember that the menu plan is for two people, if any one wants a family plan I will try and get one done for four people around £14 -£15 x
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    I feel really bad, I'm a lurker and always 'thank' posts, but never have chance to actually reply. Mother to two young children, not a newbie but i hardly ever post as you can see :( I literally read and run after the kids, I'm going to make a huge effort to try and post more often now :) you guys have helped me more than I can say, I read this thread from the moment OP posted and found the last line rather strange 'I thought you MSE'ers liked a challenge', just seemed rather rude to me and not at all in desperation, more patronising.
    BUT...I have really benefited from the reply's, particularly Butterflys. :T You NEVER know who might be reading that needs this information, please dont stop just because there are some very rude, ungrateful and sometimes downright fraudulent people out there. And i'd LOVE to see a second menu!
  • hjanea
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    Thankyou BB, I'm not on too tight a budget but I might try your week during the school hols so that I have some extra money for days out with my DD!!
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    So sorry I've not been able to reply. I've been having password issues and had to get help from the MSE tech team. I have been reading the unbelieving posts and been getting really stressed being unable to reply to say THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    That menu is fantastic BB!

    I am new to this forum and said the bit about MSEs enjoying a challenge as I was trying to make a fairly miserable post a bit more light-hearted as I thought more people would post that way. Sorry.

    A bit of background (this will out me if you know me but if I get help I don't care):

    I am a final year medical student with a husband who works and an 8 month old daughter. I had to have my daughter earlier than I'd planned to have children, due to a medical condition that I have making it likely that I will be infertile as I get older. Hence why I had her during uni.

    I had to take time out of my studies to have treatment/surgery for my medical condition and then to have my daughter.

    I restarted my final year in June and, despite me applying at the earliest possible opportunity and providing all requested documentation, NHS bursaries have mucked me around and are now saying that they won't even look at my application until November! I have complained and a 'superior' is calling me tomorrow.

    In the meantime, as my course is full-time, my daughter is in full-time uni nursery costing £785 pre month (with discount applied). I also have to have a car due to long commuting distances to different hospitals at irregular hours. Petrol cost is killing me.

    Anyway, over the time I've been ill and pregnant our finances have got worse and worse. We had to take out a £3000 loan to pay for a £700 car repair and the first few months of nursery. DH's wage does not cover nursery.

    So, anyway, we have £12.20 in the bank until 31st (need petrol etc as well) but basically as soon as my husband's pay goes into the bank it ALL goes out again, we will have NO money for food next month until NHS bursaries pay us. I have applied for a crisis loan form uni (early last week) but they've not got back to me yet.

    I have however found £30.00 in the bottom of a draw and, thanks to MSE, discovered I have £42.00 worth of Tesco clubcard vouchers.

    My wonderful mum has emptied her store cupboard for me (I had a few things) and bought loads of baby food.

    So, I have: Pasta, rice, 1x tin chopped toms, 3 x heinz soup, 1x jar pasta sauce, oil, butter, one chunk of cheese, 2xtin mackerals, assorted pickles.

    My nearest supermarkets (in walking distance) are Aldi and Lidl, there is an Asda a 2 min drive away.

    I've tried the children's centre but they have been no help :-(

    Thank you so much for all your help so far. Would love to see the next week BB.

    Role on graduation and a paid doctor job!
  • craigywv
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    hello chunkys mum well thats that all sorted have a look at the meal plans bb and qt did for u and u should be ok,i think u can go to your local jobcenter for a loan ...i think i not too sure but maybe worth a try, also why dont u ebay the babies clothes as outgrowing them, i know my son wore some things once if at all and many people would buy them on ebay. i cant believe the price u pay for childcare is there not a private childminder near u as it seems an awful lot to pay for it also working tax credits on your hubbys wage draws in childminding credits check EVERYTHING out!! the people on this thread and on many other threads are great( try out the grocery challenge lovely peeps on there too). hope it works out for u.
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  • quintwins
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    did your mum buy baby food or did you? if you did i would suggest you don't buy anymore, grab a bag of food bags and some value carrots, spuds and a turnip (your talking £3 at the very most) cook it all up and mash it like you would your spuds and freeze in portions, i never bought jars for my youngest i made all my own, i would go shopping on a sunday once a month and get enough reduced veg to last night the month, i also made pureed apples for him from value ones but they've got so dear, if you can get reduced ones do this and freeze it aswell (if you have pots it's so much easier poundland are good for these but bags work just aswell) i know jars are always on offer but they are still expensive, a box of own brand ready brek at £1, £5 of fruit and veg and a few bananas at £2 and a few yogurts (or make your own in the slowcooker which is even better the ones aimed at kids have alot of sugar, you can freeze your hm yogurt aswell or it keeps around a week in teh fridge) will feed your baby for a month easy.

    If your mum bought them smile, say thank you, give her a hug and hope she does it again :p
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  • Chunkysmum
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    My Mum bought them, I'd normally give my daughter some of what we're eating but as the food we can currently afford is not the most well nutritionally balanced my Mum had bought the jars.

    Oh, she's also given me loads of herbs & spices.
  • prepareathome
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    Chunkysmum its nice to be proved wrong so glad you came back and explained and you have found such wonderful people here to help you ( not me I know I just act all suspicious sorry).

    I hope you accept my apology as I am I hope never to proud to say I was wrong......

    Can't you get Child Tax Credit have you checked? As ok when bursary pays out you might not be entitled but until then you might be.

    Good luck with your career.
    Need to get back to getting finances under control now kin kid at uni as savings are zilch

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    Oh I am so embarrassed :o and I do apologise, I am really not that sceptical normally, and will gladly help anyone in need. It didn't help having a smart @rse putting his/her two penny's worth in though re spam :(.

    We forget when we were newbies and had problems with the log in.
    I am so glad that this has been cleared up.

    The trouble is this government and their cuts have caused us to suspect them cutting benefits to the bone even more than they are now and picking our brains to say Oh yes it is possible blahblahblah :mad::mad:

    I will post the second menu in the next day or two.

    If after you log in you tick the box that says keep me logged in, you should have no trouble and "remember password" helps as well. ( I wouldn't do it on any other site though).

    Do you live in London because I can't believe how much you are having to pay for child care :eek: Is there anyone who could maybe help out by having your DD for a few days a week just to bring the costs down?
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