How to ask for optional service charge 12.5% to be taken off?



  • Jew
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    So many wrong assumptions and false claims in your post. It seems you misunderstood pretty much everything I've been saying to you. Plus, I hate to sound like a broken record, it's full of passive aggressive elements (maybe you should read up about what that is).

    I would have to respond to practically every sentence, and at this point, you're not talking about the subject matter anymore: just your need to enlarge things that aren't there, for example, "a major tactic of yours" — LOL, I've used it twice in one thread. Hardly can be defined as a "tactic".

    Overall, it's ironic that it is actually you who is dissecting what I've said and trying to draw some greater conclusions about who I am what makes me tick. Out of 5 pages, I questioned 2 posters, both of whom (coincidentally) had made few posts in the past, and you're now talking like you have everything figured out — ironic that you brought this term up yourself, but that's exactly what I'd call anecdotal evidence.

    Maybe give my stuff a re-read one day, and then we can resume a discussion.

    Plus, you sure do claim to know a lot about forum etiquette and how things are on MSE for someone with so few posts ;)
  • Jew
    Jew Posts: 276 Forumite
    edited 11 September 2012 at 6:54PM
    Having read a great many of your posts on this thread, a major tactic of yours seems to be to attempt to strengthen your argument by questioning the right of others to have an opinion at all, by suggesting that they are imposters.

    ROFL! So, first you claim I've done that to 2 users (yourself included), and later, after analyzing the "great many" of my posts, you say that it's a "major tactic" of mine.
    So either you are exaggerating, or you are saying that we are liars. I suspect the former.

    You suspect the former? But I thought your whole argument here was that I am allegedly calling you liars. Talk about picking and choosing whatever fits your argument at the time...
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