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    Robinette wrote: »
    Good luck!! This is what I meant by 'a breath of fresh air' - a company that is always accessible and genuinely cares about its freelancers. Other companies should take note!

    The article I was given for my trial is exactly the type I enjoy writing. I love that they ask for a full list of subjects/type of things you like to write and the trial was one of my faves. Not sure I should enjoy writing that much lol.

    Waiting for it to be reviewed now :)

    Ali x
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  • LucyxxLucyxx Forumite
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    I'm really interested in joining Textbroker, I enjoy writing, and it seems like a legit company for a change!

    I've stumbled at the first hurdle of joining, what does the VAT box mean? It gives you the option of I am not authorised, I am authorised (company) or something I think in German quoting (€19). Does anyone know which to choose? I might be just having a thick day and can't work it out :o

    Also when it says Expertise, is that just your interests? Or do you have to have actual expertise in those areas :o

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  • Holla folks,

    So I have a question about Textbroker - I had to change my payment method from Paypal (C**TS) to my bank account; international payments and all that jazz.

    I am a customer of Lloyds and they released payment last friday and still have not been paid as of yet - I am sure this has been asked before, but I just wanted to see if anyone knew how long international payments usually take in the UK.

    Would also be interested to hear about the other group mentioned above.
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