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  • Thanks for the help Nifty. I've looked at that link and it says for 29 euros i get 19.does it mean 19 euros credit? Where does the other 10 euros disappear?

    Yes, it is credit.

    Do you expect them to procure the card for you and to top it up for you for nothing??

    I imagine the SIM is 10€ with 5€ credit. If you purchase and top up in May, you get 50% extra with your first top up. So for a 20€ outlay you should have 20€ of credit, not 19€.... if you get the card yourself whilst in Spain.
    The extra +4€ of credit is promotional credit and lasts for 30 days after activation.

    You can send an email to them to ask about the 50% extra with the first top up, before purchasing the card.

    So you should have 24€ of credit for the 29.90€.

    The rest is costs and profit with reference to the company from which you choose to order. If you don't want to pay that, get one when you arrive in Spain.
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    So do these sims block tethering? I must admit I didnt know this was possible - I thought the tethering just came from the phone end so the network has no idea what the phone is doing.

    Here in the uk I just set my samsung galaxy android up as a wifi acess point and it works fine.
    Cymru am Byth !!! :j:j:j
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    Hi - have just purchased a sim card from simcardspain as previous links (thank you) to use in my mifi unit when I go to Lanzarote next month. On the website it states you have to call a number to activate it, but further down the page it says it is delivered and ready to use in Spain. Can anyone confirm which is correct as I am not intending to put it in my iphone - just to use the internet whilst I'm away. Thanks in advance.

    Out of interest how did you get on with the SIM card and the mifi unit? I've recently bought a mifi unit and will be using it in Tenerife in a few weeks time for the first time. Buying a sim card prior to going seems ideal. Thanks in advance.
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    Beware: Bought an orange mundo payg over in spain. Internet was fine - tethering was blocked.

    Even asked in the store first and they said it'd work. Eventually went to orange shop and they admitted payg block tethering.
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    There are many options, operator prices vary a lot, anyway, for short stays (haha not so short) of up to 15 days there is a free high speed option called freeclick. Its fast (up to 21Mbps) and completely free but limited to 15 days. Its sponsored by local authorities (mainly local tourist offices) and private sponsors like Red Bull. Price ? Zeeeeeero
    Oops, have to be tourist, non spanish (foreign passport).
    Also info at youtube at freeclick free internet spain

    This look like a scam to get your passport details for identity theft:

    Also if you look at the site profile section of the following:

    You will see the domain is up for sale.

    So it looks like they don’t expect to be around too long.


    Pedroso did you join this forum to make one advertising post to promote this scam?

    Are you part of the scam?

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    You can get free WiFi in cafes and restaurants in Spain. But if you want 24/7 access to the internet probably the best value for money is to buy a Tuenti SIM.

    I wrote about this here last year:

    And I thought I would give an update. I’ve been playing around with VoIP and found it doesn’t work that well in Spain. It looks like the ISP’s might be doing things to deliberate degrade it, presumable to force you to use their expensive phone system. There are a lot of clicks and sound break-up even though the speed of the connection is good. And that’s on WiFi, Tuenti completely blocks standard VoIP.

    But one thing I have found that works is Viber. It worked perfectly on WiFi and Tuenti 3G, although it does look like there are some privacy issues with it.

    It’s a bit creepy to think of all my calls being monitored by Mossad and if there were an alternative that worked I would switch but at the moment I don’t know of a trustworthy alternative.

    The word press artical does give an alternative to Viber called rebtel.

    Unfortunally I didn't find out about this until after my last trip to Spain so I can't say if it works but I will try it on my next trip and report back.

    I don’t know how Viber are doing it and have asked a question here but am still waiting for a response.!topic/csipsimple-users/1xw7bNOnhUU

    If you buy a Tuenti SIM on-line you will need a Spanish address to have the card sent to and you will need to send a scan of your passport. This is a legal requirement for Spain. You can buy one here. Although the site is in Spanish.

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    Shiver wrote: »

    Before a recent visit to Mallorca I ordered a VODAFONE YU SMART 8 SIM from and it arrived in the UK within a few days.

    On arrival I popped the SIM in my phone and sent off the code for the 'Smart 8' 500MB deal and all worked fine. Tested throughput in Santa Ponsa and was seeing 4-5 meg downloads.

    The deal includes 20 texts & 20 minutes to Spanish Nos but I never used any of these. For some reason I was able to make something like a hundred 'free' texts to UK mobiles and those of friends on holiday with us.

    Cheers - Andy

    Just got back from Santa Ponsa (31st July 2014)

    I too needed a data SIM whilst I was out there for a MIFI device (no wifi in the villa we were renting).

    On the main road from the taxi rank to the Eroski Supermarkets you can find Movistar, Vodaphone, Orange and Yoigo shops, they always seemed to be closed (maybe I was going around there at the wrong times??), although I did get to talk with the Yoigo sales person once who wanted 45 euros for a data SIM pack, I gladly smiled and walked out.

    At the top of the road are the two Eroski supermarkets, in there you can buy Lebara SIM cards, I bought a SIM with 1GB valid for 30 days for 7.50 euros. BARGAIN,

    It came in the large SIM format (although you could push the centre of the SIM out to give you the micro SIM size)

    All I had to do was change the APN on my MIFI device to the one shown on the instructions and bingo I was up and running. Signal was good, speeds seemed fine too,

    A few simple things to do before you go, ensure your auto app updater is switched off, no real need to up date apps whist using this SIM, wait till you get to an bar / restaurant and use their data, also keep the you-tube / facetime / movie streaming off as this to will eat that 1GB up in no time.

    It was fine to send a few emails, send a few photos via whatsapp, check the football transfers out etc.

    One thing to note is you will need to take your passport with you to get a SIM, new law in Spain I was told.

    Would I use Lebara again - YES
  • I currently live in Spain and used to use a prepaid provider - Digi Mobil. They have a plan Digi 400 which gives 400 mins free and a 1000 texts for €10 per month. A data option of 200mb per €2 is a bolt-on. Extra data is available in 200mb increments and can be purchased direct from your phone provided you have credit in your online account. I found it a bit expensive for longterm use, but ideal for people visiting me who needed online communication. Once your month is up there is no "auto top up" unless you want it.
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    I'm going to Lanzarote (Playa Blanca) for 5 weeks soon and having read this thread am thinking that the Orange Ballena might be the best SIM. Does anyone know if tethering is allowed and is a nano SIM available? If tethering isn't allowed I'll need to buy a mifi device, but I would rather just use my iPhone if possible.

    Another option is Lebara, does anyone know about their tethering rules in Spain and whether they allow VOIP?

    I've just seen that tethering from an iPhone on Orange isn't allowed, neither is VOIP (I'm not allowed to post link but it is wikia prepaid with data ), can anybody confirm or deny this?

    Finally, please can anyone recommend a deal that allows tethering from an iPhone, VOIP and at least 1GB internet for use in Lanzarote.

    Much appreciation for any help given.
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