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  • Byatt
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    The Wrecking Ball:

    I realise there's nothing I would save except for my dog and fish. Having lost so much, losing stuff would not upset me, which is an odd realisation in view of the clutter and getting stuff.

    I had a realisation some years ago when I was married, and that was the stuff I had would mean nothing if we weren't a family any more. The stuff was of value because it was representative of my view of our family. (which as it turned out was flawed, but that's for another time). When ex left, I got rid of most of the stuff from the marriage.
  • wannabe_sybil
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Absolutely streaming with cold, sore throat, runny tummy, sick last night...

    Still feel good that I have just got rid of a bin sack full from the junk room :D

    Reason for posting - does anyone know where would accept worn and elderly blankets made from crocheted squares?

    Blankets have been a weakness of mine for years. I think it represents the warmth and security of wrapping them round you. I will never get rid of some of the blankets, but these can go. But to where? NB they are not pristine condition so couldn't be unravelled for the very small scraps of yarn they contain.

    And I threw out a half finished cross stitch that I hadn't touched since long before little bear was born and he is now five!
    Ankh Morpork Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons - don't let my flame go out!
  • Byatt
    Byatt Posts: 3,496 Forumite
    Sybil, pet rescue places might want them, also if offered on feeg!e you might get takers as they are useful for pets. I've seen old blankets and towels offered. :)
  • blossomhill_2
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    edited 4 July 2012 at 10:37AM
    Another thing that has been helping me to declutter is to move the stuff to a different place to sort it - if I stand in front of the little pile of "things" that always accumulates at the corner of the worksurface, I can reduce it (slightly) but never clear it, but I repeat the effort

    If I put it on a tray and take it elsewhere - magic happens!
    Remembering that the definition of stupidity/(insanity) is "doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results", I make a concious effort to do it smarter, not stupidly

    Sitting on a high stool for a while instead of the sofa helps too, different viewpoint, different perspective, better result. Setting up a temporary "sorting station" - in my case ironing board - helps

    Taking it outside IF it's sunny, and sitting on patio to do it, helps

    PS - If this thread has helped you see things differently, please thank Post #1 - 92 have so far, let's make it a ton!
    You never know how far-reaching something good, that you may do or say today, may affect the lives of others tomorrow
  • alec_eiffel
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    I agree with Byatt, anywhere to do with animals should take them. We used to sell a ton of old blankets and towels to people with dogs and horses - any large blankets will go down well with horse owners, we had people asking for them every week.
  • lostinrates
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Re thanks...i have thanked several times and my thanks keep not sticking on some posts. Its extremely frustrating as i am a prolific thanker!
  • calicocat
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    Well my flat is an utter tip.

    I am off work now for around 11 days and was meant to be sorting tidying and throwing out , but instead have been lardarsing on sofa since 7.30 and absolutely zero motivation to do anything .:mad:
    Last week I bought some of those vaccum bags to save space and they have been cluttering up the coffee table for days. I need to do something as I am dog-sitting tomorrow and the place is an embarrasment at the moment !
    Over the next few days I was wondering if the best plan is to do it room by room going through every drawer/cupboard etc to do a proper de-richard rather than quick fixes.....if I can muster up the motivation. This will take qiute some time but would be worth it in the long run....I think.at the moment however I am just lying here looking at it all.:(
    Yep...still at it, working out how to retire early.:D....... Going to have to rethink that scenario as have been screwed over by the company. A work in progress.
  • Mayflower10cat
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    RE; old towels/terry nappies - try your local veterinary practice; ours takes them for bedding etc.
  • kandfs_mam wrote: »
    Aw hugs to you jojo. I take it you have managed to keep away and let her wallow? Stay strong doll. x

    I have indeed. I daresay there is some convoluted story about my absence which doesn't involve rakes jumping up in the air, spinning round and smacking me one :cool:. But I don't care enough to find out.

    I took advantage of a gift voucher today and used it to buy 60l of cat litter and 6kg of cat crunchies, then as I had use of a car, bought a largish box of soap powder and a bunch of cat food pouches. All perfectly reasonable expenses, especially when I detest shopping so much.

    But I still felt a bit worried it would be hoarding stuff - and when I found out the soap powder won't fit in the cupboard under the sink once it's been opened, I really wasn't happy.

    Ah well. I survived. And really must get off my behind and put up the towel rail and kitchen blind I keep on putting off.
    I could dream to wide extremes, I could do or die: I could yawn and be withdrawn and watch the world go by.
    colinw wrote: »
    Yup you are officially Rock n Roll :D
  • wannabe_sybil
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Jo Jo - first thank you again for starting this thread.

    re soap powder. I get the humungous boxes from Makro. I put a manageable amount in a plastic box and scoop from that. The rest I decant into sandwich bags, shoved into whatever space fits. This stops it clumping together etc keeps dust out and helps me manage the area by the washing machine. Perhaps you could put the powder in bags back in the box and store it on its side? hth

    Trust me - it isn't hoarding. A month ago I felt inspired and ended up throwing a huge amount of well-past-sell-by-date tins and packet food :o:o:o:o . Not only wasn't it fit, but if I hadn't used it by then, when was I going to use it? It doesn't sound like that, it sounds like sensible purchasing strategy. You are saving shopping!

    Lots of hugs for having to occasionally worry about Her, but she has long since lost any right for your kindness.

    I've just got rid of some cardboard boxes (easily replaced from local shops/approved food orders) and I've also relocated some Christmas paper. If I have it all in one place then I know where it is and I don't have to buy any more. I buy generic gold stuff in the sales so it does for birthdays etc as well. :o:o:o I have a lot but not ready to throw it out as I think it will all be used, plus there is a designated spot. The trick (for me) is to find a home for something so that I always know how much I have actually got and don't then go silly buying things when I don't need to. Once I have 'homes' and 'systems' I can usually control that bit.

    Thanks for all the tips re the blankets - there is an RSPCA shop in town, and I can drop off there, probably Friday when I next get a daily ticket.

    Good luck to everyone.
    Ankh Morpork Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons - don't let my flame go out!
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