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Help with Birthday cake

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lyns_2lyns_2 Forumite
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Hi All
I hope you can help me.
It's my sons 2nd Birthday on saturday and i promised my other children we would make him a cake.
The problem is i can't cook :-[ i only have 2 15 inch trays and 2 small round tins and can't afford to buy any more.
It sounded like a good idea at the time and i don't want to let them down
Number 4 due 21st jan


  • jo_b_2jo_b_2 Forumite
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    Have a look at this thread about a train shaped birthday cake.;action=display;num=1092794911;start=5#5

    It might give you some ideas if nothing else. Good luck!
  • Yoga_GirlYoga_Girl Forumite
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    Could you make a basic sponge cake mixture and use all the cake tins you've got, then once its cooked you could cut it into shapes and have lots of mini birthday cakes? You could decorate them differently, the older children would love helping with that, eg cover some with icing, get some things to sprinkle on the top etc. You could put a candle in them as well.

    My son got upset when I brought out his birthday cake, the candle frightened him! I'd spent ages on it as well! All my hard work resulted in tears!

    Good luck, I think at 2 your son will love whatever you do!
  • Use the 15 inch trays or a roasting tin if you have one and make up an amount of chocolate sponge, get a recipe for a tray bake cake if possible. top it with chocolate spread and put on either chocolate shavings and maltesers or load it with 'penny' sweets! The kids register sweets and will talk about that cake for ages!
  • jo_b_2jo_b_2 Forumite
    7.1K posts
    It's my son's second birthday on Saturday as well! Just thought I'd share that with you all. :)
  • lyns_2lyns_2 Forumite
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    Thanks for all you're help i love this site ;D
    jo-b happy birthday to you're little one. :)
    When we call my Father in law in New York to tell him he had a Grandson he was over the moon until we told him the date we have not heard from him since
    Number 4 due 21st jan
  • mink35mink35 Forumite
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    You could cheat and buy pack of 12 fairy cakes, join together in a long line, cover with green buttercream, use sweeties to make patterns/feet/eyes/antenna etc, hey presto a caterpillar! Did this for my son when he was little and he loved it. Then again he did like creepy crawlies, lol. ;D
  • cathy_3cathy_3 Forumite
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    If hes only two he wont be fussy

    the train idea is a good one

    you could even make the body out of a swiss roll buy the roll out icing and cover it with that stick another swiss roll in front but on its end for the funnel thingy
    you could cut the sides in to make it shaped like a funnel

    or you could make a lorry, big oblong for body cut circles out for the wheels stick them on with jam

    or just cut bits out of a cake and put them together in the shape of a number two and ice it .
  • Chris25Chris25 Forumite
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    ...........or you could cut out a figure '2', decorate it with smarties and use the left over sponge to make a sherry trifle for the grown ups.
  • 1601199616011996 Forumite
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    i made a castle one year with four swiss rolls on end in the middle, and fairy cakes round the side, made green icing and poured it over and stuck jelly bats and creepy crawlies over it to make it look haunted.
  • jaybeejaybee Forumite
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    I have used old baked bean tins (the small half-sized ones) to make mini cakes. Also have used Pyrex bowls - sort of small & medium ones to cook a sponge mixture in and then joined them together and iced etc to turn them into 'people' (ie. witches at Halloween etc.)
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