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June 2012 Grocery Challenge

edited 11 May 2012 at 7:59PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    JJ glad your back is a little better enjoy your day

    Hex c0stco isnt too bad around 79p i think but you have to buy a case load but its worth it if you can sell some to family and friends

    I have noticed how c0stcos prices have shot up over the last few months . its a real struggle these days to get value for money

    having a chicken stirfry for tea using LO chicken from yesterdays roast and lots of veg

    NSD today as my back is still painful so wont be going out

    hope those having parties today have a great day and the weather stays dry
  • NickJWNickJW Forumite
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    Hope everyone is poorly/under the weather starts to feel better soon.

    Yesterday ended up being a NSD - went to a friends house with a bottle of wine and we all drank and got a bit merry whilst watching the queen on TV :D

    I defrosted some salmon and used the rest of the creme fraiche with horseadish sauce and watercress with some pasta.

    Heading out today so I'm having a bigger breakfast so I don't get tempted for an overpriced sandwich or something for lunch and my housemate is cooking tonight (well - he says he fancies fish and chips, but it comes out of his turn to spend so if he wants to get them I won't complain! :D)

    PS: Whilst everyone I know checks FB on their phones, I can't stay away from checking this thread - I can think of worse addictions I guess.
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  • Hope everyone who has a day off enjoys it and those who have to work have a good day too :j

    There is a Street Party here, so NSD for me.

    Yesterdays big family lunch was lovely and LO's are being put to good MSE use ;)

    LO cauli, petit pois, swede and carrot, roasties, yorkers, stuffing and some of the gammon went to feed someone currently sleeping on DD's sofa after a family falling out.

    LO honey and mustard gammon (I dont like honey OR mustard but really love the combo on gammon :rotfl:) will go into a HM quiche today or tomorrow - I made the pastry yesterday and its in the fridge in cling film waiting to be used.

    LO chicken went into a toasted sarnie for my supper yesterday and what is left will go into a stir fry of some sort this week.

    Hope the poorly backs continue to improve and everyone is soon pain free :T
  • hm71_2hm71_2 Forumite
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    just popping into report a £64 spend this week so £16 under target. xxgood luck with june everyone
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  • jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    Sistercas, I do hope you get better soon.

    I'm back from the survival event. We learnt how to make different types of fires but I'm most excited at discovering how wonderful wood sorrel is:j
    I never knew what it was before. Kind of like clover but with 3 heart shaped leaves!!! It is beautiful. It is kinda like a refreshing lemon/apple flavour and all parts are edible: seeds, flowers, leaves, stems and roots.
    It is also medicinal and can be applied to wounds as an astringent and used as a diuretic, etc.
    We are going again tomorrow to learn about tools so I am going to be bringing some back. It may be considered a weed but I want some in my garden!!!!!!
    I LOVE learning stuff, especially when it's about free nutritious food.
    :A Every moment is a gift. That's why we call it the present.!:A
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  • SystemSystem
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    My first grocery spend of the challenge today, £6.61 in Lido and £9.09 in Waitflower. That got me lots of fruit and veg, and some staples so I can do a bit of baking because I've been reminded how much I like home baking by reading this thread :)
    I have a question though - I've been trying out the convection oven that's part of my microwave and I seem to be undercooking everything. Does anyone else use theirs for baking?
    Thanks Rx
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    MunniMunchaMunniMuncha Forumite
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    edited 4 June 2012 at 4:15PM
    :grouphug: to everyone who needs one x

    Well have spent £340.63 of my budget of £350 and still have 3 weeks to go:eek::eek: Have loads in my 3 freezers, have a Westin Gourmet order coming on 12 June, which consists of 2.5kg of mature cheese, 2.75kg of lovely bacon and steaks, sausages and a corn feed chicken, so we won't starve:) Just hoping I can stay away from SMs as really DO NOT need anything else apart from bread and milk, oh, and maybe some butter.

    Did buy bread flour in Li*l's yesterday for 59p and even though I haven't got a breadmaker am thinking of having a go anyway by the old fashioned method:p Will let you know how it turns out. My aim is that it will be soooooooooo lovely that OH will agree that a BM will be a good idea - so there is method to my madness;)

    My car went in on Saturday morning so had an hour to kill, so thought I would walk the 2 miles to Li*ls and back to get their special offers and, yes, like some have discovered it wasn't what it said on the tin:mad::mad: Bought some of their mince anyway, as always good to have in (even tho I have about 10 packets of DR mince in freezer) and some of their half price cheese slices - which are delicious btw as they are proper cheese and not the horrible plastic stuff you normally get. But also got some cheese (which will freeze) as it was a bargain at £2.99 for 550g of Wykevale extra mature cheddar so bought 4 of those.

    Made a chilli today which we will have for tea and freeze the rest and also have belly pork marinating for tea tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has had a good bank holiday and looking forward to the extra day tomorrow - hoorah!:T:T

    edit: did anyone watch The Apprentice final last night? Those people do not really live in the real world - I was screaming at the tv everytime they mentioned that nobody meal plans, and shops around for food prices - Oh yes they do Lord Sugar and your side kicks - IN THE REAL WORLD WHERE WE HAVE TO WATCH THE PENNIES THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT WE DO - sorry, rant over
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  • savesummoresavesummore Forumite
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    Woke up with a stinking cold today :o still dont feel much better :o

    But have only spent £1.60 which I paid to 2nd purse

    We also popped to Ikea we are lucky that we live very local to one.We can always spot the 'tourists' (people who have come from far away for the day in Ikea) by the amount of 'stuff' they are trying to put in their trolley :rotfl:.

    We got some more plastic pots for freezing food as OH has made a huge batch of curry friday night and a huge batch of chilli with lots and lots of beans in the slow cooker today and we are very low on pots-the ones from Ikea with the blue lids are fantasic- OH paid which is a bonus :rotfl:

    For lunch we had 1/2 a HM bagette each with cheese, onion and salad leaves from the garden

    WE were going to go to a jubilee party in the park tonight but Im feeling really ill and the weather is looking like rian again so wont go :( at least it will save some pennies :)
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  • KitchenbunnyKitchenbunny Forumite
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    Evening all! I have my first NSD of June to report! I am a very happy kitchen-bunny with that. :) We've had changeable weather all day so haven't been out and I've made do with what's in the cupboards so no trips to Mr T were needed :D

    Thanks for the recipe index at the start of the thread - I've spent a while looking through these today and found the cookie recipe. Made a nice batch of about 24 oat and raisin chewy cookies to have as a pudding tonight. The shepherd's pie is already made and in the grill waiting to be heated up later when Mr KB feels hungry.

    I need to start mealplanning for the following week so will be reading that index again for mains :D

    Savesummore - which recipe do you use for your HM baguettes, please? They're something we eat quite regularly (topped with curry sometimes instead of rice and served with salad ... mmm) but I always end up buying the part-baked variety. While they're nice and quite reasonably priced I really feel the need to try to make them myself. TIA

    K xx

  • savesummoresavesummore Forumite
    1.1K posts

    Savesummore - which recipe do you use for your HM baguettes, please? They're something we eat quite regularly (topped with curry sometimes instead of rice and served with salad ... mmm) but I always end up buying the part-baked variety. While they're nice and quite reasonably priced I really feel the need to try to make them myself. TIA

    K xx

    Just having to hand over to OH as he cooks not me :rotfl:

    HM Bagettes:

    Makes 2

    Take 350g strong white bread flour
    1Tbls of caster sugar
    1 Tsp salt
    1 1/2 Tsp instant yeast
    225ml warm water

    Mix ingredients in bowl, then knead for 10 mins on a flat surface, cover and leave to rise until doubled. Then knock back the dough to deflate and roll out into an approx 20cm x 30 cm rectangle. Cut rectangle in half and then starting at the short end roll up tightly into sausage shape. Roll sauasge shape backwards and forwards with the palms of your hands until its the required bagette length, repeat for the other half
    Put on floured baking tray and leave to rise until doubled in diameter
    Once doubled either slash from end to end with sharpe knife OR slash diagonally at approx 4cm intervals- make sure slashes are very deep.
    Pre heat oven 170 brush loaves with beaten egg and then bake for 30-40 mins until golden brown

    Wow thats complicated!!

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