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BB creams

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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Health & Beauty MoneySaving
These creams are being heavily promoted at the moment and promise fab results. Has anyone been using them and if so have they found them any good for middle aged skins or are they really for the younger generation?

I also notice that they originate from Asia and some people still prefer to order the korean bb creams online rather than buy the western replacements. Is there anyone who does this?

Does anyone have any good recomendations?

thanks :)
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    I am interested in hearing any answers too. Ive heard a recomendation on another website that the Boots No7 BB is supposed to be good and i might invest in one on Saturday but i'm not sure it will have enough coverage for me.
  • bunberrybunberry Forumite
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    The general consensus seems to be that Korean BB creams are currently much better in terms of coverage/finish/lasting power, cheaper than ones made by Western brands, plus there's more variety. I've not tried Western BB creams but from reading various blogs and reviews, they don't appear to have the same glowing reviews that Korean BB creams generally get.

    The point of a BB cream is basically an all in one product - moisturizer, foundation, concealer, sun protection, with antioxidant properties thrown in and can be quite creamy yet lightweight. However the Western BB creams seem to be marketed as glorified tinted moisturizer, at least that's the impression I get.

    BB creams are suitable for all skin types so it's just a matter of finding the right one for your skin - some BB creams have a matte finish for oily skin, some are extra creamy for dry skin types, etc

    The Korean BB creams I've tried are:
    Banila Co Let Me Bebe SPF 37 PA++ - used to be my favourite, medium coverage plus super smooth luminous finish. This was my perfect match BB cream but I stopped using it when I decided to go paraben free. Still can't bring myself to chuck it out though...*sob* I'm such a hoarder :(
    Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ - matte finish, but too heavy coverage for my liking, and not enough sun protection for me. Don't worry it doesn't smell like mushrooms :p
    Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ - I slightly prefer this to above, it's a little runnier, has less coverage and isn't as matte. You can buy this for under £10 including shipping on ebay.
    Missha Signature Real Complete SPF 25 PA++ - what I use sometimes. Coverage is in between the two Skinfood BBs, gives a matte finish, doesn't contain parabens. However I'm not a huge fan of the matte finish and the pink undertones in #21 is a little "off" (#23 would be too dark) for my skin even though the shade depth is right, so I'm still searching for my perfect BB cream.

    Reviews for the Missha BB cream here

    Where you can buy BB creams from:
    ebay - I can't read Korean, but there's an English version of the site. Sellers tend to be very generous with samples, especially if you purchase more than one product from their store.

    I'm sure there are more, these are just the reputable ones I can think of off the top of my head.
  • I am using the Garnier BB cream on my 30 yr old skin and I love it. Try free sample first here:-
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    Korean and Western BB creams are completely different. Here BB is an umbrella term for tinted moisturiser/primer. There's one aimed at every possible age range and skin type. Some have anti-oxidant, anti-ageing ingredients which are aimed at 30+ skin but these are mostly more high end costing £30+. If you usually wear foundation you will probably still need to wear it on top as most BB creams are very sheer and in a limited shade range, which can negate the point of a BB cream if you use primer/moisturiser with spf anyway!
    Most of the high street ones only have spf 15 which isn't really enough on its own unless you are spending all day indoors. Unless you are naturally orange or warm skinned and young only wanting spf, then order an Asian one online. They have higher spf, more natural colours (I think so anyway, it is easier to add bronzer for warmth than fight with an orange western bb) and highere quality ingredients (less parabens, less filler).
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  • shays_mumshays_mum Forumite
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    Was wondering what bb cream was, came across a cool guide & how to put it on properly!, am thinking now who is reputable on ebay??. Thanks for this op, another thing to add to my collection of stuff lol ;)
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  • green1970green1970 Forumite
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    My favourite is Holika Holika Petit BB Moisture SPF 35 which is around £6 delivered off ebay. It's full coverage, a perfect match for my pale skin, has a lovely dewy sheen to it and it is full of goodies like hyaluronic acid too. I love it to bits, it's one of my HG foundations and it feels like I've tried 'em all.
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    green, this is a foundation as well as a moisturiser/SPF? Looks a bargain if it is.
  • glowgirl_2glowgirl_2 Forumite
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    I was thinking of one of these for days in, rather than just moisturiser so I dont scare visitors;)

    I like the sound of this one" Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ - matte finish, but too heavy coverage for my liking, and not enough sun protection for me. Don't worry it doesn't smell like mushrooms" from the post above but can only find it on ebay, so I'm not sure, it comes in natural skin or bright skin, again I dont know what this means, can anyone with knowledge put some reputable links up to suppliers even if its ebay and maybe give us some insight into colours, I tried the garnier one, it was orange and watery so no good for me.
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  • samsilsamsil Forumite
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    i have the oil of ulay one and the garnier one, the oil of ulay one tends to agree with me more.
    I love them both though, am 36 and just want something 'light' to slap on in the morning before the school run and for me its a good balance if I dont want to go out just in moisturiser (pale and pasty!) but havent got time to do a full face of make up. Normally in the winter I really struggle with bad dry skin and then slapping foundation over it gets it worse, but with the BB creams my skin has been in great condition this winter, they are only cheap, definitely worth a try, you will probably love it
  • bratz81bratz81 Forumite
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    I use a Korean BB cream, wouldn't use a Western one if you paid me I'm afraid!
    I use the Skin79 Super+ BB cream right now, which is a light-medium coverage and suits my pale skin. It's SPF 25+ I think.
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