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PPI Reclaiming Discussion Part 5

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    nikig1nikig1 Forumite
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    Thanks Dunstonh. I will be phoning them on Monday as I have had no acknowledgement of my claim apart from this letter about the rebate. I have no idea what I should expect to get back and if the remainder of the loan will be recalculated further.
  • magpiecottagemagpiecottage
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    windle001 wrote: »
    Hi All,
    Back in 2003 we took out mortgage, I have now discovered that we are entitled to nearly £3,000 miss sold ppi.

    Why do you say it was missold?

    In 2003 the Mortgage Code Compliance Board not only advocated that it was offered but that borrowers who refused should be asked to sign a disclaimer that they would not pursue the adviser if they lost their home because they did not have it.
    I can prove that I paid that protection the whole time. Am I entitled to it, he says I am not.

    So it was a monthly premium, eliminating the only likely cause for a complaint to be upheld.
  • cappocappo Forumite
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    amersall wrote: »
    Hello Stevie baby, welcome back xx :D

    Watcha lovely hope you ok.
  • nee666nee666 Forumite
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    Just about to report next to fos, fla, oft & watchdog,
    Next & there insurer are busy passing me too and fro, both saying the other one is responsible, they also can't prove that I added the ppi to an account that had been open quite a few years, & I don't like the fact that there clearly communicating with each other, I wonder how many other 1000s there giving the run around too

    Any other organisation I can report them too??

  • just to update my claim situation
    x2 successful claims from Barclays on overdraft PPi, money safely tucked away, all completed within 8 week timeframe
    Thanks guys
  • Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone had similar refund offers?

    I had PPI on a Bank of Scotland Credit Card from May 2006 to May 2007.

    A while back I received a letter from HBOS, informing I had PPI with that card. I had no idea of this.

    I followed the instructions and put on a claim myself.

    The bank has now written to say they are "offering a payment of £0.13!

    It seems almost farcical.

    They calculate this as followed:
    Refund of Premiums : £0.00
    Refund of interest applied to the acc. because of the PPI: £0.09
    Interest at 8% calculated up until 1 November 2012 : £0.13

    The truth is, I don't really know how much I should be receiving and I rather find out before thinking of forwarding the claim to the Financial Ombudsman.

    Many thanks
  • OuntzOuntz Forumite
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    Posted this in the other thread but got no response. Anyone care to offer any advice? Cheers in advance
    I've just had a rejection letter from MBNA. They enclosed the application form for the credit card I took on where it shows that I ticked a box to get PPI insurance. The box says, "We Strongly recommend taking out PPI." They claim that because I ticked the box I actively chose to purchase PPI and they did not offer any advice about its purchase. In other words mine was a non advised sale. They also say that this is their final response to my complaint and should I wish to take it further I should do so with the Financial Ombudsman service. They then provide all the details for me to contact the FOS.
    Anyone know where this leaves me? Anyone had a similar reply but then pursued it and came out on top? What should my next move be? Complain to them further or go to the FOS?
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    compai wrote: »
    The bank has now written to say they are "offering a payment of £0.13!
    Do realise that credit card PPI is only paid if there is a balance on the card. If there is no balance, you pay nothing.Your redress offer indicates that (at the time you had PPI) you were either using the card very little or paying off at least the vast majority of the balance each month.
  • LouELouE Forumite
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    Hi everyone, first of all i am so so pleased at how everyone helps each other on here! Very supportive :T

    I recalled not being able to get a loan years ago unless we took out PPI, we were a risk aparently? So i got a list from the bank, theres 3 seperate loans, they will each have been consolidated into the next, but i called RBS and started this process, i was honest and said i recalled being told we had to take the ppi for one loan, and fromlooking at the final loan, we obviously had a choice with that one as we didnt take anyprotection! All the loan is paid off now, has been for some years o, but i thought i would see if they wil refund the one where we were forced to take.

    Tbh it cost me a couple of phone calls and a stamp, if we get any back, brilliant!

    Will let you know.
  • Hello everyone

    I am a first time poster here and apologise for the fact that this question may have been asked and answered many times within these thousands of threads but here goes anyway....

    Over many years I took on many different loans and credit cards. I was forever 'consolidating loans' and used a number of different companies to do so. I am now, thankfully, loan free but i am pretty certain I took on a lot of PPI simply because I thought I had to have it to get the loans. The problem is that once I paid off a loan/card, I ceremoniously binned all paperwork as if to say 'that is you sorted sucker!' which means I have no means of knowing who these loans were with and obviously no paperwork. Yep, guess I am the sucker now.

    So, my question is - how do i find out who I had loans with and what their start and end dates were? If I was able to access my credit history record would they be they be on a credit check list or am I basically wasting my time even trying to start this process without paperwork, dates and even the names of companies.

    I would love to hear from anyone who can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance...

    Sam (The Raven)
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