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April 2013 weddings



  • Hi All,

    I'm an April 2013 bride too :j

    My date is 21st April and as we just went past the 1 year countdown it's beginning to feel more real now!

    So far I've sorted:
    • Venue (ceremony and reception at same place). the venue also has swiss style lodges that come with the venue, so they are all reserved for the guests but we can cancel them upto a week before the wedding if they aren't all filled which is great. It also means that as everything is all in one place once the guests are there, they're there (if that makes sense!)
    • Caterer (canapes, 3 course meal and then a huge paella in the evening)
    • Drink - I work for a wine company so that's super handy for some bargains!
    • We've sent Save the Date Cards - free business cards from vista print when we bought some new computer software which we needed anyway. They're dead cute and a great size for people to keep in their wallets.
    • We've decided on bridesmaids, best man and ushers but not bought/hired any of their outfits yet
    • We've opted for a Master of Ceremonies to help the day run well (plus he was great value!)
    • We've found out florist and she is truly wonderful and came in under budget which is fab
    • Also got our photographer - he's fab and again under budget - phew!
    • My best friend is making my cake which makes it extra special
    • OH has booked the honeymoon but it's a total secret which I'm finding kinda exiciting but also difficult as well as I am one of those control freaks who likes too organise everything! All he'll tell me is that the flight is over 6 hours and that it's warm year-round and there are lots of things to do!
    • We've also set up our own wedding website and put the link on the Save the Date cards so people can see our updates, RSVP on there, read our wedding blog, organise lift shares, book the accommodation etc.
    • My boss owns a Bentley and has his own driver (he's a rich man) and has said i can have use of the car and driver as a wedding pressie which is lovely of him
    I feel like I've sorted lots already but still gots lots to go! When is everyone planning on buying The Dress?

    Love JT :)
    Lover of languages, handbags, travel, my Border Terrier, my husband, cheese & gin. Kicker of cancer's butt. Not necessarily in that order ;)
  • daisieggdaisiegg Forumite
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    Ooh so exciting reading everyone else's plans! jellytot and haxeybird, you've done so much already! wow!

    As for THE DRESS, it is the one thing about all this that I am NOT looking forward to, so I'm going to leave it as late as possible - maybe start looking in September. I want to lose weight first although that is going very slowly at the moment due to some medication I'm on :( and I'm just dreading it as I hate trying on clothes and hate my body :( ergh, I don't want to think about it.
  • sk00bie1sk00bie1 Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Oh Daisie I know exactly what you mean! I've got a picture in my head of how I want to look, and let's just say I've got a way to go :(

    I know what dress I want, and I'm terrified it won't look how I want it to once it's on.

    I lost a stone or so through January/February but with one thing and another 'fell off the wagon' since then. I don't think I've gained much, if any, back but it feels like I've wasted so much time!!! I could have lost another stone since then :( Have been good this week though so I'm back on it! I'm aiming to started looking in August... maybe we can help each other get there?!

    Have you thought about what styles you'd feel comfortable in etc? and how much are you aiming to lose? Even at a pound a week you could lose more than a stone by September. :)

    In my planning news, I think we've decided on a venue for the reception, just need to take a deep breath and hand over the deposit. :eek:

    Then we need to sort out;

    BM dresses (no idea what to go for!)
    Invitations for the wedding
    Save the dates/invitations for the reception
    Decorations for reception
    Cake for reception
    Entertainment (DJ, casino tables)
    Extras (if we can afford to we'd like a photographer, string quartet and fancy cars to take us there but these aren't must haves!)

    In terms of the wedding itself the flowers/photography/music are all sorted by the venue. We still need to sort

    the meal after the wedding
    the groomsmen's attire
    a cake
    my jewellery & undies
    hair and makeup for me and the BMs.

    Oh and of course travel and hotels :rotfl:

    Phew, it's good to write it all down, dare I say it doesn't look too bad! Well better than I thought... hmmm what have I missed?!
    Cross Stitch Cafe Challenger No. 26 :hello:
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    -- Birth Sampler -- Christmas Angel -- Mum's Xmas Stitch -- Christmas decs 3 & 4 -- Xmas Bird --
    -- Snowflake Sonata -- Be Jolly -- JE Unicorn -- Start HAED!!! --
  • haxeybirdhaxeybird Forumite
    20 Posts
    Am loving being able to share all this with you guys!!! And reading what you guys have already sorted is putting my mind at rest... Everyone looks at me like i am mental when i say how much i have sorted lol!!! :beer:

    I've already got my dress. Went to a Berketex sale day and it was the 3rd one i tried on... It was down to a choice of 2 with the other one being £2k which i simply couldnt justify so i went for the other one which i really liked at a cost of £299 - VERY MSE lol :money: I have since been back and requested that they make me a matching bolero however it all still comes it under budget at £638 with all the alterations... At less than 5ft tall there is quite a lot to be done :).

    On the dress subject though guys the one i have selected is NOT what i had in my head... in all honesty is is everything that i decided i didn't want so if the people in the dress shop suggest something you don't think you like at least try it... I was speechless when i tried mine on as i was adamant i wouldn't like it. All am saying is give it a whirl :D

  • Bride2be24Bride2be24 Forumite
    2.3K Posts
    Gem123 wrote: »
    Our date is 5th April 2013!

    Booked our venue, photographer, videographer, my car and our stationary. We have picked the Flowers, Bridesmaid dresses and suits for the men but still have to buy them.
    Wish it was sooner!

    Congratulations to all the other April 2013 brides

    :love: marrying my best friend on the 5th April 2013 :love:

    Awww thats my birthday :D x
    :D :T Became Mrs Allison on 23rd April 2011 :D:T

    :heart::D Also trying for a baby :D:heart:
  • daisieggdaisiegg Forumite
    5.4K Posts
    Haxeybird, great dress bargain! I'm under 5ft as well and absolutely dreading going dress shopping :(
  • haxeybirdhaxeybird Forumite
    20 Posts
    Daisiegg - Don't let it put you off :A the shop i went to had their seamstress on hand and she pinned and tucked until i could see what the end result would look like, have faith :) x
  • Faith177Faith177 Forumite
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    Eighth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    Hi All

    I'm an April 2013 wedding too 27th April at Urquhart Castle Inverness (though we live in Essex)

    I have been planning for ages now and have pretty much everything done it's just the final things now mainly fittings for the bridal party. I only have 3 balances left to pay and they aren't due till 6 weeks before the wedding and the rest is all fiddly bits that I can pay as and when

    Save A Dates went out in March & invites will go out in October.

    I set up a website for the wedding via it was so simple and has saved me a lot of time letting everyone know about certain things in connect with the wedding day so I thought I would pass that tip along :)

    First Date 08/11/2008, Moved In Together 01/06/2009, Engaged 01/01/10, Wedding Day 27/04/2013, Baby Moshie due 29/06/2019 :T
  • daisieggdaisiegg Forumite
    5.4K Posts
    Well done Faith, you're organised! I have my wedding website on and it's really great :)
  • Faith177Faith177 Forumite
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    Eighth Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    I got engaged in 2010 so I have no excuse really daisiegg lol

    Haxeybird just noticed on one of your other posts it looks like we're getting married on the same day :)
    First Date 08/11/2008, Moved In Together 01/06/2009, Engaged 01/01/10, Wedding Day 27/04/2013, Baby Moshie due 29/06/2019 :T
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