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LoveFilm feedback discussion

edited 8 February 2012 at 12:10PM in Shop but don't drop
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Former_MSE_BeccaFormer_MSE_Becca Former Tech Writer / Researcher
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edited 8 February 2012 at 12:10PM in Shop but don't drop

This thread is specifically to discuss feedback for
Lovefilm (Link)

If you've signed up for an online streaming package with Lovefilm, we'd love to know how it was for you, so we can improve the guide. Click reply to leave your feedback.

Please note, any posts that include individual referral links will be removed by the Forum Team when reported. Please keep this forum thread for just discussing online movie streaming services.

To read about online movie streaming in general, read the main
Watch Movies Online guide

Thanks for your help,
MSE Becca


  • I signed up for this on-line streaming don't think I will be bothering with LoveFilm again. Firstly if you have ever been with love film in the past even if it was a long time ago when there was no streaming service you can not have this offer. I did email and complained then mysteriously in my account it said the 30 day free trail was active and they would be taking the next payment on 10/3/2012 all well and good I thought. Then I tried to play something from there very large not very visual pleasing list which makes it difficult to find anything to watch. I clicked on new movies old movies new and old TV programs and everything just came up with the message to watch this please upgrade to a package. I don't no if this is just a glitch but what is actually available for the £4.99 streaming package or do you have to have the DVD rental package to get the streaming package. Confused I am. Signed up to Netflix a few weeks ago and there was none of this hassle no waiting for email to activate very easy to find stuff worked great on my Apple TV and Pad and Phone and quality very good HD and surround sound looked great on my HD TV. Have enjoyed a fair few film and lots of TV series effortlessly. I have only managed to watch free trailers on love film and if the quality of the trailers is a indication of the quality of the actual stream I don't think I will be bothering Lovefilm needs to do a lot better than this. As of now a Netflix recommend a Love Film give it a miss. :mad:
  • Firstly, I'd like to say my subscription includes DVD rentals, which was the main reason for me signing up. As far as I am concerned, the streaming service is an added extra :)

    The quality of streaming on my PC is good. The picture isn't HD, but I've not had any problems with freezing or skipping of audio or video.

    The selection of films, on the other hand, is not great. Films available to stream for free are generally older than 2 years. Some newer films are available to stream on a pay per view basis (usually around £3.50 each). TV shows aren't grouped by series, so you have to find each episode individually, which is annoying.

    I love Lovefilm's DVD rental service, and streaming is a nice bonus feature for when I'm waiting for my next title, but I wouldn't pay a fiver a month for the standalone streaming service as it stands.
  • I_luv_catsI_luv_cats Forumite
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    I've signed up to Lovefilm Instant rather easily via Quidco. (month free+£18)

    Have to be vigilant that my searches can pull up streaming films that are not included. (an extra charge!!)

    I am comparing Lovefilm to Netflix to keep feeding my movie appetite. (Lovefilm has more instant appeal. I have needed both services to net exclusive and inclusive films)

    My first film streamed on my netbook without any hiccups. Shame not accessible on my Wii.

    It's shocking really that some of these films are £2.49 to £4.49 to rent individually on Itunes!!!!

  • jaytinjaytin Forumite
    473 posts
    I have the 2-at-home DVD package (9.99) with streaming films thrown in. I have been using this service for a few months now. I watched all three of the Scandinavian version of the Millenium Trilogy recently (girl with the dragon tattoo etc.) which played with no problems. I have also watched another 3 or 4 films all of which played well.

    I do think I should point out though that the streaming quality has a lot more to do with my own PC being pretty good and having a very good internet connection. Average broadband is around 6 meg with a very low ping. :T
  • If you want to take the lovefilm then go via groupon for the 6 months for £9.99 and make up an address if you have used it before and you get 6 months for £9.99
  • jenlanjenlan Forumite
    7 posts
    I recently took up the £9.99 Groupon offer for 6 months streaming, but have now found, upon checking my new Lovefilm account, that I have only got a 30 day trial with the next payment of nearly £15 to be taken from my card after the 30 days! I've emailed then to clarify, hoping this is put right. Has anybody else had similar problems with the Groupon deal?
  • satchef1satchef1 Forumite
    115 posts
    Thieves tbh. Won't ever sign up again and I'll drag their name through the dirt at every oportunity I get.

    I sent some DVDs back 2 weeks ago and... they"didn't" arrive. Annoying given I phoned up to cancel on the day I sent them back. Phoned again a week later as my next payment was due, they gave me a week extension to see if they turned up. On Thursday I rang for an update as the site was still showing them as "on loan" and was told there was nothing they can do. I popped on to Online Banking, cancelled the Direct Debit and... on the Friday they charged my Debit Card. It turns out that when I reactivated my account a few months ago (on a three month free offer) they changed the way I was being charged from DD to debit card. Friday afternoon they cancelled my subscription and the DVDs showed up as returned. I phoned them up to complain that they had basically stolen my money and was told "nothing we can do, the disks were late back". As such I've paid for a month of service that I didn't want and won't be receiving because allegedly Royal Mail took two weeks to return the disks (or maybe they conveniently got "lost" in the warehouse?).
  • DCFC79DCFC79 Forumite
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    Been with lovefilm for years and they have been fine, all dvds have been received on time and new ones have been sent out. Only issue i jhave had has been discs that were scratched and wouldnt play but hey it wasn't a major issue that got me riled up, i just marked the envelope the disc was faulty and it was sorted.
  • Lurkilicious LoveFilm Subscriber.
    I wondered about the Streaming Service also.
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  • I_luv_catsI_luv_cats Forumite
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    Lovefilm Instant does have annoying buffering BUT yesterday watching "Dog Pound" it kept buffering and saying this title is not available during playback.

    When I eventually tried to resume playback each time it would take me back to an earlier (wrong) part of the film!

    What is wrong with Lovefilm Instant as Netflix doesn't have any buffering???
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