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Good and bad buys from Aldi and Lidl

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  • Louise.HLouise.H Forumite
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    The LIDL fairtrade range is very good value and tastes nice too:

    Dark/Milk chocolate bars (I stocked up on 10 last time)
    Instant coffee
    Cane Sugar

    I also really like the olives from there and the vegetable selection is always good.
  • winnalotwinnalot Forumite
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    Hubby does all the shopping at Aldi as I can't be trusted not to overspend!

    We love these. Sorry, I don't know the prices but I know he has a weekly budget of £60 for 3 of us and never goes near it.

    Fresh Lasagne and garlic bread
    Fresh Pizza
    Instant 'Gold' coffee
    fruit corner yoghurts
    pasta/korma/tikka massala sauces

    they used to do fresh crayfish tails which were delicious (and very healthy) and at £1.99 a pack was easily half of the price that i saw them go for in waitrose recently. the pack was bigger too. they are out of season now but look out for them in the summer.
  • franskiesfranskies Forumite
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    Aldi fruity porridge, I think it's cranberry and apple is also very very nice. I'm not a big porridge fan but I found this to be quite scrummy.

    Aldi red grape juice is lovely too, not tried the lidl version so.

    Aldi choc mousse is also one to try, sooo delicious and it's a bargain. 4 pots for 49p or 45p, can't remember but well worth a try.

    Aldi do fruit fromage frais as well, they come in single pots but they're quite big with a fruit layer at the bottom. So yummy but they're not exactly healthy.

    I prefer the banana crunch yoghurts from Aldi to the muller ones so they're well worth a try.

    Aldi baked beans are the only ones I'll buy, not tried their basics version yet but they're only a couple of pence cheaper so don't really see the point.

    Aldi premium chopped tomatoes are brilliant, as are their cheaper ones. The frozen petit pois are about a quid for 800g which lasts me and the fella ages.

    The custard is great too, half the price of ambrosia and I think it's nicer!

    They also do choco squares which are like 60p? But they do a coconut version which is to die for.

    The specially selected curry sauces are really really nice and I find that they're quite rich so you can add some tinned tomatoes without losing the flavour so it stretched the sauce a bit further. I always get the dopiaza one.

    Their pasta sauce which is about 65p is well worth a try too, I really like it.

    The egg noodles are half the price of what you usually pay and do a few meals. Their basmati rice is also very good!

    Erm, I've gone on quite a bit here!
  • SplashySplashy Forumite
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    I don't use Aldi much and tbh as a very fussy eater I am a bit nervous to try things - though I do experiment on the rest of the family
    The tinned fruit from Aldi goes down well with dh - it is a tropical fruit one and it seems to quite like it
    Their versions of Cheerios - dd doesn't like anything but the branded ones but ds does like them - though he seems to have gone off cheerios at the mo
    My Mum likes their herbal teabags - and 40bags for 99p it is a steal
    I really should try different things though and just be brave
  • kiwi07kiwi07 Forumite
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    Lidl has very tasty soup Chicken pasta soup, big can 800 gr, used to be £0. 89 p few days ago but now £0.99. I still can not believe - 10p increase in one week!!! I remember a year ago this soup was 69 p. Lidl is getting more expensive!!!
  • EdwardiaEdwardia Forumite
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    Aldi has good tinned wild mushroom soup and OH liked their OJ
  • lmp0507lmp0507 Forumite
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    Also can recommend snackrite's take on pringles, full of flavour, more so than the real thing in fact.
    Also - Apple & Raspberry juice (del rivo) & Apple juice, (rivo doro)
  • MysteryMeMysteryMe Forumite
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    If you like Pimms then the Aldi Austins is a good substitute. It's just gone up £1 a bottle but even at £5.99 for 70cl still a good buy.
  • We've just started shopping at Aldi with a bid to cut costs, and find their version of cheerios much nicer than the original! Also the low fat muller style yogurts and better than the proper version too. We like the frozen pizzas, cumberland sausages and extra large frozen battered fish..yummy! The meats are good too, as are breads/ muffins. The only things we don't really buy are the tinned foods xx
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  • renegaderenegade Forumite
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    Can recommend the tinned Corned Beef, Soups are nice too.
    You live..You learn.:)
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