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Good and bad buys from Aldi and Lidl

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  • lmp0507lmp0507 Forumite
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    gem68 wrote: »
    fab,not tried those.are they frozen or fresh?
    They are frozen but very good for those days you just can't be botherhed :)
  • ukclareukclare Forumite
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    Lidl red grape juice (in tetrapack) is wonderful and there is nothing like it in the "regular" supermarkets. The price is generally pretty good but it is often on special so I stock up then.
  • AMMat158AMMat158 Forumite
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    AMMat158 wrote: »
    Gianni's cornish ice cream £2.49 for 2 litres in Lidl is delicious.
    It's quite funny that a German company sell cornish ice cream under an Italian brand name :)
    Demba wrote: »
    This ice-cream is in Aldi, and it's very nice. :p

    Apologies :o it isn't in Lidl at all but in Aldi.
  • roxiegriffroxiegriff Forumite
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    i dont shop at liddl because out local lidl looks and smells awful
    but we have 2 aldis and both are very nice

    we buy pretty much all of our fruit and veg from aldi

    dd loves the aldi cherios (preffers these to cherios)

    we buy the tofffes, the aldi verion of utterly butterly, the cheese triangles, shopped tomatoes, pasaata, part bakes bagettes, bottled water, coke zero, cornish ice cream, dairy fine chocolate, racer bars, mayonaise, bacon, eggs, dinosuar chocolate puddings , olive oil

    erm we buy pretty much everythig there, except i dont like their ham, or ketchup, and their chorizo is abit spicy

    i find their pricing is around the same as tesco value but in many cases cheaper than tesco value but the quality is much higher, i also prefer aldi as its less busy and hectic
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  • I love Aldi!!
    I recommend their grilled vegetable pizza -99p
    Golden fries, potato wedges-99p
    Fruity shots- £1.19 for 6
    I think its 24 or 30 mixed flavour crisps-£1.99
    Salmon wellington-£3.99
    I have to say there is literally nothing I have brought from Aldi in the last 3mths that I haven't enjoyed. :)
  • Aldi luxury muesli better than any other brand - not too sweet but full ofthe expensive ingredients - nuts fruit etc.
    Has Aldi stopped stocking continental style butter? I loved this and the price of butter has skyrocketed recently in all stores. Value butter in T and S is now £1.20 - Presinent continental style butter was that price last year and is now £1.60 - £1.80.
  • I found the Aldi Chipolatas (£1.99 for 10 I think it is) are lovely! Loads of flavour! They were on promo when I got them at £1.49, but when I went to get more they were back up to £1.99. Next time I spot them at £1.49 i'm going to buy a few packs and put them in the freezer!
    I tried the equivalent from Sainsburys (which I got reduced - £1.34 for 12 chipolatas) but they were so bland and no where near as good!
    I've started buying chipolatas in meals now instead of sausages as I can make them stretch further without really noticing you're not getting as much as a normal sausage! :-)
  • Oh, and the Aldi big bags of prawn crackers - either plain or spicy ones are lovely!
    And I bought their large sliced white bloomer bread yesterday, which is lovely!
  • russ331russ331 Forumite
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    Aldi luxury muesli better than any other brand

    I doubt that it could better Goody Special Luxury Fruit & Nut Muesli from Lidl. Of course, it's a matter of personal preference.
  • Ken68Ken68 Forumite
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    I always look out for the 30% off on cooked chicken (microwave straightaway) and frickelburgers and scotch eggs and also reduced bread for the freezer. Combined with the half price canna go wrong. Great store. Clean and same staff for years.
    Grow my own fruit and veg but what I see looks fresh, though a farmer pal was saying the 5kg bags of onions were brought out of the cooler too soon.
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