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  • Need to add £5.63 to my total for thursdays spends,went to mr t, got some nice whoopsies organic beef mince 52p x 2, the beef tastes really good, wish i had more but no space, will deffo buy whoopsied again, pears a bag for 34p, a bunch of lilys and roses 75p down from £15 some bin bags, a bacon rib and 6 pieces of chicken from rotisserie for a good price.

    I have updated my sig and just a few quid from my target, gonna get grapes and plain yogurt tomorrow and hopefully stay in budget.
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    Hello Everyone!
    I haven't posted any figures since joining this month, because I haven't really got it together. I've saved everything though, and have spent this evening going through all the receipts and endless jottings, transferring them to a (sort of) paper spreadsheet. can't quite believe that I'm actually ON TARGET!!!:j
    Am absolutely chuffed to bits. I know my spending will horrify some of you skilled moneysavers, but it's real progress for me, and I WILL get better. Wondered if I would be able to do it after a lifetime of over spending but now I know I can - and it's giving me such a buzz!

    My Second Purse thingy is going really well too. I have spent more on it than Mothership suggested, because I wanted to speed things up a bit, but am reaping the rewards already.

    Added bonus - talking openly with DH about finances which feels really good after feeling very cagey about it for as long as I can remember :o

    Going to bed with a smile on my face and feeling in control :)

    Thanks everyone for your inspiration and advice.

    Well done you :j:j

    My OH can't bear talking finance so I am slowly educating him :D bit hit and miss but it is lovely not to shoulder the burden alone

    I have had a lifetime of over spending whilst all the time feel like I was on a fast train I couldn't get off, this thread is a god send and has helped me in just a few short weeks to get focused and in control

    This morning I have already done a price comparison on washing powder/gel for the best one at the best price :o sad I know
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    Ess-six wrote: »

    I use B00t$ own brand eye make-up remover, they do fragrance free in a blue bottle and cucumber in a green one....it's the best I've ever used, shifts waterproof mascara easily and only costs £1.50 - definitely worth trying.

    I echo that it's brilliant :)
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    Morning guys.

    went to

    tesco express yesterday and spent £3.08 reduced things

    went big sainsburys which was manic and stressful.
    reductions were rubbish.
    dident really get chance to look at all offers kids were playing up.
    did hit the baby event getting some new bottles the 3pack £1.99 and dummies.
    plus some baby food and pullups were cheap £2.80 thinking should compare with asda or tesco next week and stock up!

    Spent £17 not bad included treat home mag £2
    babys stuff

    Then went lidls had already checked on here and their website what weekend deals were so was very focussed and quick.

    got 12pints milk should last us 2days! Thinking of cancelling milkman as would save £10 a month but means be bulk buying and being more organised.

    Not all the deals were supergood but got what we needed and would use spent£15 which buys you so much more than £15 sainsburys :)

    Do love lidls dont get panicy feeling get in sainsburys that spent too much.

    so far since friday -jan month is as signature says £66

    Today im going spar and corner shop for reductions
    Also doing large co-op as need meats to make meals

    tommorow doing co-op and morrisions

    tuesday asda and tesco to compare baby events

    if no luck after tuesday willdo farmfoods shop and butchers plus lidls next weekend for the lean mince!

    bit worried as such a tight budget i need some luck.
    pad by xmas2010 £14,636.65/£20,000::beer:
    Pay off as much as I can 2011 £15008.02/£15,000:j

    new grocery challenge £200/£250 feb

    KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON:D,Onwards and upward2013:)
  • looie
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    £16.90 to add to sig.

    My mum and dad was round for tea last night and I cooked a gammon joint it should have been £10 but I got it for £3.50 at sainsburys on Friday night.

    Popped into Tesco yesterday and I got another Kenco coffee whilst it's still on offer and some other bits and bobs we wanted.

    Nearly half of my budget gone but apart from essentials for the rest of the month I should do it :D
  • dobs
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    hi all have updated my spends in signature, can see i am going to go over the 200 i wanted to spend, hubby has been buying extras but have had a horrible last few days with our little old jacksy being put to sleep yesterday so i'm not going to mention the budget to him :(. Anyway am thinking of doing the shopping myself next month and trying not to get extras.

    We do have lots of food in the house so i am going to try not to spend too much over my limit i set, its always the basics we seem to get through with 3 little gannets in the house lol, went shopping yesterday and loads gone already!!! Still haven't meal planned like i meant to, being so lazy this month, going to kick myself up the bum and get up and and walk our little puppy, so glad we got her now, making it a little bit easier for us now our dear old dog has gone. Hope you all have a good and cheap spending day :) x
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  • Ninno820
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    Hugs Dobs - I have two pooches and losing one is just dreadful:cry:

    Should be another NSD here - its so flaming freezing here that I cant face defrosting the car to get out!

    Going to make some hm Pea and mint soup for lunch - warming yet refreshing if thats possible. I am then tempted to put a rice pudding on for tea - its that kind of day!

    Good luck everyone xx
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    Reporting a NSD for friday and today. Yesterday slipped up a little. Had planned a NSD but we really fancied a G&T so we spent £6.27 buying gin, tonic and lime plus a bag of tortilla chips. Since we could have gone to the pub then I think we saved ourselves a fair few £'s really:p

    Was up in the night so sat doing a menu plan for the week:
    Sunday: Caldo Verde ( to use up cabbage)
    Monday: Baked Bean Shepherds Pie
    Tuesday: Split Pea and Veg Soup
    Wednesday: Lentil Bolegnese
    Thursday: Mushroom Ragout and Polenta
    Friday: Baked Potatoes and whatever filling we want or can cobble together
    Saterday: Gammon, Pineapple & Chips

    Breakfasts will be toast or cereal. Lunches LO's, wraps or Soup with fruit.

    Will need to get milk, more fresh fruit, mushrooms & pineapple rings on about Wednesday so planning at least 4 NSD's next week.:D
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  • Good Morning all,

    I have just done the As*a price guarantee thing from our shop there yesterday and to be wuite honest I was shocked at the difference!!!

    We normally shop at Mr T's But since beginning of 2012 we have shopped at As*a. We havent shopped here before as it means driving past Mr T's to get to As*a which until now I thought was a waste of time and petrol.

    Our shopping was £11.10 cheaper than Mr T's yesterday:D, a massive difference in my opinion.

    Since starting the grocery challenge also we are so much more aware of what we are buying and also not just getting the first thing we see on the shelf. Considering we used to spend £400 a month on groceries we are not seeing a reduction in the quality and quantity of food, just eating different things which in turn is better all round. :j
  • I managed to avoid the trail round the SMs yesterday on a special offer hunt. Instead I just bought 2 meals for 2 for £10 from M&S with a voucher we had. The savoury elements are in the freezer, the wine is in the rack, we are having the trifle for dessert today & DH & I sneekily had the Millionaire's Shortbread desserts after the children had gone to bed last night! :rotfl:They were divine! I am not counting that towards my spend because the vouchers were a gift. Therefore a bonus for us :T

    Today I am going to be cooking. A nice day in the kitchen. A couple of questions though.

    I am making a spaghetti bolognaise. I will be using 500g of mince. Normally this feeds the 4 of us nicely. However, I was thinking of adding red lentils to the mince to, hopefully, stretch it to 2 meals. How much should I add and should I add any extra liquid?

    Also, I wanted to make some savoury bread. I bought some buttermilk to do this last week but did not get around to it. The buttermilk is out of date. I have never bought or used buttermilk before. Any idea how I check whether it is off or not? Smell? Appearance?

    Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
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