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Visa/Mastercard Chargeback article discussion

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Visa/Mastercard Chargeback article discussion

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This discussion relates to the Visa/Mastercard Chargeback article

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  • wealdroamwealdroam Forumite
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    Thank you for separating this information from the Section 75 Refunds article.

    This chargeback information has always been somewhat hidden at the bottom of that article, and this new article is a welcome improvement.

    Thanks again.
  • Does anyone know what category a Natwest Gold plus Mastercard Charge Card comes into?

    When using it to book travel costs, I get charged a credit card surcharge, and when I queried this with the Natwest helpline, they said that was correct, but it is repaid automatically ever month (linked to an automatic overdraft account) and clearly says "Charge Card" on the face of it.

    Seems like I get the worst of both worlds; no s75 cover, and still have to pay credit card surcharges!

    I have had the card since its inception, back in the 80s. I don't think it's available to new customers any more, it's worth it for its travel insurance cover alone, but it would be nice to be able to avoid travel surcharges as well, if possible.
  • I've just lodged a 'dispute' with Nationwide over hiring a van which never showed up. The manager said it wasn't a dispute because I'd given my money with my permission... but I think even if I had and the service wasn't provided it's still a valid dispute? Although maybe we've used the wrong form as it's a chargeback rather than dispute? Hopefully when their head office receives the details they'll treat it accordingly.
  • smr7684 wrote: »
    I've just lodged a 'dispute' with Nationwide over hiring a van which never showed up.

    What address and department did you write to. Was it the freepost address?
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  • Fasthosts have made the following claim regarding chargeback:

    Dear XXX,

    If you raise a chargeback, we will dispute it, which could result in further charges being incurred by yourself.

    Kind Regards


    Is this true?
    Patience, patience & patience.
  • Hi, Im wondering if anyone can help me.
    In July last year whilst in Egypt I paid for an excursion that was nearly £400. The trip was paid for in advance so we have a reciept. On the morning of the trip no one came to pick us up and we didnt go anywhere. At this point my debit card wasnt charged.
    On our return home we found that the trip had been charged and contacted Natwest who put us through to visa chargeback. I recieved a fax which I filled in and faxed back disputing the charge and exactly why and was told by natwest a few days later that they had found in our favour and the monies were returned.
    We thought that was the end of the matter until yesterday when the money (£371.07) was debited from our account leaving us without a penny.
    After numerous calls to and from Natwest it emerges this chargeback as raised its head again as the merchant in Egypt has sent Visa a reciept (Of course there is a reciept the trip was paid for in advance) Visa Chargebacks have now said as the merchant advises that the reciept is only issued AFTER the trip. (It was in fact issued in the hotel lobby days before the trip) They have clawed the money back.
    Natwest also advise me that they wrote to me in November advising of the recipet being produced but I never responded so they have taken their money.
    I have told Natwest that the reciept was issued when the trip was booked (which is normal procedure here and abroad I feel), The natwest advisor continued to tell me that they can not arbitrate so can not take the case any further.
    I told her that I feel that they have taken the Merchants side as he has had the money back.
    Natwest said they will pass it to arbitration which can take 48 hours but theres no guarantee they`ll find in my favour. I also explained to her that I had no knowledge this case was still pending and that as far as I was aware it was closed as it was settled in our favour in Aug and its now Feb.
    Can anyone help me or have I been ripped off and lost the best part of £400 ? I just dont know what to do.
  • Just wanted to let you all know Natwest gave me a full refund which immediatley went into my account on Friday with a full apology.....Seems I was right after all :)
  • Keeping_PositiveKeeping_Positive Forumite
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    My OH saved up and bought a golf club online through paying using a Barclays VISA debit card. Unfortnately this was linked to a chinese company Wittek who took the money and attempted to send a fake which was stopped at customs :mad: .

    Barclays say if the club had not got to the UK or it had arrived faulty then he would have been covered but as it got to the UK he isnt ??!!

    I have sent of a chargeback letter and logged a call with the Financial Ombudsman so heres hoping I can get a refund. Barclasy have 8 weeks in which to respond.

    In the meantime if anyone reads this can we do a MSE roll call for so others can be warned. There is no obvious sign that it is NOT a uk website and my OH found no bad reviews online.

    I will update with any news


    PS is NOT a UK website.
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  • Keeping_PositiveKeeping_Positive Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker PPI Party Pooper
    Well barclays wrote back asking OH to confirm the dispute for damaged/defective goods and to send them the paperwork along with proof of return :mad:. 1) I sent everything in with the letter and 2) we never got the darn goods!

    Rang up and they repeated the news that it is a loop hoop, They cant chargeback because the goods got to the UK and were intervepted by a third party. I have complained on the grounds that the goods must have been defective for them to get seized at customs and we would have returned the club if received. New complaint logged and dispute team updated.

    Goona be a fight but Im still go try. It will cost Barclays £500 if I go to the ombudsman so its in their interests to come to an agreement.


    PS dont for get that is a sham and not a UK website. The goods are fake.
    May 2013 new beginnings:j
  • tyortyor Forumite
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    I need some clarification on the best/cheapest way to protect a payment.

    I am about to pay for a holiday villa directly to the owner's UK bank account. Since the villa is not in UK it means I can't verify the ownership. I'd like to know if I am protected from fraud if I make the payment with my visa debit card.

    NB- The villa is privately owned and was advertised on one of the popular villa websites that connects private owners with interested holiday seekers.

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