Car insurance successes stories

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What's this about?
The Cheap Car Insurance System is all about getting the best deal. But for fun, here's a contest to see who across the UK has the ultimate deal. As I write this, the cheapest is £48.
So I thought it'd be interesting to see who else sheared down their car insurance that way. Did you manage it for under £100?
Update 4 October 2009
After many incremental increases the current record is 96p for fully comp insurance.... as follows.
It's for Barbara Wakerell from Kent.

Policy Price: For Barbara the cheapest was £120.96 from Swinton Insurance for a fully comprenhensive policy, with protected no claims bonus, and including a courtesy car.

Insurer cashback: The company had its own £70 cashback promo on.

Cashback site: She then got a further £50 via using a cashback site.

Full info in the Updated Guide: Cheap Car Insurance
If you get cheap car insurance please report it


  • Using I saved over £180 off my renewal premium. The AA wanted £670 to renew... I haggled and got them down to £612. I then used the tips and used and got my insurance for £454 from Budget!!
    I went back to the AA and they didn't want to know. So good bye AA helllooooo Budget!
    Thanks Martin!

    Life is sometimes a bit pants but occasionally you can wear your french knickers! :D
  • I got mine for £74 from prudential third party
    was £174 BUT - £100 quidco =£74
    Paypal £4.51/£6
    Virgin card £1700:eek:
    VSP no. 63 - £17/£160
  • £89.93 from the Post Office for third party only after £50 postal order cashback.

    If only I'd used Quidco too, it'd have been £59.93!
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    I just renewed mine and got it down to £81 (originally £201) for a full comp with protected NCB (9 years) using the Lloyds Insurance cashback link at quidco.
    Last year I got it for £155 (originally £255) through Screensavers and quidco, the renewal they sent us this year was for £234 so a massive saving there!
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    Like you I renewed mine recently and got it for £164. Originally £284 but £120 cashback from quidco.
    Not bad for fully comp. including no claim protection and legal cover.
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    Mine was £65 with Swiftcover after £50 cashback. My previous insurer quoted me £130
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    I Renewed Last March Through Mse With The Post Office And It Was £110.00 Minus £50.00 Cash Back. Total£60.00.
    However I Would Say That When My Car Was Stolen In September I Found It Difficult To Get Through To The Right Place To Claim As They Outsource The Claims Part To Another Company.
    But You Get What You Pay For And I Was Really Pleased With The Premium.
    Next Time I Will Use Quidco As I Used That Inseptember For My House Insurance And Saved £245.00!!!
  • debjones25 wrote:
    I got mine for £74 from prudential third party
    was £174 BUT - £100 quidco =£74

    Who/what is quidco? how do they work to give you money off?
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    got my insurance for £454 from Budget!!

    When was £454 below £100 ?

    This thread is for people that got insurance for under £100.
  • Got mine for £66.60 from Barclays, with their 'beat your renewal quote or match it and give you £50' offer.

    (I tried to do the same with my home insurance, but they wouldn't accept my quote because I'd been sent it by email, not on paper. The renewal quote was only £89 - still, it would have been good to insure my house and contents for £39!)
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