what are the best value dating sites?



  • POF and smooch ..used them but be careful loads of very strange men.... women probably also but wouldn't know about them personally.

    Match is ok , you know they may be serious about dating etc but again mostly out for 'fun'.

    I gave up on internet dating sites a while ago . All i seemed to get was men wanting 'fun'. Not like i even had a meal or a drink out of them. It was call in during the day when supposed to be at work..... might get lonely now and then but not that desperate.
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  • k9387
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    Have a few mates of both sexes that have used POF, as long as you filter out the perverts it is ok.
  • I found one of Mr P's very married mates on a dating site last week. Not because I was looking on a dating site, but because I googled his mate to find his blog and that came up on google.

    Dating sites are no substitute for getting yourself an interest and going out there and meeting people.

    Mrs P P
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  • I found one of Mr P's very married mates on a dating site last week. Not because I was looking on a dating site, but because I googled his mate to find his blog and that came up on google.

    Dating sites are no substitute for getting yourself an interest and going out there and meeting people.

    Mrs P P

    No they are an addition. I go walking and meet people, I even went on a group volunteering to clean the canals and then I got frozen shoulder so could not go anymore. I meet people. But still it doesnt help with meeting someone you can fall in love with.

    I have met a few bad dates on these, but i always tell myself it will happen one day.
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    Dont think the paid for ones are any better than the free ones.

    If you check the stats the ration of female to male on some are 1:50.

    They are meat markets but its like anything else shop well and know what your looking for. Unfortunately I speak from experience.

    If they insist on only email communications or can only speak at certain times of the day they are married or attached.

    If they say they are curvy and about to lose weight they mean they are size 28.

    If they have a family size bucket of lithium on top of the fridge they are likely to go mental when you comment their garlic bread is still frozen.

    If they live in Letchworth and are in their 20's and have never ever left the town of Letchworth even for the day - just run.

    If the first picture they send is of one of their 14 cats - leave it.

    My understanding is the blokes are just as bad but not tried any of them so cant comment.
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    This thread reminded me of an amusing link:


    We can all relate to some of them.
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  • I just thought i would share my experiences on Plenty of Fish site.
    As a female, I did get a lot of male attention, mostly from perverts who would speak to me as a normal human being then suddenly for no reason would send obscene pictures which was a real shame (but in hindsight helped me to avoid some rather undesirable male packages ahem!)

    There were also men with numerous profiles who would approach me, say something vulgar and i would 'block' them... then i would be approached again by a 'different' man, who sent the same pictures to my mobile phone... These chaps appeared to get some kind of kick out of offending ladies- but in honesty, it always gave me something to giggle about with my friends!

    I did meet a really lovely chap, who was mid 40's. I am early 30's... He was very flash with the cash. We had one date and i decided that he wasn't what i was looking for. He then went on to offered me money to go to his house for the night to 'keep him company' that ended with me reporting him to the site and changing my mobile number as he was very abusive. I have never been so insulted in my whole life!

    The next one told me lies from the very beginning... said he was 41, was nearer 51, very old picture of him when he actually had hair. very rude throughout the 'date', stated he was a non-smoker, that was not true... spent most of the date trying hard to oggle down my top or on his mobile which kept ringing. I left before the meal I had paid for myself arrived (1st rule of internet dating, never accept anything on a first date, and NEVER accept a drink which you have not watched be poured... safety first!)

    Another man was really lovely, went on several dates, spent over a month getting to know him until I saw him in town with his pregnant wife... thankfully I didn't get to know him 'that' well.
    My current chap I also met on there. We have been together for almost a year so it can work.. there are some genuine men on there

    My advice is simple... take it all with a pinch of salt, get a harder skin and try not to let any dating site take over your life and most importantly, look for profiles you want to meet up with yourself, dont wait for them to come to you!
    Good Luck
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    I met my hubby on a dating site. I found that the ones you pay for were better if you were looking for something more long term - I figures if they were too cheap to pay they were too cheap to go on dates!

    As I'm over size 16 I used datingbbw.co.uk and my mum recently met someone on maturedating.

    In all honesty I think you get out what you put in - I spent a lot of time chatting online, on the phone and going on nights out. Ultimately I married the guy I spoke to for 18 mths while I was dating others! lol

    Good luck :)
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    Never used one myself but a friend has used match.com. First guy turned out to be a cheating rat with a few on the go, but this second chap seems to be working out nicely. And appears to be 'normal'!!

    hope thats any help, good luck.
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    Speaking as a guy (obviously) POF feels like its a real waste of time.

    I've been on and off there a number of times, always keeping the faint glimmer of hope that I may get a genuine reply.

    Sometimes you do get replies- But out of almost a hundred messages I got just 1.

    They state you get a reply from every third message you send, but I'm almost certain thats just not true

    The problem as as stated above is that there are so many perverted men, married cheaters and low lifes on there, If you are just a normal guy trying to get a date and hope it works out you just get the cold shoulder and ignored. Not one girl I have messaged since my return there has replied at all. And in almost all the cases they don't even bother to look at a profile.

    Personally I agree with some of the other comments, don't waste the time or the effort, go out and just meet people the old fashioned normal way.
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