Things You Never Thought You Could Sell

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    Sold 2 items in the local paper mainly because I could not think how to remove them from the premises - a 12 foot long banister and an old unwanted greenhouse (fetched £100) that the buyer had to dismantle himself. Greenhouse buyer said he was a landcape gardener and he had a lorry - so I got him to demolish & remove the concrete base at a reasonable price, plus he delivered the banister to it's buyer for £5.

    So don't ignore the local paper where ads are often FREE.
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    Hi - loving this thread. Have an old PS1 - does aanyone know if this will sell and how much for?
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    Imelda wrote:
    Really? The people in my office have tons of Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc carriers, I reckon they will just throw them away. I might scab a few and sell them on eBay!

    Yeah i'd say go for it designers like that will definately sell and since you didnt pay for them even if they don't sell for much its still a profit :beer:
    Hi - loving this thread. Have an old PS1 - does aanyone know if this will sell and how much for?

    If its works i'd imagine it would. Have a look at other peoples auctions and see what they're selling for
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    My ex husband's collection of hideous skulls. Even the ones designed to go int eh fish tank sold. Urgh, was so glad to see them go!

    Now just about to sell his collection of 80's Action Force toys, biggest collection in the world. Hmm, that should pay off a nice big chunk....

    That's if Ebay stop mucking with my account....grr
    This year I'm getting organised once and for all, and going to buy a house with my wonderful other half. And that' s final!

    Current Pay Off Target : £1500 :mad:
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    I think I'll add learning how to use Ebay to my 2007 resolutions... It has always looked a bit scarey. :eek: :eek:
  • I have sold all kinds of cr*p on ebay that my family CAN'T BELIEVE i managed! like.... teabags, bundles of coupons that you can get for free in magazines/on here/in tescos etc, 'mystery boxes' of 5 or so items that were just lying around the house, a USED benefit eyeliner for more than you could have got a new one in the shops (plus P+P), the free gifts you get with lancome/clinique etc, mixed bundles of my clothes that i was going to give to a charity shop, and stuff that i get from poundland that goes for a fortune!
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    WOW! This thread is a brilliant idea, definitely going to be listing stuff later on. I have a couple of bottles of perfume (good names) that I have used a little bit of but don't like, bet these would sell well. Also loads of old glossy magazines (cosmo, glamour etc) and lots of toiletries that I've barely touched.
    This thread has come at the right time as well because I was going to have a sort out tonight and throw everything away!
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    I always check out the charity shops near me for old books as they can go for loads, but I have to admit that I stick to authors I know sell well (my mum is a collector, so I've picked up various tips from her)

    The best I ever managed was when I listed a bag I'd been given as a gift, but really wasn't me - it was from Jigsaw, listed it at £5 and it went for £50!

    I've found stuff with a well-known brand name is the easiest to sell (Next clothes fly off!) and large size shoes (cos we struggle to buy them in the first place!)
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  • I sold an fire suite on e-bay that I'd brought from B&Q for £250 (I'd only pay £200 so that was a bonus!) I'd had it in my living room and had been using it for six months.

    Then that same week I was in my local B&Q and I saw the same suite for sale for only £150! Checked on -line and you could buy it from the website too for the same price!

    It clearly said on the advert where I'd brought it from so if the buyer had checked they'd have saved themselves £100 and had a new fire suite!!
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    OMG. I put a large paul smith gift bag in the recycle bin after christmas too. I wonder whether that would have fetched anything!!!
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