i need help i am upset please



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    Contact CareAware who will give you some free advice.
    Also the Alzheimers Society for your area.
    What a shame they hadn't changed their wills not to leave their money to each other. This was done with my parents on my solicitors advice.
    Re POA some solicitors will process it if they believe the person is rational on the day of signature and others won't touch it if there is any doubt.
    If there is any suspicion of financial abuse, contact social services.
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    I am not sure what effective steps you can take to protect your mother's interests but here are some thoughts.
    - It would be malpractice if the solicitor went ahead and processed a POA knowing your Mum lacked mental capacity.
    - You say your mum has "never heard of POA" the solicitor should have explained in detail what a POA entailed and its implications.
    - If it was my Mum I would be concerned about the cost of having a solicitor involved in administering a POA.
    - As the process is already advanced I would contact the Public Guardians office express your concerns and ask if there is a process by which you can get the granting of POA reviewed. As previously sugested you may be well advised to get your own solicitor to act on your behalf.
    - Your sister isn't very well informed if she thinks that she has "the power", I assume by that she thinks she can do anything she likes. Her powers are limited to making decisions in your mum's best interest and financially she will need to keep a record of expenditure. Doctors should not comply with your sisters decisions if they felt it was detrimental to your mum.
    - Have you any idea why your mum and sister have cut you out of this process?
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    I wanted to help but your post was so difficult to read. It wasnt the spelling or the grammar, it was just the way it was laid out,

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