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    Value baby wipes in our house though in the last 6 months they've gone up from 18p to 49p :eek: so I'm not sure if it is (or ever has been) more economical but I can't stand the idea of wiping my butt with a piece of paper. Seriously, if you got poo on your hand (changing a nappy for example) would you wipe it with a bit of dry tissue and think it was clean??!

    I don't feel clean with paper anymore either.
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    Get a bidet then.

    One with an air blower.
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    Dont know if its been mentioned already, but Farmfoods do brilliant quilted 3 ply toilet roll, 2 packs of 4 for £2. Someone told me about it on another money saving site, as i refused to buy anything except Andrex quilted and she swore it was just as good, just cheaper. She was right, its just the same!
  • If you're buying the Nicky toilet rolls, make sure you buy the 3 ply ones. I buy these in Farmfoods, 9 rolls for £2.

    (Bought some earlier in the year from another shop and didn't notice that they were only 2 ply.)
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    I buy mine in bulk from Makro when they've got it on special offer (at the moment they've got 36 rolls of Triple Velvet for about £9) but I also buy Tesco value baby wipes to use for number 2s. :D
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    Reduce how much you use and buy in bulk so the savings are bigger- that's my way. HTH.
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    I just don't see the point in reusable cloths. Our household of four adults uses about 3-4 rolls a week of co-op brand, which I always buy on offer. Rough calculation shows that's about £1 total cost a week. There are costs to using cloths, electric and washing powder, but even if my loo paper costs could totally vanish, I wouldn't swap. For about £1 a week I'd rather flush it and forget about it.
  • The bloke I used to work with always said 3 sheets per visit were sufficient - 1 to wipe up, 1 to wipe down and 1 to polish. I never knew if he was joking or not! :D
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    Does anyone know of any good offers at the moment? Last time I bought 36 rolls for about £8 in Asda, but not it's £7 for only 24! :(
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    those who say they use baby wipes are aware that they are not flushable and dont degrade and will end up clogging the drains and leaving you and your neighbours with a very messy smelly problem which can be very very expensive to sort arent you?
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