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White vinegar threads

Hi everyone :)

Well, it's plain to see that the Thrifty Ways book is reaching an ever wider audience :)

So let me start with the answers to a few common questions.
  • White vinegar is listed in the shops as "Distilled Malt Vinegar"
  • It isn't really white - it is clear like water
  • While you can bulk buy sometimes in Indian or Chinese supermarkets, it's currently available in most chain stores and at the time of writing can bought in Asda at approx 50p for 500 mils - i.e. £1 per ltr
  • Yes, in some cases you can use the brown malt vinegar, though people warn about possible staining of porcelain and clothes. Pick your jobs :) At the time of writing can bought in Asda at approx 17p for 500 mils which makes it the cheapest option going at 34p per ltr
  • Pickling vinegar has spices in it so is not recommended. Especially not as a replacement for fabric conditioner. Hot spices in your undies doesn't bear thinking about.
We have quite a number of threads about white vinegar and many of them are listed here:-

Vinegar & White Vinegar:
- Brown (malt) vinegar will not stain your clothes!
- Cleaning product replacement?
- Concealing the smell of vinegar?
- Confused about white vinegar
- How do you mix it / use it?
- Masking the smell
- Sources
- The great Bleach v Vinegar debate
- ..The search for cheap vinegar
- Uses
- What is it?
- White vinegar?

If those threads don't answer your particular question by all means join one of them if it is similar, and ask :)

If you really really have a new question then please ask it in this thread.
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  • nicola1982_2
    Popped into a huge tesco today and couldn't find for the life of me any white vinegar! Where abouts is it kept in Tesco stores? Or do they not sell it? I've not tried Sainsburys yet - do they sell the stuff?
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  • tanith
    tanith Posts: 8,091 Forumite
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    In our Tesco its in the aisle where the pickles and sauces are usually on a bottom shelf.......:T
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  • impy78
    impy78 Posts: 3,157 Forumite
    You can also buy white vinegar for cleaning from Wilkinson's. It's next to the other household cleaning stuffage.
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  • vyvyan_2
    vyvyan_2 Posts: 653 Forumite
    First Post
    Same as in my local Tesco, although there is a possibility Tanith & I might share the same branch!
  • LJM
    LJM Posts: 4,535 Forumite
    just go and ask as they keep having a tendancy to put things in the most weird and wonderful places in ours
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  • hmc
    hmc Posts: 2,483 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post

    thanks to reading this site i tracked down some white vinegar

    today i put some in fabric slot in washer and ran a 90o wash
    and put some in a cup and stood it in bottom shelf of dishwasher(empty load)
    and ran a 60o wash

    looks fab clean

    did i do it right? and how often should i do it as we are in very hard watrer area

  • Horasio
    Horasio Posts: 6,676 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Why isn't it called white vinegar?
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  • fishhawks
    I am looking for white vinegar - is it the same as malted vinegar which is clear in colour, or should the label on the bottle read "white vinegar"?

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  • suep
    suep Posts: 782 Forumite
    The bottle I've got says ' distilled malt vinegar' I got it from Asda and it's clear.
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  • Penny_Watcher
    It's like malt vinegar only it can be made from different indredients. It's just as edible as malt vinegar, but you can use it for cleaning too. Wikipedia's explanation is here.

    It should just look like a bottle of clear liquid. For example ......................


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