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  • LittleVoice
    Have just tried to complete a Populus Live survey within one hour of the email being sent to me - too late.

    The wording saying this was almost a reprimand that I hadn't been quick enough as surveys are normally only open for 2-3 days and that I should be sure to respond quickly!
  • legz890
    Searched, but couldn't find an answer.

    My sis sent me a referral for Populus Live the other day, they claim to pay out one pound for every five mins of survey and send you cheques for 50 pounds.

    It seemed a little suspicious (to good to be true) to me, so I wanted to check if anyone here had any experiences with them.




    I have been doing surveys with them for some time now and have had three cheques at 50 pound each sent to my home.( this is the amount you have to reach before they send the cheque) I get at least 1 or 2 surveys a week and it is well worth signing up for.

    they are a bunch onf scum bags
    thats happened to me on lots of occasion and now have been kicked of they said i had two account i'm sure i only have one.
    do you gov instead
    Don;t go there they kciked me out of my account. i hav emailed them constanlty to enabvle me to login into my accoutn i ger no answer.
    It is a genuine company, but if you make a slight mistake, they will not accept any of your answers, and send you a really nasty, rude message, basically accusing you of cheating. They do not respond when you attempt to contact them, so the only recourse is to unbsubscribe.
    I htought it was just me its hapened to me twice tis week i feel it tier sole intention to catch me out im sure they have been haivng technical problems but its always my fault. to the point now its beocmig extremly stressfull doing them and for what a pound. i don;t get this with any other survey company
  • narzissen35
    Populuslive was genuine and they have paid me £50. However after a new landing page was set up, I cannot access the surveys. They still keep sending me email notification that there is a survey to complete but then won't allow me in. I now have £33 accrued. Is this a way to prevent me reaching £50 and therefore avoid paying?
  • asajj
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    Whenever I receive an email with a survey invite and click on it, i'm screened out. Sigh.
  • olliebean
    Populus Live is one of the higher paying survey sites, and I get a decent number of surveys from them - particularly about my voting preferences - but I'm getting very fed up of their lying about how long their surveys will take. Practically every survey takes 5 minutes or more longer than they claim - and I get through them about as fast as humanly possible, so it's not me being slow; the main bottleneck is the pause on each question before the answer checkboxes appear. As they pay £1 per 5 minutes according to their estimated completion time, this means practically all their surveys are underpaid by at least £1. I stick with them because even so I still get more money for my time than any other site, but the dishonesty is very frustrating.

    I notice the forum on their website, which had plenty of complaints about this issue (as well as the excessive number of quality-check questions they ask), has now disappeared. But I still make a point of mentioning it in the comments box at the end of every over-long survey.
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