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£10 Tesco Meal deal for £4.07

edited 20 May 2011 at 11:05AM in Gone Off!
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    silverhairgrannysilverhairgranny Forumite
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    Hi Guys
    Do you think that we should start getting the names of the customer services people who cannot find the receipts, and posting it on here, it might be a pattern, if not it will pee them of as they have been named and shamed. Then I think we all should send the new chief exec (please can we have his name and e mail) it escapes me at the moment, to let him know the names of his customer services dept staff who are so inefficient.
    More people power.Two Tesco email contact addresses are:

    [email protected]


    [email protected]
    Found the chief exec E Mail now -
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    ni-mumni-mum Forumite
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    ni-mum wrote: »
    No voucher for meal deal receipt from Friday. I re-entered it yesterday changing the time from 16:00 to 04:00 but still nothing. :mad:

    Went back today to get a few more meal deals but the Turners was OOS and another wine was in the meal deal so I didn't bother getting any.

    Another reason for getting several meals was to get the petrol coupon. I was going to get 3 and make it up to £50 with some clothing that could be returned.

    As I didn't get the meal deals I thought I'd just get an electrical item, get my petrol coupon and return the item later.

    Now here's the best bit.......

    I was overcharged by £25 so got DTD back :T but can I return the item? The receipt wasn't marked but I did use my Tesco credit/club card. Can they tell that I received DTD for the overcharge?

    I still haven't got my Friday voucher so I think they owe me! Maybe not £50 though.:rotfl:I know my intention was to save on petrol but didn't expect to get the full tank free!
  • candy222candy222 Forumite
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    I have bought a few of these meal deals.I have not received vouchers for two receipts.i am not happy about this but if i dont get my money back i will just wait for the next blunder Tesco make[ and they will]and milk that.
  • bifbetbifbet Forumite
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    maybe the best way forward is to get asda's pr machine rolling on another tesco can't keep up with us campaign,
    if asda were aware that after pulling dtd, that the rtd offer had now collapsed at tesco through their inability to price match asda, then surely their is mileage in it for them,
    asda website has this page but all links seem to be twitter based which i haven't a clue on.
  • motherbearmotherbear Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    I've just had a price check results email through, however it was a duplicate voucher for shopping I did on Sunday and had the first voucher through for on Monday - and have already spent! I'm still awaiting vouchers for 2 shops I did on Monday evening.

    I've also just received a duplicate price check email & voucher from a shop done on 18/5 !!!
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  • PotatoPotatoPotatoPotato Forumite
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    tattybonce wrote: »
    Ok, I've just had the "can't find your receipt" email, blah, blah, blah. I only brought two meal deals on Monday so I can stand the £20 loss and the food was lovely anyway - I do however feel sorry for the people who have brought 5 or 6 though - £60.00 loss! You've gotta love Tesco! :rotfl:

    Yeah.. still waiting 4 from monday
    2 from yesterday.

    £60 worth of expensive food........ Nice for the fat but bad for the bank :o
  • ForgetfulForgetful Forumite
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    also when I called CS about the result not being back yet they ask me for my receipt details and I think they just input it into the same price checker form we do... so I mean whats the point??
  • Yeah.. still waiting 4 from monday
    2 from yesterday.

    £60 worth of expensive food........ Nice for the fat but bad for the bank :o
    I think its a good deal @ £10 but better @ £4.07
  • candy222candy222 Forumite
    405 posts
    I have now just worked out that i am due on two receipts a total of £37.22 rtd.I have just read the t&c regarding miss use and as far as i am concerned i bought the meal deal, put my receipt in price checker and Asda are cheaper .Its not my fault Tesco are greedy. When we all know the bottle of wine is only worth the £4.06 that Asda are charging.This was just a greedy promotion on Tesco part to make you think you were getting a deal at £ 10.00 when it was clearly overpriced in the first place.and it backfired.
  • almondalmond Forumite
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    just checked my pricecheck from monday and still not working doubt we will get any vouchers today, who has email to send to asa ? please and is they any point ringing
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