Great 'cheap things to do in London' Hunt



  • chrisjw37
    chrisjw37 Posts: 75 Forumite
    Quick Walk

    Take the tube to EMBANKMENT
    -Get out, admire Big Ben
    -Go on the bridge admire
    The London Eye,
    St Thomas's Hospital,
    Houses of parliament and the
    Japanese Tourists photographing themselves.

    Walk inland, turn left up WHITEHALL
    - At the start - admire Westminster Abbey (across the square) and all the post Royal marriage tourists, salute Winston Churchill's statue
    - Walk up Whitehall, admire the poppies on the Cenotaph, keep walking, on the left is the Royal Horseguards. Admire the aroma,
    once London smelt like that, only more.
    - On the left is also Downing Street - its now got iron railings, but you can still see politicians coming and going to explain their expenses.

    - Keep walking - ahead you can see Trafalgar Square. Say hello to Lord Nelson. Marvel at the lack of pidgeons, erased by Red Ken
    Livingstone as rats-with-wings, then think of the Mary Poppins song "Feed the Birds". I did, you can't anymore.

    - Turn left through the Admiralty Arch, the red road is Pall Mall - the gaff at the end is Buckingham Palace.
    - Either walk along the Mall, or on the left, is Green park, admire the birdies on the pond and the Pelicans.
    Tramps often feed the almost tame birds with crumbs. Walk along the park to the Palace.

    - Alternatively on the right about a third down is the back of the Iranian embassy where that poor WPC (female copper) got shot by
    nasty men.

    - Buck House - if the flag is red and yellow with lions on - HRH the Queen is home. The Union Flag otherwise.

    - To get back to a train, left at the roundabout and across - you will come to Victoria station - catch overcrowded train or speeding bus, or walk south (left) down Victoria Street to Westminster.

    I used to be able to do it in my lunch hour when I worked at 1 Victoria Street, Tourist would take 2- 3 hours at leisure.
    No need for an open top bus, you've just seen the important london Sights, the only other ones worth seeing are Tower Bridge and St Pauls Cathedral. Avoid going into the Tower of London, expensive and poor value for money, poor static displays. But go up and walk across the top of Tower Bridge - amazing views.

    Just my tour I take tourists on - 30 years experience, they love it long time, meester!
  • Nicbry
    Nicbry Posts: 1 Newbie
    This website has some great self guided walking routes with different themes:- londonforfree

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned but you can get lots of 2for1 entry if you are travelling to the Capital by train. Check the website of the rail company you are using and look for their promotions. I used this for 2for1 entry at the Tower of London and exchanged Tesco vouchers for London Eye and Madame Tussauds tickets, which was a huge saving.
  • skintscot
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    Lots of museums have family days/weekends and half-term/summer holiday activities. Some are free, others are paid for but generally cheap. See their websites for details, especially The Barbican, Kings Place, The South Bank Centre and the British Museum. The Barbican and The South Bank Centre often have free performances in the foyer. A walk along the South Bank is nice, often markets and things going on.

    St Paul's Cathedral is free to visit. Greenwich Observatory is free for under 15s and £10 for adults but the ticket lasts a year. Planetarium shows are £6.50 for adults and £4.50 for children. You can get there cheaply on the Thames Clipper and Greenwich is worth a wander around.

    Imperial War Museum is also free entry.

    Hampstead Heath/Parliament Hill are worth a visit, lots to do and you can save money and take a picnic. Loads of kite flyers on Parliament Hill plus a swingpark at the bottom. Lido there is very cheap also. Regent's Park is also nice.
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  • froggy27_2
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    kaz0705 wrote: »
    I used to work for Parliament and have been on a million tours- they're BRILLIANT .Big Ben gets booked up months and months in advance but is worth doing- you get to be right by the bell when it goes off! (with ear plugs!)

    you inspire me to write to my MP... I've been meaning to do this for a long time...let's hope she gets back to me! Thanks a lot
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  • Jax1970_2
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    skintscot wrote: »
    St Paul's Cathedral is free to visit.

    Just wanted to check this with you? The website says tis £14.50 per adult? Is it possible to visit for free?
  • terryw
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    The British Library on Euston road (close to Euston, St Pancras and KX stations) usually has a free exhibition.

    Excellent value theatre tickets for £10 on usually, and there is the half price ticket booth in Leicester Square.
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  • RichyRich
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    Quick cheap lunch - try the Beigel Bake at the top end (Shoreditch High Street end) of Brick Lane. Nearest tube - Aldgate East (District/H&C Line) plus a ten minute walk. Nearest overground - Shoreditch High Street.

    Best salt beef bagels ever! There are two bagel shops a few doors from each other - the better one is the one nearer the Shoreditch High Street end.
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  • RichyRich
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    If you're visiting attractions such as the Tower of London, Madame Tussauds or the London Eye, you get two tickets for the price of 1 if you travel by train.

    But you don't actually have to travel by train. All you need is a valid British Rail ticket for that day. If you're buying a Travelcard anyway, buy it from a British Rail ticket office and they will print it on British Rail orange stock - that counts for the two for one purposes. If you've already got a travelcard or are using Oyster you can do this cheaply by simply buying a cheap train ticket such as Bethnal Green to London Liverpool Street. This is perfectly adequate to get the discount which you can use at several attractions. For instace, we used the same Bethnal to London ticket to get into both Madame Tussauds and the Eye. Just remember to bring the form along with you - available from

    If you live in Tower Hamlets you can visit the Tower of London for £1. Simply bring your Tower Hamlets library card and proof of address such a utility bill along and announce yourself as a Tower Hamlets resident at the ticket office. Of course, lending your credentials to friends who don't live in the borough so they can take advantage of this offer would constitute a fraud.
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  • twirlypen
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    in the city a great out of the way spot to visit.
  • Mike_Delta
    Mike_Delta Posts: 5 Forumite
    Check out this site, the bus tour is fantastic.

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