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Has anyone else had problems with Yell/ Yell.com? Going to court?



  • jbond
    jbond Posts: 107 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary
    Since taking out the advertising which includes a website I haven't had a single phone call,
    The product that they sold me is obviously defective ,I paid out over 1,100 pounds in the reasonable expectation that I would receive some business from the ads, but to date I have had no response whatsoever.
    I believe that the minimum 12 month contract sold by Yell should be illegal, and that only monthly rolling contracts should be allowed.
    A monthly rolling contract would allow the advertiser to gauge whether the advert is working for them and if it isn't delivering they can go elsewhere.
    Also their should be a cooling off period for any contract.
    Which means the buyer is protected from salespeople using hardselling techniques.

    I used to have an advert with Yell.... it's unlikely I'll do so again!
    I have never liked the idea of a min 12months contract either, it's the main reason why I haven't taken up further adverts with them.
    I thought there was a 14-day cool-off, but maybe that's not accurate?
    Their websites are 'designed' (or certainly were a few years ago), using the Moonfruit platform ? They are just templates really, and they don't really pay much attention to SEO.
    I wouldn't use Yell for a website again!

    In Yell's defense, no advertising guarantees you anything though, BUT they shouldn't be lying to you in their sales patter either!
  • markvincent
    I thought there was a 14day cooling off period as well , according to Yell that doesn't apply in a business to business contract.
  • jbond
    jbond Posts: 107 Forumite
    First Post First Anniversary
    I thought there was a 14day cooling off period as well , according to Yell that doesn't apply in a business to business contract.

    No, I don't think there is now, I think I was getting confused with something else!
    If they can't send me email confirmation of their promises, I simply don't sign up now, but that applies to ANY advertising!

    Funny actually, Yell seem to be on another sales drive, got an email today from them, advertising their website design services lol... I know where that email is going!
  • isaiahmene
    Hi Daniel i m just in the same situation as you. may i know how you manage to resolve this issue with this scam yell! as they have now refer me to debt collector
  • pickles67
    Starting to have a real nightmare with this company it looks like they are using kids to build there websites, so sub standard.
  • asadamir
    hi I run a very small security installation business. Yell approached me for advertising my business in Edinburgh area. They said they will put me in number three and there sales manager said they are so confident that they wont charge me anything until next month so I will pay them once I started getting work. I didn't release this that's just a scam. I didn't received a single call except couple of calls trying to flog me more adds when they based my number to bing for registration they tried to flog another thing. after first payment I got very upset started phoning yell but no help they kept saying it will take time they were charging 250 to be in that spot and get business I never got not even a single sale. when I started phoning them every day demanding to speak to relevant people they started putting other areas. then they sent some body to my house when I stopped direct debit . yell rep came to my being all apologetic and gave me a shock after saying rather than 250 pay us 400 and you will start getting work, that's where I realise they will scam me even more I told them many times on I don't want to do anything with you guy. they sent me solicitor letter and threating me to take me to court I got very small business and I am so stressed to close business down. don't know where to go who to see and what to do
  • adavid88
    I've had the exact same issue! Yell said they would get me to the first page of Google and after 7 months I'm still not showing up in the search results!! I have cancelled the direct debit and they have now passed on my details to a debt recovery agency.

    We all need to contact Trading standards, BBC Watchdog and get this horrendous scam company shut down.
  • illumipix
    After signing up to what I thought was a sure deal to a slot 2 Yell sub, I was under the impression that I would provide images and descriptions ect and they would mannage the yell slot.

    Afrer signing up i was told i would be called from them the next day to get some content on the page (this never happen).

    After about a week my wife gave birth to our surprise as we didn't know she was pregnant so I call yell as soon as i could to cancel my sub but apparently because i signed up to 1 years sub they could only offer me 3 month free while i get eveything sorted.

    Unfortunately at the moment we are stuck in hospital being treated for sepsis meaning i have bigger fish to fry than engraving and to my horror i find yell have left me over drawn they still took there money.

    I called them straight away to ask why they still took there money even thou we have this 3month suspension and they say because at the time of spending the account the transaction was already active, thanks for letting me know no email, no text or no call was made to let me know this transfer was going out (they said they give a 10day notoce to transactions).

    If anyone has any advice on this I would very much appreciate
  • L1jhx
    L1jhx Posts: 1 Newbie
    I feel I’ve been conned by yell, now there threatening to take me to court, I’ve been
    miss sold adverting, the salesman said I would start receiving loads of calls, but that has not happened. In fact the adverting has been a total waste of money. Has anyone been
    taken to court by yell
  • yahalimu
    yahalimu Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited 4 June 2019 at 5:06PM
    I totally agree with all of the above.
    We are a small company who used to handle our own Adwords but we thought they would have better knowledge of the system and therefore more conversions. How wrong we were.
    Firstly traffic on those keyword is down.
    Conversions do not log revenue and so therefore are worthless as we do not know their effectiveness, they seem unable to understand how to fix it.
    Our emails get ignored most of the time,
    Technical support is virtually non existent and when they do reply to emails (eventually) they dismiss concerns and do NOTHING.
    The stats shown are dubious to say the least as thy cannot prove any of the interactions, despite their initial promise of FULL conversion information, which they have later dissociated themselves by saying conversion information is OPTIONAL??? If you don't have this information you have no proof of its effectiveness.
    WASTE OF MONEY. DO NOT WASTE IT ON YELL PPC. They are a bunch of con artists.
    Now like a poster above we just have to wait until the contract is over and take back control of our own AdWords.
    At least then we have full statistics, tracking info and conversion information available.
    After some online searches all I find are disgruntled customers, I advise anyone considering using them to forget it and use someone local who actually cares about their customers.
    I am, by the way, a software engineer of 30 years standing, I am not a 'newb' so I do know what I am talking about.
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